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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Xilitla, San Luis Potosí: 3 Men From Unknown Criminal Group Apprehended

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They had in their vehicle 4 long weapons, 2 short weapons, 23 magazines, 534 cartridges, 1 grenade, among other things

As part of the security actions carried out by elements of various corporations, the apprehension of three men who claimed to belong to a criminal group, who carried large caliber weapons, was achieved.

It was in the evening that personnel of the Municipal Police were on a security and surveillance route on the state highway that leads to the community of Ahuayo, when they observed a red Chevrolet Suburban with tinted windows which was pulled over for a security inspection.

However, the crew of the vehicle didn’t stop and speed away to flee, being chased by the security corporations, and near the place known as San Agustín they were reached, when approaching the passengers side window, they observed the barrel of a long firearm, using verbal commands they asked the crew to get off the vehicle. 

Once the uniformed men descended, they carried out an inspection of the vehicle locating inside it 4 long weapons, 2 handguns, 23 magazines for weapons of various calibers, 534 useful cartridges of various calibers, 1 Telescopic sight, 1 grenade, a grenade launcher, 5 tactical vests with the acronyms of a criminal group, 1 shirt with the insignia Federal Police and 7 tactical belts.

For these acts, José S., 22 years old, Álvaro G., 30 years old, both originally from Cárdenas S. L. P., and Alan G., 20 years old from the state of Jalisco.

The alleged were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General's Office of the Republic along with all the insured objects.

El Sol de San Luis


  1. SLP, great memories.
    Enrique francisco galindo ceballos policia federal director of EPN, The Butcher of Tanhuato a crime of the State, replaced by: "Manelich Castilla Craviotto, el hombre que vendio SLP al CDS por 10 millones de dolares" (Revista NEXOS)
    Craviotto also had replaced ceballos as state of SLP secretary of public security after ceballos failed his examinations, he was a born zeta along with his uncle Julio Ceballos, like Veracruz, being with the zetas was required for admission to the state police academy of SLP.


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