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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Organized Crime Dumps Corpse Into Laguna La Escondida

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The body has traces of violence, in addition to an advanced state of decomposition

The ministerial authorities carried out the proceedings at the site of the discovery.

An anonymous complaint alerted the authorities to locate the body of a male with traces of violence, floating in the La Escondida lagoon, bound hand and feet.

It was around 11:15 a.m. yesterday when the discovery was reported at Mexico Street, in the Aztec neighborhood.

Elements of the National Guard and Civil Protection and Firefighters arrived to rescue the body of a man of regular build, white complexion, who was only wearing black shorts.

The crime scene was immediately cordoned off by elements of the Mexican Army who requested the intervention of agents of the Investigative Police.

The body which was unidentified had an advanced state of decomposition and was also bound by his hands and feet.

The elements of Civil Protection and Firefighters, in addition to the military, took him out of the lagoon to be visually examined by criminal experts who came to file the report.

The ministerial authorities reported that upon visual examination the body had traces of violence that were visible. In addition that it would later be examined in detail in the morgue facilities by the forensic doctor who would determine the true cause of death.

The General Investigation Unit in office initiated an investigation folder for the crime of homicide against whoever is responsible for this crime.

The male's body was located floating in La Escondida lagoon. He was bound by his hands and feet, he also had other traces of violence. Elements of the National Guard cordoned off the crime scene. The body has not been officially identified and was transferred to the morgue.

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  1. I knew it, esto no es un juego.

  2. All the money spent by Guardia Nacional protecting crime scenes could be better spent on go-fer (corre-ve-diles) who could do double duty hawking (Halconiando) for the federales.
    Where is Pancho cabeza de cagadas de vacas hiding lately???

  3. no Seria ke un centroamericano lo confundio con El RIO BRAVO ?

    1. 2:48 y de que se rio?
      On this side it is known as the Rio Grande river.


    Hermosillo, Sonora.

    Male gunned down in broad daylight

  5. Normal day, we except the homicides


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