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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Allende, Nuevo León: Authorities Discover 100 Kilos In A Raid

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Video translation is as follows:

Monica: The authorities are quite active. Because today the municipality of Allende becomes news. Mari Chuy has the details of a confrontation and a drug seizure there in Allende. Go ahead with your report Mari Chuy.

Mari Chuy: Good afternoon Monica and Mauro. In the municipality of Allende, a farm was searched where they found almost 100 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride distributed in 100 packages. Just as well 3 firearms, bullets, and 5 vehicles. One of those automobiles is a recent model and armored.

In addition, 2 people who were at the scene were arrested. This led to an investigation by the Attorney General of the Republic where Ministerial and Federal police went and completed a search warrant at this farm, accompanied by the Mexican Army and the National Guard.

They’re the ones who provided security in the area while this search was being carried out. The arrested individuals have already been made available to the authority to initiate the corresponding investigation folder. Along with the seizure. As we can see that’s quite a bit of drugs. 

Monica: 100 kilos of drugs. As of now, 2 people have been detained to start with the investigation folder. Mari Chuy we’ll continue to track this.This is what transpired in Allende today. 

Mari Chuy: That's right. It took place in the municipality of Allende at a farm. Well, as we can see the area looks affluent and very elegant. But it’s already been seized. 

Monica: Perfect. Thank you very much Mari Chuy. We will stay tuned to see what happens.  

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  1. Just months ago a submarine in the gulf of mexico was intercepted with i think 1 ton or couldve been 3 tons of cocaine that was litigated to CDG but didnt specify which branch of CDG.. i read another report about it that stated that submarine was headed to El Primitos faction of Los Metros and was property of CJNG and was being sent to Metros CDG to be moved through their plaza..

    Im interested in knowing if now that their has been a tregua between Scorpions Metros and CDG Rojos if it had anything to with the Metros making a shit ton of money allowing Mencho and his CJNG tweak to go through their plaza.. Money Talks..

    Look at Vaquero .when arrested he was with a CJNG member (ex Zeta) who was organizing a meeting between CJNG bosses and Vaquero and co.

    Some white guy on YouTube and some other online news outlets claim alot of CDG have either completely been absorbed into cjng ex. Fantasma in Zac, CSLPNG in slp, CMDTE Versace cdg metro noe cjng (dude who posted pics with his two kids), CNLNG etc

  2. Could be cds shit, supposedly they have a big presence in that area of NL now know as región citrícola.


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