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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Zacatecas: 900 Families Are Mourning The Increase In Violence

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

-More than 900 intentional homicides are registered so far in 2021 in Zacatecas.

-Despite the effort of the authorities of the three levels of government, confrontations and armed aggressions continue in the territory.

The damaged shells that were fired from a high-powered assault rifle and several vehicles completely burned and stranded on the side of a rural road that is located at the top of the mountainous area of the municipality of Jerez de García Salinas in Zacatecas, are the experiential testimony of the terrible violence that settled in this territory and that has left a little more than 900 intentional homicides so far this 2021.

The violent scene is located in the town of Cieneguita de Fernández and is located 24.2 kilometers (in a southwesterly direction) from the town of Jerez and has only 129 inhabitants.

What happened there is the harsh reality and the living example of the intensity of the struggle waged by the antagonistic groups of organized crime that are leaving a trail of pain and death.

Which in light of the figures place the state of Zacatecas that governs until now the PRI of Governor Alejandro Tello, in the seventh position, as an active part of the violent wave that has left at least 19,788 murders in the country, of which Zacatecas already exceeds 900 violent crimes, so far the highest figure according to the analysis officers.

In this place, as in many other rural localities in several Zacatecan municipalities, the scenes of murders with firearms are frequently repeated, not to say every day.

The city of Fresnillo is also considered one of the 10 localities with the highest perception of insecurity in the entire country, according to the latest official report issued on August 20, 2021 by the Federal Secretary of Public Security of the Government of Mexico.

The Fresnillo borderlands is among the 50 priority municipalities of the national territory where operational intelligence and territorial presence actions of the armed forces and security of the three levels of government are being strengthened, as confirmed by the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself.

In Zacatecas alone, the National Guard has assigned a little more than 1900 troops to tasks of prevention and monitoring of priority objectives.

Of course, the local authorities do their part, destroy camps, arrest alleged murderers and criminals, confiscate weapons, execute arrest warrants and obtain judgments and trials, however violence continues to rise.

Without speculating and according to official information, nine concrete actions have been instructed that are already in operation, such as, the Control of the so-called black paths, Regulating the rehabilitation centers, Increasing surveillance polygons in areas duly located as hotbeds of violence, Combating drug retailing, Destroying extortion, Reinforcing intelligence actions and police training, Linking social programs to pacification, Containment of femicidal violence, patrols and surveillance measures, and permanent monitoring in the Security Cabinet.

Despite the effort, clashes and armed aggressions continue in the territory. Behind the images of the everyday it seems that nothing can stop them.

On September 12, 2021 David Monreal Ávila takes office as the new Governor of Zacatecas, he will have a hard task in the fight against violence in the state

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