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Saturday, September 18, 2021

$1.8 Million In Drugs Seized, California Trucking Company Accused Of Transporting Drugs For Cartel

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A California-based trucking company has been the subject of a months-long, multiple agency investigation that has resulted in large drug seizures and multiple arrests.

On Thursday, the Salinas Police Department held a press conference to report on the results of “Operation Black Hawk,” a five-month investigation into the suspected drug trafficking of Salinas-based trucking company Nor Cal Transportation.

According to the Salinas Police Department, Nor Cal “is suspected of operating a drug trafficking organization (DTO) with the specific intent to transport and distribute narcotics between Yuma, Arizona and Salinas, California. 

During the investigations it was determined that, Nor Cal Transportation was directly connected to the Sinaloa Cartel and transporting narcotics in conjunction with Norteno gang leaders.”

Police have issued charges against eight people connected to the drug trafficking scheme. Charges include conspiracy to transport and distribute narcotics, firearms possession, gang enhancements, and conspiracy to commit murder.

Those arrested in connection to the Operation Black Hawk investigation include Everardo Rodriguez Duran, Brian David Duran, Guadalupe Duran, Juan Duran, Uriel Coronel Jesus Miranda Haros, Juan Carlos Magana, and Amaytani Nunez.

On September 9, the Salinas Police Department executed five search warrants and arrested four people. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Yuma executed four search warrants in Somerton and Yuma County, Arizona, and arrested two people.

After multiple warrants served and traffic stops performed during Operation Black Hawk, authorities seized 60 pounds of methamphetamine, 5 pounds of heroin, a pound and a half of cocaine and 25,000 Fentanyl pills. The estimated street value of the seized drugs is $1.8 million.

Police also seized 9 firearms, two bank accounts, a Nor Cal Transportation tractor trailer and approximately $90,000 in cash/cashier’s checks as suspected proceeds from illegal narcotics sales.

According to the Salinas Police Department, more than 170 law enforcement officers from various agencies participated in the execution of multiple search warrants connected to the investigation.

Agencies that assisted in the investigation include:

* California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

* Federal Bureau of Investigation

* California State Parole

* Monterey County Sheriff’s Office

* California Highway Patrol

* Arizona Department of Public Safety

* US Customs and Border Protection

* San Benito County Sheriff’s Office

* San Benito County Probation Department

* Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

* Yuma County Sheriff’s Office

* Yuma County Narcotics Task Force

* Yuma Police Department



  1. Excellent ūüĎć catch yes s small dent but better than nothing.

    1. Where do you people come from? It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference and you’re rooting for the wrong side cuck lol

    2. 11:38 I regret to inform you, due to unforeseen illegal events, your buddies got arrested, it's ok they had it coming. Glad our tax dollars are at work. Not to worry money, homes, cars, bank accounts will be forfeited.

    3. @11:38 Is he supposed to be rooting for the drug pushers? Your mother must be proud of you. Wait til someone close to you dies because of drugs or related to. You think you are so cool. Stay off the internet and go listen your narco corridos you lemming.

    4. @9:45 so you’re glad your own tax dollars are being thrown away since these efforts make no difference? Cool mentality bro. Totally not idealistic logic at all. And is English even your first language? Your first sentence implies that the arrest of criminals is illegal which makes no sense

    5. @2:42 “Is he supposed to be rooting for the drug pushers?”

      Duh. Why would you not root for the one with drugs? Unless it’s a shitty drug. Sounds like you’re living in an episode of Hawaii Five-0 (the original) or something.

      I personally know a number of people who have died from drugs. That’s obviously why they should be legal and regulated so there’s quality control… Lol it’s like you people don’t know how to think at all or use practical reasoning to come to conclusions.

    6. 8:21 opioids were made legal and regulated, of course big and small lobyists paid US Lawmakers to steal from the US government

    7. 8:16 you need to read what that guy 9:45 is stating. Illegal events means what the criminals are doing, as yes I too am happy the tax dollars are at work, it sure put a dent on this outfit.

    8. @8:06 It doesn’t put a dent in shit smartass. Also the poster should’ve just said “due to unforeseen events..they were arrested”. Saying “due to unforeseen illegal events” makes no sense and implies that the arrests themselves are illegal. English is clearly not their first language. The “unforeseen” would obviously refer to the arrest not the crimes.

    9. @6:06 What exactly is your point? Opioids were overly regulated and controlled, to the point where people had to go to the streets.

    10. 8:16@ it does put a dent,you are so blind and one sided.I am also happy the tax dollars are at work.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. War on drugs is similar to the war in Afghanistan. A loss for taxpayers and on the battlefield of communities but a win for the trillions $ funneled to gvt agencies!

    1. 10:31 The US treasury loses and the war machine, industrial melitary complex, private melitary war profiteering security and their associates make a killing worth trillions of dollars paid in billion dollar payments every month.

    2. 8:10 what are you smoking you don't make since.

    3. SIR you are the only one making sense here! Regrettably the stupid folk are NEVER gonna see through. If there was no WAR on drugs these would be sold like any commodity, and traded for relatively low prices, which means there would not be a violent underworld trading the stuff - and even some substances would never have seen the light of day. Also all the destruction, bloodshed and suffering caused by the feds executing the war on these few, once thought to be trivial substances of course would not happen, and all those billions of dollars would not have to be spent on it.

  4. Yes I drive an 28 wheeler, cheerleader, no problems.


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