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Monday, August 2, 2021

Puebla, PUE: La Vicky, The Female Pimp Who Turned A Park Into An Open-Air Brothel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Pagina Negra recorded "La Vicky" on video while charging sex workers a fee; all of them can be seen on 4 Poniente Street and on the corner of the town square, especially teenagers from Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas attend.

The Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Townsquare, in the Historic Center, became the epicenter of human trafficking in the capital of Puebla, and is a place where prostitution is practiced without the inconvenience of the authorities; the person responsible for turning this space into an outdoor brothel is known as "La Vicky", a female pimp that has gradually attracted more and more young people.

Pagina Negra recorded "La Vicky" on video at the time she charges a fee to sex workers. All of them can be seen on 4 Poniente Street and on the corner of the townsquare. Mainly teenagers from Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas attend who are controlled by their pimps and who pay "La Vicky" a daily fee for the right to work that is approximately 100 to 120 pesos.

For the neighbors of the Historic Center, the street vendors and the elements of the State and Municipal Police, "La Vicky" is the woman who maintains control of the corner of 5 North and 4 Westeros and who for more than three years began to first lead a group of elderly sex workers, whom she gradually summoned to use the park. But little by little more minors have been seen.

The area, of high movement in the Historic Center, is now used by this female pimp and other whoremasters to take younger and younger women, who make deals in this area with customers and then go anywhere afterwards, whether it’s a hotel or even some corner in the same park to perform their service.

She extends her red zone with minors

Although "La Vicky" already controls the sex workers of that park, she has also now extended her domains to 4 Poniente, where young minors can already be seen on this street, waiting to get clients to meet their quotas.

In a tour Pagina Negra found that on 4 Poniente Street, little by little, sex workers have begun to spread out and they now reach 3rd Street North.

In a video taken by this publishing house you can even see "La Vicky" sitting in one of the pots placed by the City of Puebla, while talking to a young woman and charging the daily rent for the apartment. In the video, the female pimp is seen dressed in a yellow blouse and a cherry colored vest.

In some cases, the young women, who call themselves independent workers, give their right to work fee  to "La Vicky" and in others, the female pimp makes her financial arrangements with the patrons who hire them out. Many of them are introduced by this woman, first in the Plaza Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and then she places them in streets closer and closer to the center.

Despite the fact that the sex workers work in broad daylight and in front of the authorities, neither the Municipal Police nor the State Police proceed against the female pimp or the whoremasters that take them to work in the Historic Center of Puebla.

Pagina Negra


  1. Is selling it in Mexico 🇲🇽 a crime?

    1. 8:46 NO, but pimping is a crime.
      That is where things get hairy, police and politicos extort and sell protection to the pimps that control "their plasa", shit rolls downhill.

    2. Boy I like the colors on that flag, thanks for the image.

  2. Vicky in her pink pimp mobile, will soon be paying piso to the local cartel.

  3. Disgusting arrest that fat bitch and all others who exploit minors!!.

  4. Right, focus on one woman...what about MANY pervs seeking out minors?

    Canadian girl💋

    1. Their body, their choice.

    2. 5:06 la vicky is like the devil tempting Eve, then sending her to Adam.
      Johns are guilty of patronizing the business, most of them pay and are no innocent Angels, but girls' exploiters need to get grabbed by the pussy hairs and dragged out to prison, be it male or female

  5. Why would the authorities care you know they are taxing her . Same ol shit just different assholes .

  6. Dudes gotta be desperately hard up to bang them chanchitas.

    1. Tellin ye,didnt see one decent bitch there,keep it real tho,they were all sloppy fat


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