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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Ex-Drug Lords Unite Against Harassment in Maximum Security Prison

"Guerrero" for Borderland Beat

All three cartel members are serving sentences in Altiplano prison in Mexico state. The three men claim they have undergone "psychological torture"

The jailed former leaders of three drug cartels have shown their diplomatic side, coming together to make a joint complaint about their prison conditions.

The three men allege harassment and psychological torture by prison staff at the Altiplano maximum-security prison in México state.

The complainants are Servando Gómez Martínez, the former leader of the Knights Templar cartel in Michoacán; Mario Cárdenas Guillén, who led the Gulf Cartel in Tamaulipas; and Fernando Sánchez Arellano, the former leader of the Tijuana Cartel in Baja California.

The Attorney General's Office requested that the judge who accepted the lawsuit dismiss the case but the request was turned down. 

The three complainants have been provided by a public defense lawyer to argue their case.

The complaint was also signed by a string of other convicted cartel personnel, including former members of the Sinaloa Cartel and the former head of Los Zetas, which previously waged a civil war against the Gulf Cartel.

Cárdenas, recognized by the aliases “M-1” and “El Gordo,” served a first stint in prison from 1995 to 2007 and was released upon finishing his sentence.

He was arrested a second time in 2012 and given 20 years.

Gómez, also known as “La Tuta,” was arrested in 2015 and charged for organized crime, kidnapping, and drug trafficking offenses. In 2019, he was sentenced to 55 years in jail for the kidnapping of a businessman in 2011.

He faked a heart attack to enable Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s second prison escape in 2015.

Sánchez, also known as “The Engineer,” was arrested in 2014. News website Infobae reported last year that the only standing charge against him was for money laundering.

With reports from Milenio


  1. Torture? LMAO! I have heard it all! Serial raping serial killers complaining about prison conditions! WOW! Who are the liberal fucks that’ll back this play?
    Prison torture—-try tommy Silverstein and he deserved it and worse!

  2. Got to love blame whitey he is spot-on

  3. Good morning Whitey Coyote.
    Welcome to Russia.

  4. Aguanten la riata 🤣 tuta sorry ass crying like a girl but when he was out killing and extorting he would tell the locals to pay or suffer the consequenses... lol

  5. I can’t let this one go. I remember the video of la tuta having a meeting all smug and arrogant and everybody kissing his ass. I also recall hearing that his group was especially vicious towards little girls kidnapping them raping them then dropping them back off home. The poor unarmed citizens had to hide there daughters from these fucking assholes!
    And, ex zetas also signed? They all are guilty..there is no doubt about that! Why are they still breathing? They should have been executed long ago! Oh yeah…not allowed to own guns in Mexico… no death penalty in Mexico. And the biggest investigations happen for so called human rights abuses against the military or prison conditions.. Mexico—WHAT THE FUCK?

    1. Is da whitey on his medicine today, some bozo said today he is a clown. And they said The president of Mexico is a clown.

  6. Wannabee tough guys when they guys backing them .they be extradited.

  7. Hummmm interesting....
    Drug Lord's locked up in prison, unite against harassment.
    First of all the prison runs the show, furthermore: the many Innocents that were harrased and killed by you all, they did not complain. Prison is not a hotel. Your even lucky Whitey don't go in there and do something to you all.
    It's karma time, you did bad to others your turn to suffer.

  8. Eh, those putos are all B-listers. La Tuta and his cult were strictly local yokels. Anywey, guey, these three should form new alliances among the other jailbirds and jotillos. Since they're high-risk inmates, they're lucky to not have cells in the tunnel that Chapo's butt-buddies, pinches chalanes and snitcheros dug. Did they ever plug the exit?

  9. These mf's should've united and worked together when they were out instead of fighting each other and doing all the bullsh*@ they were doing, especially to innocent civilians. Would've been better for Mexico and the people. Now they want to work together, ha, what a joke. Now that they're in there, they should finish their fighting. Come on now, finish what you start


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