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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Tijuana: CDS Aquiles Threaten Flaquito, El Lobo & Cabo 45

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two narcomantas (narco message signs) were discovered by locals in the Lomas Verdes neighborhood of Tijuana, Baja California on August 19, 2021.

One was placed on a bridge located on Diaz Ordaz Boulevard and another was placed in front of a supermarket in the same area. The two professionally printed plastic tarps were discovered at approximately 7:00 am and reported to police. Photos of the signs show the following message on them:

As translated by Sol Prendido

Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño aka El Flaquito, David López Jiménez aka Cabo 20, Jose Christian Gomez Rosales aka El Pitey, Leonardo Fabián Llamas aka Cabo 45, and your dick sucking hoe Emilia Belen Gil Rivera aka La Naining. 

These are the individuals responsible for the execution of an entire family in the La Cienega neighborhood. This was done on the orders of Flaquito and Lobo 20. You filthy gang of cheap fucks who like to kill whole families. 

This conflict is man against man. You gang of filthy flicks are not going to overcome us. Not even with that pair of faggots Edgar Perez Villa aka Cabo 89 or Ruben aka ‘R’ will you be able to achieve anything you ignorant cheap fools. 

When you killed that family it just demonstrates how desperate you are. It also shows how fucking beggarly and pathetic you all are. Soon enough we will meet for that confrontation against you faggots. 

Sincerely, Los Cabos CDS


According to the message written on the blankets, the cartel members listed at the beginning are accused of murdering a family in a house located in the Ciénega neighborhood. This may refer to the murder of a couple and the injury of their child on August 6, 2021, on Sixth Street and San Martín Avenue in the Ciénega neighborhood. The event was covered by Cadena Noticias and PSN en Línea, which say it allegedly took place behind a funeral home. Photos of the event show a woman lying dead on the pavement. It is unconfirmed if this or another homicide event is the incident being alluded to in the narcomanta.

August 6, 2021 double homicide in the Ciénega neighborhood of Tijuana. 

Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño, alias “El Flaquito”, the leader of the most well known of the CAF cells in Tijuana. Zeta Tijuana alleges Flaquito is considered to be somewhat of a "great negotiator" by Baja authorities because between 2018 and 2019, he made non-aggression pacts with René Arzate García “La Rana”, of the Sinaloa Cartel, and also joined the  Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) for a time. In 2020, Flaquito began to have problems with the CJNG because he openly recruited Cabo 20 to join the CAF after Cabo 20 had famously split from them years earlier. 

One of the men referred to in the narcomanta, David López Jiménez, alias "Cabo 20" or “El Lobo”, as just mentioned, is the leader of a CAF group where he reports to El Flaquito.

El Lobo has had a criminal record ever since he was 22 years old, when he was arrested for armed robbery. The armed robbery according to a February 2019 Zeta article profiling El Lobo, occurred when he and a friend, armed with knives, broke into a home as part of a robbery then injured a woman who was carrying a baby in her arms. He reportedly spent a stint in prison in 2010 for this.  In 2014 he was arrested for armed car theft. 

At some point, El Lobo switched from being a member of CDS to becoming a member of the CJNG and began working under Juan José Pérez Vargas, alias “El Piolin”.  On September 19, 2017, his boss El Piolin was arrested while in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

El Lobo later told investigators that he believed that fellow CJNG member El Gallero had tipped off police to get El Piolin arrested. El Gallero at that time was said to be heavily using drugs and was paranoid about his fellow cartel members betraying him as a result of drug addiction. Piolin’s arrest and El Gallero’s erratic paranoia caused division within the CJNG Los Cabos and led some CJNG members to defect and join other cartels. 

The arrest and eventual homicide of El Piolin was actually part of a larger move, a kind of internal “clean-up” that occurred between 2016-2019. This clean-up included El Gross who was executed in November 2016; El Piolín who died in Puente Grande prison May 2019; and El Gallero who was kidnapped and disappeared in April 2019. All the listed were killed while they were in Jalisco state and are widely considered to have been killed by the CJNG they served. By June 10, 2018, El Lobo, who had been long rumored to be dissatisfied with the CJNG, was officially and publicly declared an enemy of the CJNG when they left two severed heads accompanied by a CJNG narcomanta threatening El Lobo.

By 2020, El Lobo was reportedly working under El Flaquito’s CAF group who are repeatedly said by Zeta Tijuana to be working on behalf of CDS- Los Chapitos. 

El Lobo is believed to be the current boss of José Christian Gómez Rosales, alias “El Pitey” according to a January 2020 Zeta article.  

Leonardo Fabián Llamas, alias “Cabo 45”  is one of the 12 most wanted criminals list of the Natura District of Tijuana. He was still being reported as a member of the CJNG in April 2020. However, in January 2021, a Los Pinos area drug dealer who went by the alias “El 18” confessed that he was working under Cabo 45 , who had left the CJNG and was now a part of the CAF. 

So it seems clear the writer of this most recent narcomanta is pointing the finger squarely at El Flaquito’s CAF cell as being the ones responsible for an alleged family murder in Ciénega.

If the message of this narcomanta turns out to be authentic and truly sent by members of the Sinaloa cartel in Tijuana, this would be groundbreaking news. Flaquito’s and Lobo’s Tijuana Cartel (Cártel Arellano Félix, CAF)  cells have been working on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel - Los Chapitos for a long in "Tijuana time", where alliances and allegiances move at a more accelerated rate than in other regions of Mexico.

It is always possible that this narcomanta is some kind of hoax or misinformation campaign, meant to sow disharmony in the CAF and CDS alliance. The possible motives behind the homicide of the couple and the injury to their child on August 6, 2021 is still unknown at this time as well as the identity of the cartel behind the execution.

Sources: Zeta Tijuana- Aug 19 2021 , Cadena Noticias, PSN en Línea

Background Sources:
February 2019, November 2019, January 2020, March 2 2020, March 29 2020, August 16 2021


  1. I wonder how much a printing company charges for them fancy mantas, I'm sure the Zetas didn't pay shit!!

  2. I wonder if Aquiles, Rana or even maybe Mayos factions are trying to take over Tijuana since they know El Doctor is coming home and he will have all eyes on him, they're plan may be to heat up C.A.F. and get all C.A.F. in the process

    1. Who knows if the Arellano-Felix family still has power over the different Tijuana Cartel groups?

  3. Hearst, as always, thank you. The time you spend on these stories and your efforts here are truly applauded. Thank you again, MS. H

  4. This is just the beginning for TJ cuz the the family is gonna take over!!!!

  5. I wouldn't want to those dudes, lol

  6. What do you guys think about this? Do you think CDS is actually at war with Flaquito? Or do you think this is a hoax?

    1. BB contributors have never been nor ever will be omniscient, my guy. Haha

  7. The manta was probably made by CJNG or by Aquiles and Rana. You know they operate always throwing misinformation to confuse LEO'S and the public.

  8. Threatening a bunch of Cabos and signed by Cabos????

    1. They do that. When they first started leaving cabos thats when you would see mantas signed "the real cabos" also this is also why the cabos that left cabo 20 is also known as lobo cabo89 as nier cabo 30 el solecito

    2. Lol just my opinion what a name

  9. Los Cabos CDS are under el Aquiles and are going at it with CAF and CDS los Chapitos

    1. I think you're right.
      Makes sense to me that this is actually Los Chapitos-loyal Tijuana guys vs El Mayo-loyal Tijuana guys like those under Aquiles/Rana.

  10. Replies
    1. Flaquito is CAF, through and through. But his CAF cell is thought to be working on behalf of CDS Chapitos since at least 2020.

  11. Where did el flaquito come from? Did he come from the heads that got taken out in 2015?


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