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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Puebla, PUE: 6 Corpses Found In Less Than 24 Hours

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Among the victims is a woman who was killed along with a man in Acatzingo

According to police sources, the facts could be related to a settling of scores. 

In less than 24 hours, the bodies of six people who showed signs of violence and some bullet wounds were found in the municipalities of Tecamachalco, Tepeaca, Acatzingo and Puebla; three of the municipalities belong to the so-called "Red Triangle".

According to police sources, the events could be related to a settling of scores; the six victims, until press time, remained unknown; the authorities integrated the respective investigation folders.

The first case was registered on Thursday afternoon; a citizen reported that the body of a man was floating in the Valsequillo Water Channel, near Santiago Alseseca, in the municipality of Tecamachalco, a fact that mobilized the authorities of that municipality.

The deceased, approximately 25 years old, was in an advanced state of decomposition, whose body was transferred by personnel from the Semefo to the municipal amphitheater for the autopsy of law.

In the second case, in the early hours of Friday, residents of San Pablo Actipan, in the municipality of Tepeaca, reported to the authorities that an armed group, aboard a pickup, had thrown two human bodies, next to the auxiliary presidency of the community itself.

Municipal Public Security elements arrived at the site, who found the bodies of two men of approximately 25 years old, they were wrapped in plastic and had traces of torture produced from a knife.

Next to the bodies a warning message was found. The victims were registered as unknown 15 and 16 in the amphitheater of the same city.

In the third fact, already at dawn yesterday, but in the municipality of Acatzingo, a double homicide was recorded on agricultural land in the town of Actipan de Morelos; it was a man and a woman, whose ages ranged from 20 to 25 years; both bodies were tied up and had been shot in the head; also in this case, the victims remain unknown.

Finally, in the capital of Puebla, the body of a man wrapped in a blanket was found, with traces of torture, below the bridge of the Ecological Bypass, near the housing unit La Guadalupana, in the Lomas de Santa Catarina neighborhood, in the auxiliary board of San Francisco Totimehuacán, yesterday shortly after noon.

People who passed by the site realized that it was a corpse because his head was covered with brown tape, his hands tied with a rope and his feet were sticking out with red tennis shoes, wrapped in a red blanket.

The citizens reported it to the emergency number 9-1-1. Shortly after state police arrived who confirmed what was said.

The area was cordoned off and later experts and ministerial agents of the Attorney General's Office arrived to carry out the steps of the removal of the body.

During these works it was confirmed that he was a man of about 35 years old, whose body showed traces of torture; the victim was listed as an unknown person.

El Sol de Puebla

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