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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: 5 Are Killed And A Narco Message Found

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Five dead people, including a woman, were found in different parts of the city of Tijuana, during the course of Monday, August 2. Also the same day a narco message was found in the Lomas Verdes neighborhood.

It was around 9:14 a.m., when it was reported to 911 that on the stairs of a pedestrian bridge located on Diaz Ordaz Boulevard near the Lomas Verdes neighborhood, there was a blanket with an intimidating text written in black ink.

According to information obtained by ZETA, the narco message read:

This message goes out to the Arellano Felix Family, Nubgar New Generation, Blanca, Cayello, and their families. They’re the ones kidnapping here. The New Generation Cartel tries to pass themselves off as Enedina Felix.

Mayo Zambada, Blanca Mascarello, and Karina try to pass themselves off as Enedina Felix also. And they have me and my family threatened. They live in the Palmas El Refugio neighborhood. 

They have the government of “El 5” providing them protection. Please investigate this matter. I want them caught alive in order to prove what I’m being accused of. Sincerely, Villarreal Guerrero

In other violent events at 8:31 a.m., a dead man was found on Roble Street, in the Granjas Buenos Aires Section Palmas neighborhood. The victim, unidentified, with a dark complexion, thin, and wearing blue jeans and a blue sweater, had blunt force trauma to the head.

Then, at the entrance to the airfield of a plane runway on Vista del Sol street and a local road in the Real del Mar neighborhood, the lifeless body of a female person, of regular complexion, dark skin,  was found. She had long straight red hair, about 30 years old. According to the reports, the victim didn’t show traces of violence, the causes of her death remains unknown.

Later, on Lázaro Cárdenas and Díaz Ordaz streets in the Las Fuentes neighborhood, a man was shot and attacked. The victim had a head injury, for which he was transferred in an ambulance by Red Cross paramedics to the facilities of Clinic 20. However, upon arrival the victim was declared dead.

At night, the body of a male person of approximately 50 years of age was found on Esperanza Iris Street in the Miramar neighborhood. The deceased had head injuries caused by gunfire. At the crime scene, several shell casings were found.

Finally, the dead body of a male was found wrapped in a piece of carpet inside a vehicle, which was abandoned on the traffic lane on Calle 3 and Las Fuentes in the Cañadas del Florido neighborhood in a white Chevrolet Cobalt vehicle. 

The officers observed what appeared to be a human body in the trunk. For which they notified the corresponding authorities.

It was reported that no one was detained.

In the first days of August there have been 7 murders.

Muerte Por Glorious Dead 69

Zeta Tijuana


  1. I want to to Tijuana to see a Donkey Show, also to eat tacos de carne asada.

    1. Thats koo foo

    2. The Donkey Show is a myth, I've been in TJ hundreds of times and never seen any Donkey Show. About the only things you'll see in TJ is really bad strip clubs with watered down beer and hookers I wouldn't send my worst enemy too, well maybe my worst enemy.

    3. That wasnt beef tacos they were dog tacos what you ate

    4. The donkey stopped existing in the late 90s.

    5. No Donkey. It’s the SAWZALL show at Hong Kong it’s great!!! 3:36 must be at the wrong part of the zona norte.

    6. El que Manda es el 9-9 CAF Que speedy mares ni que verga. Pura vieja escuela

  2. The message was written personally by Speedy Mares of CAF, while high off “speed”, hence the very confusing and incoherent manta.

  3. For years there was no mention of the jefe Enedina Felix until now why ? Is it because she has no arrest warrants out for her or because her brother is almost out and people fear it will get worst in tj.

  4. I believe this is the first time Enedina is mentioned in something of this sort?

    Jalisco is getting hit from a lot of directions in Tijuana, would not surprise me if they are trying to heat up la plaza

  5. Damn that sounds like East St Louis except the cops cover shish up here

  6. Aguevo son del cds, no se les entendio ni vergas la narco manta, 🤣🤣 pinches analfabestias!!! Y no quw los arrellnos estavan con los del cds, en esa manta los amenasaron a los Arellanos y al Cjng, es lo unico que mas omenos se entendio

  7. Just another day in TJ.

  8. Mayo Zambada tried to pass himself as Enedina Felix? Who is "El 5"?

  9. TIJUANA is a MESS with all those CHAPULINES jumping AROUND with their HEAD CUT OFF..
    Bunch of scary cowards

  10. That is an incomprehensible narco mensaje by even TJ cartulina sgandaeds.


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