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Monday, August 9, 2021

Rosarito, Baja California: Two Infants Found Dead

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The bodies of two minors, apparently with visible traces of violence, were located among bushes near Rancho El Descanso, in Primo Tapia's delegation, in Playas de Rosarito, on the morning of Monday, August 9.

According to initial reports, the victims are two minors between one and three years of age; apparently a boy and a girl. One of the infants only wore a disposable diaper.

According to information obtained by ZETA, this macabre find was reported around 07:00 a.m. to the emergency center, when a man who was in the area, observed that his dog was digging through the bushes exposing the bodies of the children, which were among blood stains.
Expert agents at the scene
After the events, one of the ranch workers gave notice to the corresponding authorities.

"It gave me a lot of fear and sadness, because they are little children who don't know what’s happening... who knows who they would be or why they did it; I hope they find the person responsible because it was a terrible thing."

Elements of the Municipal Police and expert agents arrived at the site, who were in charge of processing the scene, which lasted about four hours, and transporting the bodies to the Forensic Medical Service.

Until now the little ones have yet to be identified. 


  1. Everybody can get it, even minors who most likely have nothing to do with the drug trade ��

    1. This had nothing to do with drug trade. His own American father did it.

  2. This is devastatingly sad. I hope they did not endure horror prior to their spirits being freed.

  3. I don't like scum that hurt,abuse,torture, or kill innocent children or any child

  4. Update on this story -


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