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Monday, September 27, 2021

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas: The Dismembered Corpse Of Jared Antonio Found

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

At 1:30 am this morning the dismembered remains of Jared Antonio Samora Míreles and a narco message were found next to an ice cooler. The discovery was made near the State installation for the Secretary of Public Security in the city of Victoria, Tamaulipas. 

This narco message was directed at the Cartel del Golfo. It is suspected that Juan Gerardo “El Huevo” Trevino Chavez is most likely to have been behind this communique. 

Cartel X and/or Los Xs also operate in Tamaulipas. This criminal group is a spin-off cell made up of former members of the Zetas Vieja Escuela (ZVE) and Northeast Cartel (CDN).

Narco message reads as follows:

This message goes out to the GOPES and State Police forces. Alfredo Escobedo Marín along with the Ministerial Policeman Mauro Camarillo from Ciudad Mante. Don’t bother looking for me in the city of Mante anymore. 

I’m lying dead and dismembered here, my name is Jared Antonio Samora Míreles. I am from the Gulf Cartel (CDG). And I’m the person in charge of the National Guard installation as well as the central transportation line in Ciudad Mante. I will no longer be able to take you your funds because you didn’t take care of me properly. 

But my boss “Scorpion 75” will remain in position. Along with Rudy and London, these are the bosses currently running their operations in the city of Mante. Consequently, you’re paying them for no good reason. Sincerely, You already know who I am. Just as well greetings for that bitch, “Scorpion 75”. 

Código Rojo

Menny Alerta de Riesgo


  1. Where is everyone? No one commenting?
    Everyone is at work?
    Maybe weekend hang over.

  2. Lol They were driving the Moderaters crazy, Sol kept his composure.

  3. El CJNG nomás viendo que estos se dan en la madre para ser su movida a la frontera.

  4. Respect to the Machine "Sol" and Hearst.
    I was going to ask about what has happened to all the people that used to comment. But oh well.

    Also what is going on in Mexico. My goodness. This bloodlust. Families becoming cartels. All this body hacking. My goodness. I will say a prayer and hope that things can change at least a little in Mexico. There's just Soo much evil in the air.


    1. Sorry no change in Mexico!!!!!! This normal

    2. Read read then you know what is going on.

    3. Rubio NYC be careful with the sicarios from the 3 Letter Cartel
      .They steal murder rape and murder then play the victim.

  5. Is that "CDN" carved into his forehead?

  6. 8:26~ Yes, I see CDN too. How lovely! So proud of their work they sign off like a kindergartener.

  7. I still vividly remember when Chivis was around. And every so often she’d be stressed the fuck out because of how crazy comments were at the time. And me in my simplicity would tell her just to allow all the comments in. Little did I know at the time why it was so cumbersome for her. She’s a very patient and professional woman. That’s what I can honestly say about her. But the passage of time has brought us onward with new players. Players skilled in the dark arts to take care of certain matters with ease.

  8. @10:07 People get busy with their lives. Whether it’s their careers or something else that takes up their time. So, it’s understandable when they come and go. It’s not like everyone has time to always be on here. I think I was an individual known as”Mn” who once commented that we should appreciate what we have while we still have it. Obviously this person was wise and prophetic in their words.

  9. As people say in here Chivis who put a lot of effort, churning articles back then, like Sol does now, is in Norway enjoying the joys of life, no TV no wifi.

  10. 10:07
    Hope he answered your question.
    In a good way, by not creating rumors or falsehoods.

  11. It looks like a game fill with money but it’s worse than squeed games every one cheats even the DEA creating this narco life they infiltrated the narco in CDS and look at the consequences. Now the military and mecho and more about to clean up la casa, who ever takes control of Sonora will be the new Sinaloa jefe

  12. We had always had cheerleaders on here but not like the reddit kids after BB opened back up! Even Chivas would have been shocked I think


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