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Friday, September 24, 2021

Chilapa de Álvarez, Guerrero: Hitman For Los Rojos Details Illicit Affairs

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A new video from the Mexican underworld has just surfaced online. For this broadcast an alleged hitman in captivity from "Los Rojos", led by Zenen Nava Sánchez aka "El Chaparro", declares the various crimes committed in and around the city of Chilapa de Alvarez. 

During his questioning he narrates the location where dozens of bodies may be buried. Just as well he also mentions the names of the individuals who supported them in their illicit affairs. 

The following film has been deemed safe for all to see. 

Video translation is as follows:

Captive: My name is Jose Nava Cantoriado. And I’m from the Tecolote neighborhood. I was a hitman for Zenen Nava Sánchez aka “El Chaparro” of the Los Rojos cartel in Chilapa, Guerrero. 

I worked for “El Chaparro” from 2008 until 2015. In this timeframe I participated in various kidnappings, disappearances, and executions. 

Interrogator: Which was the biggest massacre that you’ve committed?

Captive: The largest amount of individuals that we’ve killed took place in the days after the Communitarian groups entered the city of Chilapa in May of 2015. 

Interrogator: Why were they killed?

Captive: We discovered that our very own spies had helped the Communitarians to enter into Chilapa. This was the reason why Zenen Nava Sánchez aka “El Chaparro” ordered us to pick them up and take them to a safe house. This secret place is located in the Las Palmas neighborhood close to the Pizzeria Nazaret. 

We held them there for 5 days. Afterwards we held a closed door meeting in a house that’s located on Calle 12 Norte. This residence once belonged to the former mayor. At this meeting the former mayor Francisco Javier Garcia Gonzalez, Francisco Benitez aka “El Benitez”, the professor Jose Diaz Navarro Fortunato aka “El Loco”, and Municipal Commander Silvestre González Carreto were present. 

It was decided here that over 25 of our spies would be killed and disappeared after they had been gathered. And then place the blame on the Communitarian groups. So that the gendarmes could arrest them. 

Interrogator: Where exactly were they killed?

Captive: Each commander within our cells separated them between 8 or 10 captives. And each individual had to do their jobs, kill and bury them. 

Interrogator: Where exactly are they buried?

Captive: Some of them were buried in the Las Palmas neighborhood. Others were  buried in the Los Reyes subdivision. A few were buried in the FDP (Frente de Defensa Popular) suburbs. And the rest were buried in the Casa Tlactoaxtla next to La Joyita. 

The largest amount of them, 40 to be exact, were buried in the La Esperanza community, in the municipality of Tlixlala. An excavator was used to make a hole in the hills there. 

Interrogator: Who else knows where they’re buried?

Captive: The person who knows more about this is the professor Jose Diaz Navarro. He now belongs to the collective group known as “Siempre Hubos. He knows exactly where they’re buried. 

Interrogator: Who’s the link for Jose Diaz Navarro and Zenen Nava Sánchez?

Captive: Well, “El Chaparro gave orders to “Mini”…

Código Rojo


  1. Wonder if he had his head cut off after the interview?

  2. So did los jefes get absorbed by los Rojos i remember seeing this Zenen Nava on YouTube in 2017 starting Los Jefes in Chilapa

  3. Rojos in Guerrero are different sect than N. Mexico. There are many stories in the archive. Answer the questions . . or we will flay you . . and if you do . . . we will put a bullet in your head . . and cut you apart afterwards, your choice. Neither one is good.

  4. Young, your life before you and you stupidly follow your friends. They lead you to a place and you go along. Neither the spine or fortitude to understand what is going on, until you are apprehended and this is the shit you face. You are dead, spill the beans and get the bullet. Really sad shit for sure.

  5. 12:59 Conscripts do not follow their friends voluntarily until they get brainwashed in their assigned unit.
    Colombia used to have experts while Alvaro Uribe Velez climbed to power, he kept them very busy.


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