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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: Dismembered Male Found With Narco Message

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According to police reports, around 03:21 this Saturday, August 7, a double homicide was documented on Antonio López Santana and López Portillo Street in the Infonavit Presidentes neighborhood. The victims were semi-covered inside a black Nissan XTerra vehicle with Baja California license plates. On the windshield of the unit, the alleged hitmen left a cardboard with a narco-message that read:

“You were left without stores in your area of operations for being a cheap fuck. You were actually doing well. But you thought you were slick by killing off operatives from The Company. Juan Enrique Rochin Cervantes aka “El Peter Pan” you’re going to need more personnel to fuck over The Company. Sincerely, CDA

Also this morning in a gray Volkswagen Golf with Baja California license plates. A man was found dead. He had various bullet wounds to his body. The unit was impacted on a fence near Corsica and Andalusian streets in the Villa Fontana neighborhood. It should be noted that inside the unit ballistic evidence was found.

Then around 7 in the morning, the emergency center was informed that on a wooden base the dismembered body of a man was hung accompanied by a narco-message. The macabre discovery was made in Pericué Street in the El Guaycura neighborhood, in the Jardines del Guaycura section, in front of the park on the main avenue. The events caused great concern among the residents.

Information released indicates that the message was addressed to a subject nicknamed "Peter Pan," allegedly a member of the Sinaloa Cartel. This was the intel that the Territorial Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace and Security currently had.

The Fact: Ten people were killed, one of them dismembered, and three found with a narcomessage was the result of a violent day recorded during the last hours in Tijuana. With these facts, this adds up to 35 homicides in August and 1,247 so far in 2021.

On this occasion, a creepy find was recorded around 6:40 a.m., on Pericue Avenue and Paseo del Guaycua, in the neighborhood of the same name.

At this address on the public thoroughfare, next to the park, on a small bed, the dismembered body of a man whose feet, hands and head were tied with wire to this wooden base was located. The torso was on the asphalt, next to a blue canvas, accompanied by a message containing the following legend:

“This will continue to happen to those who carry on with that cheap fuck Juan "Enrique Rochin Cervantes" alias "Peter Pan". If before you didn’t have much, now you have nothing. You’re in deep shit you dumb ass. Sincerely, Cartel de Sinaloa

Rsidents of the area called the police to report on this finding. The Municipal Elements arrived and confirmed this fact, reporting to the Attorney General's Office as well as Expert Services to stay in charge of the corresponding Procedures.

The deceased was wearing a blue shirt and black pants.

Warning: Graphic Picture

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  1. They were looking for borrachos to pin the Manta and they found two.

  2. Running a business in Mexico is looking for trouble. The extortion rackets ran by municipal and organized crime have dwindled the aspirations for many to open a business.
    Thanks Mexico for your incompetence.


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