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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: The Executioners Of Drug Pushers Are Young Men

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Leonardo Fabián Robles, “El Cabo 45 / Jesús Alberto López Barraza,“ El Clofer ”,“ El Klofer ”/ Juan Enrique Rochín Cervantes,“ El Peter Pan ”/ Joshua Guillermo Bogarin Barrón was arrested with a gold-plated assault rifle 29-year-old nephew of David Barrón Corona, former hitman of the Arellano Félix Cartel, alleged generator of violence in Playas de Tijuana, on Tuesday, August 10, in the Laderas del Mar neighborhood

On the verge of 2,000 homicides in Baja California, Tijuana accumulates almost 1,800 murders. Authorities incorporated into the Coordination Table for Peace and Security are working on violent robberies, drug dealing, injuries and homicides, to integrate files and establish arrest warrants. 

Many of the murderers detected are young individuals who lived the criminalistic lifestyle in adolescence and currently lead gangs of traffickers and hitmen. They also identified those who like to dismember the bodies of their victims

Joshua Bogarín Barrón was arrested in possession of an assault rifle, modified with bright and yellow gold plates; a transparent double-round magazine with capacity for 100 cartridges, and a Glock pistol. 

He was 6 years old when his uncle, David Barrón Corona "El CH", tried to kill - in November 1997 - the co-director of ZETA, J. Jesús Blancornelas, and murdered his escort Luis Valero.

Bogarín was 14 years old when Humberto Barrón Corona, the name that contains one of his tattoos in which it is mentioned is "in memory", was arrested, released on parole and deported for a serious crime in 2005, which deserved a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine in the United States.

His family has had properties in the Costa Hermosa neighborhood of the Playas de Tijuana delegation since 2000.

According to the report of the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI), on August 10, 2021, Joshua was arrested while being persecuted as part of an investigation on Baja Mar Street in the Laderas del Mar neighborhood, Playas de Tijuana Delegation.

They said that he "tried to evade the authorities," but his lawyers allege that they took him out of an apartment in Laderas, a residential complex on the Scenic Highway in Playas, that they took him many hours before presenting him to the Public Ministry and that "there are witnesses."

According to intelligence reports from the Coordination Table for Peace and Security of Baja California, this American citizen is one of "the main generators of violence in the area of Playas de Tijuana, having under his command several criminal cells, which carry out transfer activities in the technique known as 'blind mules', human and firearms trafficking," but neither this information, nor evidence thereof, were included in the consignment before the delegation of the Attorney General's Office of the Republic (FGR).

The only antecedents until his capture with weapons, are from a teenager about to come of age, for damage to other people's property and performing acts that induce vice.

With the only charge of possession of a weapon, the allegation of an Approved Police Report (IPH) with false information and abuse of authority, it’s very likely that today, Friday, August 13, Joshua Bogarín will recover his freedom, even without charges. "Being a relative of narcos is not a crime, he was a child back then," federal agents ironically said.


On Saturday, August 7, a blanket with a threatening message was placed on a wooden frame to be read from the top, it was framed with the quartered remains of a man still dressed. The body parts were positioned in like manner: on the right side, both hands, on the left, both legs. Below, on a blue canvas, the torso still attached to the thighs, and placed to the right side, the head of a man with dark hair.

The ultimatum warned of the death penalty for retail drug dealers. To make it public, they left it in front of a park, on Pericúe Street in the Gardens section of the Guaycura Colony: "This will continue to happen to those who continue with that cheap fuck Juan Enrique Rochin Cervantes alias the Peter Pan. If before you didn’t have much, now you have nothing. You’re in deep shit you dumb ass.Sincerely, CDS".

Juan Enrique Rochín Cervantes "Peter Pan" is 32 years old, big eyes, with a  sad look and child's face, even now, with a beard and thin beard, maintains a childish look. However, he has known the facilities of the Attorney General's Office and the Judiciary facilities since he was 16 years old.

As a minor, in February 2006 he witnessed an attempted homicide and qualified injuries; then he was brought before a judge for another crime the following month, and arrested in October of the same year for "acts that induce vice and prostitution."

At the age of 20, in August 2009, he had an active and pending hearing before the Juvenile Guardianship Council, for robbery with violence. The reason why it was not executed is unknown, since the young "gang member" is known in the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection of Tijuana, after his arrests in 2009 and two others in 2010, for causing disturbances in public places, in the Presidentes neighborhood, where he still maintains his address.

Olive skin and raised in the midst of crime, in November 2016, already at the age of 27, he received his first public narco-threat from the alliance that the Arellano Félix (CAF) and Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) cartels then had. They exhibited it as part of the Sinaloa Cartel, headed by the brothers René and Alfonso Arzate: "Marco Tulio Carrillo Grande aka ‘El Marlon’, Ex Municipal lieutenant of ‘Akiles’, Luis Francisco Lozano Beltran aka ‘El Lico’ or ‘El Pakito’, boss of hitmen for ‘Akiles’, Victor Hugo Mejia Lopez aka ‘El Griego’ or ‘El Yogurt’ or ‘Checo’, bodyguard and head of sicarios for Akiles, Juan Enrique Rochin Cervantes aka ‘El Peter Pan’ or ‘Felipin’, on charge of the assassins, David Hernandez Mendez aka ‘El Faders’, hitman and kidnapper for the nieces of El Mayo Zambada, he’s in service for Peter, Raul Miranda Ordaz aka ‘El Alejo’ or ‘El Rulas’, boss of various criminal cells in service for Akiles, Juan Carlos Dominguez Parra aka ‘300 or El Chueco’ or ‘Jaiva’. You fucking scumbag kidnappers. This conflict is between motherfuckers pitted against each other. It’s not against innocent civilians. You also have family members. Therefore you faggots need to respect non combatants. Don’t be filthy animals about this affair. If the blood of innocent civilians continues to flow we will just as well return the courtesy. The sky is pearl colored in the city of Tijuana. You thieves need to leave this plaza. 

But five years later, the narco-blankets and some criminals detained since January 2020, assure that they no longer sell drugs for the Sinaloa Cartel.

The message with the dismembered man in Guaycura was not the only one for "Peter Pan":

“This message goes out to the owner of the Presidentes neighborhood. As well as all the individuals who work with Peter Pan. Fall into formation, otherwise you will all be killed. The purge has already begun. You won’t be left with anything. If you didn’t have shit before, much less will you have anything now for being some cheap fuck. Sincerely, CDS”, it was read on a banner found at 11 p.m. on August 5 on Miguel Alemán y Cochimíes Street, in the Infonavit Presidentes neighborhood, although he officially lives on Venustiano Carranza Street in the same neighborhood. 

"Everything that smells like you I'm going to fucking destroy, cocaine distributors, gunmen, and collaborators, just for being filthy cheap fucks. Did you forget that the biggest organization in Tijuana is ours? You chose to play the role of executioner but you don’t even have enough gunmen to fight. Juan Enrique Rochín Cervantes alias Peter Pan or Felipe Sincerely, CDA," was the content of a cardboard lying next to the Michoacán Fermín Tapia Martínez, shot close to midnight on August 6 in Águila Azteca and Cochimíes of the Baja Maq El Águila neighborhood, La Presa Delegation.

Then, at 03:21 hours on Saturday, August 7, the bodies of two men were found inside a Nissan X-Terra vehicle, with Baja California license plates, on Antonio López Santana and López Portillo Street in Infonavit Presidentes, Cerro Colorado Delegation.

"You ran out of stores where you were for being a cheap fuck. You were doing well but you decided to be slick by killing off operatives from The Company. You will need more gunmen to fuck over The Company Juan Enrique Rochín Cervantes, alias, El Peter Pan. Sincerely, CDS," read on a cardboard left on the windshield.

Followed by the macabre find in Guaycura Park, and then, nothing.


A drug dealer arrested in January 2020 in Cerro Colorado, with three packages of marijuana and two of crystal meth, who said he committed crime for Sinaloa and received 2,500 pesos a month from Omar López and/or Sánchez "El Flaco" and/or "El Gárgola" -which was in charge of distributing meth to the little shops of the El Florido, Capistrano and Praderas neighborhoods-, said that the dead in those colonies were Cervantes' "people," because "Peter Pan," who moved drugs with the Sinaloa Cartel, had betrayed them and handed them over to the CJNG.

In January 2021, another seller - "El 18" - was captured in Los Pinos. The boy said he sold drugs since he was 13 years old, that the nickname was given to him when he reached that age and that his father, whom he identified as Jorge Luis Villaseñor Martínez "El Kokis", was a CAF hitman and murdered in 2018 in the Soler neighborhood.

He confessed that he sold drugs for the CAF, that "Cabo 45" was his boss and "Peter Pan" and "El Max" were "turncoats" and now they were "Chinolas" aka Sinaloa operatives. 

The identity of Rochín Cervantes was brought up on August 3, keep in mind that Beatriz Adriana Rojas Mora -a prisoner in 2016-, who was shot dead at 5:00 p.m. that Tuesday in the house located with number 24928 on Prolongación Fresas Street, Fraccionamiento El Florido, controlled the sale of drugs for "Peter Pan" in that home that had already been searched and had a cell made up of several women.


Data obtained by the Coordination Table for Peace and Security of Baja California, reveal that in just over a year, the narrative of the traffickers in the streets, is that Cervantes, who was the hitman leader of Los Arzate, has sold drugs with all the cartels and betrayed them all.

By tracking the young man's criminal enemies, who are killing the drug dealers in his service and in some cases dismembering them, the investigators are examining three suspects, three former bosses, three hypotheses, also considering that they are not excluded, because in the end the conflict is to "recover" the territory, not directly with the renegade narco.

Two individuals point out two cells of the Sinaloa Cartel:

Omar López and/or Sánchez "El Flaco" and/or "El Gargola", and another nicknamed "El Pepe". Both operators at the service of Víctor Hugo Mejía López "El Griego" and Los Arzate, of whom recent alliances with "Los Chapitos" have been mentioned.

Edwin Antonio Rubio López "El Max". In the last two years, he has shown signs that he likes to dismember the dead to leave messages. He is a Sinaloa operator in the Los Uriarte cell. His detractors have publicly pointed it out because in his deadly operations, he includes the murder of families, women and children of criminals, and he usually gets rid of the bodies in narco-pits.

The crime of the illegal burial and exhumation of a body deserves "imprisonment from five to eight years in prison and a fine of five hundred to a thousandpsos, for anyone who incinerates, disintegrates or destroys all or part of the body or human remains of an unidentified person, without authorization from the competent authorities." During 2021, Rubio has sought the protection of the federal justice system so as not to be arrested.

Leonardo Fabián Robles and / or Llamas (last name of his stepfather), "Cabo 45". Part of the group of hitmen at the service of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. However, the loyalty of this trafficker to the CJNG has been questioned since 2019 and they presume their incorporation into the CAF, with whom they were allied for some period. He has been threatened by Sinaloa and Jalisco, and his drug dealers have been dismembered along with narco  messages; he has done the same.


At this point, history is linked to Natura, one of the 14 police districts into which Tijuana is divided and which in July occupied the first place in homicidal violence in the city.

As of Wednesday, August 11, it accumulated 1,273 murders throughout the year, 61 homicides that occurred in the current month alone.

Both Leonardo Fabián Llamas and/or Robles, nicknamed "Cabo 45," and Edwin Antonio Rubio López "El Max," are part of the list of 12 most wanted in the Natura District in Tijuana.

1. Rubio López "El Max" was arrested in 2013 with a .45 caliber pistol and 10 kilos of marijuana. Against him there is an active arrest warrant for qualified homicide under criminal case 69/2019 in the Second Criminal Court in Tijuana.

2. Raúl Sánchez Martínez "El H" and/or "El Tío", has an active arrest warrant for aggravated kidnapping committed against a woman named Sugey on December 9, 2020, in Las Palmas Avenue of the aforementioned delegation.

3. Fernando Gamaliel Ortiz "El Joker", charged and wanted, with three arrest warrants: one for the kidnapping of Sugey herself; another for the murder of Miguel "N" on March 12, 2020 on a neighborhood road, in the area of the hill behind the back of Privada Santa Rosalía, Palma Real Fraccionamiento; and one more for the violent death of Hilario "N", whose body was located on March 16, 2020 on Third City Hall Boulevard and Bajamar Avenue, in Palma Real. All in Natura.

4. Ángel David Gómez Mendoza "El Carnalito", whose order to capture him is for killing Antonio "N" on September 20, 2019. The body was found in Private Valle de Toluca, in front of the address marked with the number 3, corner with Calle Escondido, in Fraccionamiento Los Valles.

5. Israel González Herrera "El Chino" is wanted for the same murder of Antonio "N" on September 20, committed in the company of Mendoza. And for the death of Hilario "N" in March 2020 in the company of "The Joker".


In the same area, local police are looking for another group of murderers, headed by a bloodthirsty juvenile offender, considered a "sociopath" by his persecutors. He and his group have been considered priority targets since last year, but they have not been captured. Authorities link them as part of the CJNG and that they have operated with the CAF, just as well they all began their criminal career as teenagers.

6. Jesús Alberto López Barraza "El Clofer" and or "Klofer", a thug since the age of 17, is currently 20. He has videotaped and published on social networks the homicides in which he participates. He has two active arrest warrants for homicide: one for murdering a man found rotting away on July 3, 2019 on a neighborhood road near Acapulco Boulevard; and the second for killing another in Privada Azamal de Urbi Villas del Prado, on May 21 of the same year.

7. William Jonathan Casanova "Prever", criminal partner of "El Clofer"; they are looking for him for being his accomplice in the murder perpetrated in Privada Azamal.

8. Luis Armando León Vázquez "El Tortillero", another of López's thugs; the order against him is for the murder of a male on May 15, 2020 on Abetos Street corner with Volcanes, in Villas del Prado.

9. Marco Antonio Valdivia Melchor "Marquitos" and/or "Six," part of the list of young hitmen and, although there are no arrest warrants for homicide against him, he has a history of apprehensions for drug retailing and violent robbery.

Within the list of main generators of violence and objectives of Natura, held by the Coordination Table for Peace and Security, there are three other men, but the files to have the arrest warrants are still being worked on in the Attorney General's Office:

10. Leonardo Fabián Robles "Cabo 45", originally affiliated with the CJNG, with possible affinity to the CAF-"Los Chapitos". According to local authorities, leader of a cell of drug dealers and hitmen.

11. Luis Alberto López Uriarte "El Pájaro", arrested and released in 2007 and 2015, criminal cell operator east of Tijuana and brother of Raydel López Uriarte "El Muletas", confessed murderer arrested and released as leader of the extinct "Los Teos" cell that operated with the CAF and went to the Sinaloa Cartel. He is also the cousin of José Luis Mendoza "El Güero Chompas", visible head of the Los Uriarte cell in the last eleven years.

12. Arsenio de Jesús Espinoza Smoked "Rilok", with a history of drug retailing and robbery.


From these criminal cells, between 2019 and 2021, three men have been arrested for homicide: Isidro Palafox Acosta "El Grito", José Guadalupe "El Gurrola" Navarro, Rodrigo Alejandro Agraz Gaxiola "Pocoyó". And for drug retailing, Juan Rubén Sánchez Lara "Trak". Everyone is still in prison. ( They are presumed innocent until their responsibility is declared by the judicial authority, Art. 13, CNPP)

The State Security and Investigation Guard receives anonymous complaints at number 089, and the Army at numbers 664-685-0297 and/or 664-636-6897; electronically, at

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