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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Zacatecas: The Advancement Of The Cartel De Sinaloa

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

A video obtained by ImagenNoticias captured the exact moment when Municipal Police from Jerez were kidnapped. This is how they learned about the advancement of the Sinaloa Cartel in Zacatecas, until then undisputed territory of the CJNG.

Video translation is as follows:

Male Reporter: If you want to see what the local police officers are in the state of Zacatecas. Just review the history of attacks they have suffered in recent months. One of them is registered in this unpublished video obtained by Imagen Noticias.

This is the exact moment when 2 unfortunate Jerez Municipal Police officers knew before anyone else of the advancement of the Sinaloa Cartel in Zacatecas. Until then, the undisputed territory of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

It is midnight on September 22. A dozen vehicles carrying 60 men. All with long weapons and some in military-looking uniforms block the way for these Municipal Policemen. Not even the entire police corporation would be able to cope with them.

These uniformed men were returned alive. But they were lucky. So far in 2021, at least 13 police officers have been killed in Zacatecas.

An hour from there lies the city of Fresnillo. The most violent municipality in the country. So far this year alone, 250 investigation files have been opened for the crime of intentional homicide. Clearly more than the sum of the 205 integrated in the neighboring states of Coahuila, Durango, and Aguascalientes.

The violence has reached the gates of the mayor's office. A week ago, members of the Jalisco Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel chased each other around. It all ended with an execution at the gates of the Municipal Palace.

Saúl Monreal: There was also a confrontation between criminals here days ago. And the truth is that the National Guard was right here in front, right here. 

Male Reporter: The advantage of criminal organizations is that they do not suffer from budget constraints or of any other nature other than local police forces.

Humberto Padgett: This is a vehicle that was seized after a confrontation between the Zacatecas state government forces. And elements of the army with hitmen from the Sinaloa Cartel.

This truck looks like a patrol vehicle but it’s not a patrol unit. It is equipped like a patrol vehicle but it was not owned by any public force but instead by organized crime.

We see that it is suitable with overhead lights. Of course, when we inspect the image a little closer we see that this gray duct tape used to seal uncovers the actual truth. 

They even had some equipment in the back of the vehicle for more people to travel. It had this tubular structure that serves so that people can support themselves.

We also have a post there if you see. Vertically there is a tube that comes down from the frame. It’s possibly there to support the end of a firearm. Something similar to this is what we have seen that they use to mount for example a .50 cal. 

Male Reporter: And this is why the local authorities no longer hold their own luck. And in Fresnillo as well as its surroundings, not even being a Monreal, one of the president's spoiled surnames manages to be the difference.

Saúl Monreal: I insisted with the same federal and state corporations, including the same president of the Republic and asked him to help us. I demanded on behalf of the Fresnillo citizens that the National Guard act. Don't leave Fresnillo alone. Help us. Let the National Guard act. Don't leave Fresnillo alone. Help us.

Ciro Gómez Leyva: Help us. In 2 weeks there is a change of government in Zacatecas. And the brother of that man David Monreal will be the new governor of Zacatecas. It will be the first time that a Morena candidate, a Morena politician, has governed Zacatecas. We'll see if things change ...

Ciro Gómez Leyva


  1. CDS trying desperately to stop CJNG advancement..
    I don't think any cartel has taken a cjng plaza. On the other hand, cds has lost many plazas.
    CDS is trying to get some lost plazas back, like in estado de Mexico and is trying to enter Mexico City wich is CJNG deep..
    CDS can keep sending sicarios but zacatecas plaza is not getting taken, mencho has more sicarios and is clicked up with el fantasma CDG.
    CDS is clicked up with Cdn Zetas (that's pretty low)

    1. @11:53; Sound perspective. If the CJNG also want to be honest, they'll recognize that unlike CJNG or los zetas of past; CDS doesn't post videos of their firepower, post mantas with tortured bodies accompanying them at children's school yards, or extort the people.
      Yes there are exceptions where the above has happened, but the point is they do a better job of managing thousands of armed kids with no education and they operate much more silently.
      I have been a seasonal resident of Mazatlan since 2001 and we have two businesses in Mazatlan that have never encountered demands for bribes from criminals (can't say that about hacienda, the Mexican IRS) but the attitude amongst Mazatlecans in the know is that CDS and the multitude of other Sinaloan independents just move their products north and as long as your not in the biz and mind your own biz - you have no probs.

    2. 11:53 what significant impact has CDS done? They just kill cops but only had one good ambush on CJNG..
      This WAR can keep going but CJNG will not lose that plaza now that they have it

    3. 5:45 get out of here with that pro CDS crap. CDS is complete scum much like CJNG no difference

    4. plenty video of cds posting their firepower lol what are you talking about … and also i don’t believe they have as much firepower as CJNG. Their all pieces of shit but it’s funny to see a mod being a fanboy making baseless claims such as “they don’t post X type of videos”… lol like comeon that’s not the truth whatsoever.. plenty of videos of cds showing off and posting narco messages everywhere

    5. CDS tried to take colima many times but failed
      CDS tried taking jalisco with help from El CHOLO but what happened?
      CJNG wasn't even active in zacatecas until recently.
      CDS has always had presence there in zacatecas. If anything cjng made an advancement towards sinaloa plazas.
      This story should be titleled diferent.

      Grupo flechas from mayo is all a copy of what mencho is about. Even copied their videos and how to pose with GUNS and cammo gear lol

    6. Not always but CDS was there before CJNG. So to answer your question on what territory cjng has took the last 2 years is clear. Here's a map.

    7. 5:45, 12:49;
      Thank you for your fact asked, informed and objective information. I value the informed commentary and I hope you don’t let the ignorant comments full of childish adjectives stop your ongoing information.
      Some of us value information from people who have relevant based on real experience!
      Big thanks!

    8. Ay Frank..was just wondering what was the name of your 2 businesses??

    9. Mr. Drummond, as the ABSOLUTE MOB I advise you not to answer @6:15am.

      Canadian girl💋

    10. 7:56 that map clearly shows cds was in zacatecas before cjng, they hadn't half of zacatecas. Now CJNG took that whole area and cds are on the north part.
      It. ALDO RAINE got sent to school.
      Facts are facts budy...

    11. 7:56 that map clearly shows cds was in zacatecas before cjng, they had half of zacatecas. Now CJNG took that whole area and cds are on the north part. This map is from around 2018. So CDS was there at least around 2017.
      CJNG got there no more than 2 years ago.
      Who is REALLY making the advancement?
      I DOUBT half these groupies can read a map so I will tell you.
      CJNG is the one who made any significant moves and took that plaza.
      MAYO was not ready for CJNG sicarios so he ran back to SINALOA or DURANGO. He regrouped, got a special team of sicarios and came back with grupo flechas MZ.. Made a few propaganda videos "cjng style" but have not got the areas taken by CJNG.
      So again.. The title to this story should be different.
      More like " CDS is trying to get their PLAZA back from CJNG"

      Facts are facts budy... 😆

    12. 8:01 you sound ad pathetic as these CDS groupies..
      Big chance you might be one.
      It took you 3 days to post this when I know you stay in this site lol
      I expected no less..
      Regardless of the time frame, CDS was there first. Go cry to your moma..

    13. 8;01 I looked at your sources and they mean nothing.
      Doesn't mention anything regarding cjng.
      So to make my point clear, cjng came after sinaloa cartel in zacatecas.
      CDS had an alliance with CDG during 2017 time frame fighting against the zetas.
      CJNG was not in that war at all.. Lol

    14. Find an article saying cjng was in zacatecas first...
      I showed you a map..
      Based closed..

    15. @2:57 CJNG entered Zacatecas with the help of CDG, it's not like they fought for the plaza, what are you talking about? What advancement? If a few months ago we were talking about CDS having presence north of Fresnillo, now they reached Guadalupe and even further south. Inform yourself correctly and you'll find out that actually CDG/CJNG alliance lost ground. And calling others CDS groupies when you sound like a CJNG groupie it's pretty funny.

  2. 4 letras better stop playin, snitcholas jotas in Zac making them look weak.

    1. Lol Private Aldo where's Waldo.

    2. Lol Private Aldo where's Waldo.

    3. Lol Waldo where's Queso, what happened to Edgar Alvarado with the big sombrero?

  3. CJNG is getting betrayed for their troubles and taking revenge the way they know how, there never was violence like this in Zacatecas, SSC Arturo Lopez Bazan like edgar veytia, arturo bermudez, Carlos Zamarripa are the ones in charge

  4. CJNG Can't even keep nigfas up out of their own turn. They need to cut all the music videos and start negotiating buiz. Because to many wars at one time... won't be of any benefit. Can't win them All



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