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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Zacatecas, ZAC: Organized Crime Hangs Several Young Men

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Once again organized crime left its mark on the Zacatecan entity, leaving the bodies of six men hanging on a vehicular bridge with a narco-message.

It was minutes before 6:00 in the morning that eyewitnesses reported that there were four bodies suspended from their necks and two more that fell to the street on the bridge of the intersection to the community of El Orito and on Federal Highway 45 in the Heavy Transit section.

As first responders, preventive police from Zacatecas arrived at the scene of the events, who tried to prevent the journalistic work of the Ocular Witness reporters by removing them from the area.

Subsequently, more security authorities arrived from the three orders of government, as well as from the Mexican Army, who carried out rounds at that location in Zacatecas.

Despite the fact that C5 cameras are located in that area, those responsible managed to escape in a black Ford Lobo truck heading towards the city of Calera.

Immediately investigative police, with the help of experts from the Zacatecan Institute of Forensic Sciences and police elements, removed the bodies from the place.

Subsequently, the first inquiries were carried out by elements of the Prosecutor's Office of Zacatecas to annex them into the investigation folder.

Vehicle traffic was interrupted in its entirety for a few minutes on the Heavy Transit highway and for more than two hours on Luis Moya Avenue.

It should be reported that during this event, there have already been more than 30 brutal murders in just 15 days throughout Zacatecan territory, without the security authorities being able to stop the wave of violence.

Warning: Graphic Video

Testigo Ocular


  1. Looks like Cds finished off CJNG, now they aligning independent trafficers

  2. They Escaped in a Ford Lobo.
    Then the other day they in a
    Ford Panther.
    Ford Tripas.

  3. 3:26 and...
    your point, straight shooter?


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