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Monday, August 2, 2021

Tlalnepantla, Edomex: With A Dismembered Corpse Family Members Of Extortionists Are Threatened

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The dismembered body of a person was abandoned yesterday morning in front of the Tlalnepantla Social Reintegration Center, along with a message of threats to the prison authorities.

Around 7:00 in the morning this Sunday, the alleged perpetrators of the crime arrived near the prison and placed a blanket on the Mexico-Cuautitlán highway, along with several bags of human remains that they left on the sidewalk.

From one of these, one of the mutilated legs could be seen with the naked eye, while the message was placed on the fence of a property.

The warning was addressed to a commander and a prison commander: “instead of making a change, you came to give more power to the Barrientos mafia. This is  your last warning so that you stop paying that fucking faggot El Tanque ”.

The blanket also pointed out that the gang of said character extorts and abuses relatives of the prisoners, if something isn’t done there will be reprisals against the commanders.

After receiving the report, elements of the state and municipal police cordoned off the area.

Authorities didn’t report if there are videos of the moment the remains were abandoned.


A mutilated head, as well as the severed arm of a person, were located in the Santa Clara Chilpan neighborhood, in the municipality of Tultitlán.

This finding was reported to the authorities around 7:00 a.m. yesterday, at the same time that the discovery of a dismembered body in front of the Barrientos prison in Tlalnepantla was reported.

The distance between both points is about 10 kilometers.

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  1. Reddit kids lock your doors, the Purge is coming.

  2. These mutilations I have gone way too far for way too long. I don’t care what anybody thinks about Chapo but I knew after he got extradited this war will evolve to something we had not seen throughout the growing geography of Mexico and I hope Mayo steps up and putting into it. So if you get this Mayo, step up and take some action for the good of your countrymen LOL, probably not gonna happen


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