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Friday, September 17, 2021

CDS El Mayo Troops Show Support for El Rodo's Independent Cartel in Nuevo León

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a video uploaded to twitter on September 16, 2021, hitmen from a Sinaloa Cartel group loyal to Ismael Zambada García, alias “El Mayo”, express their support for the independent cartel group leader El Rodó in Nuevo León. 

The hitmen in the video say the following, as translated by Sol Prendido:

Video Source: Asesino Zombies


Sicario #1: We are the Cartel de Sinaloa. And this greeting goes out to Rodó in the city of Juárez, Nuevo León. We are the absolute mob of Mayo Zambada. We are at your service sir. 


Sicario #2: We are the absolute mob of Mayo Zambada.

According to the same social media user who posted the video, El Rodo is the leader of the “Cartel Independiente de Nuevo León”, or the Independent Cartel of Nuevo León. They write that this group has been allied and working together with El Mayo associated Sinaloa Cartel groups for a few years now.

So who is El Rodó and the Independent Cartel?

The Independent Cartel of Nuevo León, according to a 2018 issue of Proceso magazine, first announced its existence by placing a narcomanta (narco message sign) on the wire fence of an elementary school located on San Ángel Avenue in the city of Monterrey in February 2018 . The narcomanta contained some basic threats to named enemies and no leadership figure of the Independent Cartel was mentioned. So their presence in the area can be traced back to at least 2018. 

The 2018 Monterrey narcomantas.

At the end of 2019, there was a notable uptick in homicides in Nuevo Leon and the state’s Deputy Prosecutor Luis Orozco Suárez was asked in January 2020 if this was caused by another large cartel group having entered the state, upsetting the existing power balance. 

Prosecutor Orozco Suárez ruled out the possibility that a large cartel group had newly entered the state to operate, however, he pointed out that what is "new" or "different" is the existence of groups calling themselves "independent". 

Deputy Prosecutor Orozco Suárez speaking to reporters in 2020.

"This is novel or different from prior situations in previous years, like in the period 2010-2011, where the connotation of the criminal groups that disputed the square was very marked," said Orozco Suárez, referring to the Zetas-Gulf Cartel. 

“These [new] groups are not aligned to the main cartels that are dedicated to drug trafficking, kidnapping or collection of extortion fees. Today this phenomenon is much more latent than in the past and it somehow generates reactions among the cartels ”, explained Orozco. 

He added that these independent groups were harder to investigate because their members were more widely dispersed around the state and were not contained to just the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey. 

He said another challenge of investigating the independent groups was the sheer size of them, as they contained a large number of people, saying “We know that there are a high number of people. That makes it complex, of course, to identify by first name, last name, and differentiate, which is the requirement for us legally, before taking a case to the Judiciary, but of course that is the task of the Prosecutor's Office.”

One of the more recent communications to specifically named El Rodo appeared on June 11, 2020. On this day, El Rodo’s group hung up two narcomantas in Guadalupe, which is part of the greater Monterrey metropolitan area, in the state of Nuevo León. They placed the narcomantas on bridges over Lázaro Cárdenas Avenue and Pablo Livas Avenue. 

PSK Security uploaded a photo of one of the narcomantas hung. The narcomanta reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

Look here you sons of bitches.  

I’m going to give you 72 hours to release my operatives.  

Otherwise, I’m going to give you hell like I did yesterday in Juárez.  

I’ll kill more innocent civilians along with policemen.  

Therefore, you’ve all been warned in advance.  



The Independent Cartel of El Rodo

Just prior to the appearance of the narcomanta, on June 7, 2020, there was an abduction of a businessman in Guadalupe that then led to a chase then shootout with the Specialized Immediate Search Group (AEI) who were able to free the kidnapped businessman and arrest a number of the kidnappers. Considering the content of the narcomanta and arrest of the cartel member just a few days prior, one might assume that El Rodo's Independent Cartel of Nuevo León was the group behind the kidnapping. 


Warning: Gunfight and loud screaming from people holding camera.

Video Source: Ray Elizalde Noticias


  1. Number 1 thing during a crisis, don't be a lady and start screaming all over the place, you can become the victim, the situation is already stressful as it is stay calm. Yelling at flying bullets is a no no.

  2. Look here you sons of bitches.
    I’m going to give you 72 hours to release my operatives.
    Otherwise, I’m going to give you hell like I did yesterday in Juárez.
    I’ll kill more innocent civilians along with policemen.
    Therefore, you’ve all been warned in advance.

    The Independent Cartel of El Rodo

    Dime con quien te juntas I tedire quien eres

    Sinaloa cheerleaders 📣 in 3,2,1,………….

  3. Looks like MZ is trying to gain more territory by absorbing these independents

    1. Tale as old as time, eh?
      Alliance to franchisement to absorption.
      Almost akin to a corporate merger

    2. CDS has the area south of Monterrey on lock.

  4. Yeah I don’t think that was a good idea for these guys to show their faces like that. Whatever enemies they have can easily identify them now. And then it’s camote time perras. Lol.

  5. Yup, team up because cjng is near..
    Mayo knows he won't be able to contain them.
    If I'm not mistaken, that's where MENCHO called out mayo the first time in a manta


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