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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Police Face Off Against 30 CDN Pickup Truck Convoy Near Coahuila

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

Members of the state police and military faced off against a confirmed 30 pickup truck convoy from the armed wing Tropa del Infierno of the Cartel de Noreste (CDN) in two different shootouts. The convoy was reportedly trying to make an incursion into the state of Coahuila. Initial reports say that 3 officers were injured and 3 cartel members were killed.

Shootout One - August 25 

The first shootout occurred on August 25, 2021 at approximately 7:00 p.m. According to the official press release by the Attorney General’s Office, a convoy of "more than 30 vehicles" tried to enter the municipality of Hidalgo, in Coahuila. 

Unofficially it has been reported that the convoy and armed men inside were a part of the Northeast Cartel (Cartel del Noreste, CDN). The convoy was discovered while State Police officers were conducting surveillance tours of the site known as La Brecha del Gas, on the border between the states of Coahuila and Nuevo Léon. 

The police they had just encountered were fifteen officers of the Action and Reaction Police (PAR), an elite group of the State Police who were traveling in three patrol vehicles at the time. 

A shootout began between the State Police and the convoy. Three State Police officers were injured with gunshot wounds however they managed to repel the aggressors, leading the convoy to flee back to Anáhuac, Nuevo Léon. One of the police vehicles was left completely burned out and destroyed from this first shootout. 

The police blocked their way and there was a confrontation that lasted for more than half an hour. Reinforcements from the State Police, municipal police, the Criminal Investigation Agency and soldiers from the Mexican Army arrived at the scene.

Shootout 2 - August 26 

Then on the morning of August 26, 2021, the CDN hitmen returned to Coahuila and attacked again. In this second shootout, three criminals were killed and their bodies were left to be recovered by police.

Audio from either this event or the day prior was released on social media. Some important moments within the audio include:

“I am hitting the [gas] line with Nuevo León. They just ambushed me (…) we have already left the road. Here on the gap, we are responding but they are above 50 trucks.”

“We are being pelted [with bullets], boss, here on the Colombia side. We have two wounded [men]. Send the helicopter, please.”


“Do not arrive at the junction of Colombia because a shitload of trucks are waiting for you there. We have already left the highway. Here on the gap, we are still responding, but there are more than 50 trucks.” 


"We got into the gap, gentlemen, there I left the unit on the road."

Of note, the “gap" and the "gas line” refers to a dirt road parallel to the Rio Grande and Federal Highway 2 that connects Coahuila with Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. 

Sources: Attorney General’s Official Press Release, La Jornada, La Silla Rota, La Prensa de Coahuila, El Mexicano, El Monitor de Parral

Update 8/27/2021 6:30 AM CST: Changed wording related to number of vehicles to directly reflect official press release which said "more than 30 vehicles".


  1. Hearts saludos ! There was also an ambush same day in Zacatecas 3 state police officers were killed and originally they say two officers survived but then they said 3 dead officers and one injured . This happened in the Sierra of Valparaiso . Gets you wondering what are they doing patrolling in one truck in a war zone between two cartels . Word in Zacatecas is that Cjng did the hit . Att
    El Zacatecas

    1. El pecas your slow as a snail, Sol reported that like 5-6 articles ago.

    2. 6:25 Exactly I sent that info in to sol thanks for the back up . Sol did post it a couple days ago . He does alit of coverage and reads a lot of these news as they come in . Sometimes he’s way ahead of me . That’s why he’s Dr Sol aka (the Machine) I try to sent as much info when I can . For your information that video your talking about ( Lt Aldo ) was from sep 22 2020 . But they just released it . Those two officers were released they just got picked up to get info about the whereabouts of the cjng . That’s when cds when head on against cjng in Jerez Zacatecas. Trust me I don’t come here making up stories .
      Ya se la saben
      Att: El Zacatecas

  2. I don't know, Hearst is citing the press release from the the attorney Generals office along with a handful of other sources.

  3. It's funny because you have the anti AMLO clowns who come on here and say, "AMLO is doing nothing to stop the cartels." While almost everyday you have articles where the government is involved in confrontations with criminals.

    1. The commenters are not the clowns, it's Obrador that is the biggest of Clowns, please get that part right.
      The government of Obrador barely does nothing, it mostly had the Army staying in thier barracks playing cards and watching Novellas.
      Have you seen how many homicides occurred more 2020?
      Obrador cares a rats azz about it's citizens, but he sure does love bribe money coming in.
      Nevertheless his brother was filmed accepting bribes.

    2. Well the government being involved are confronting them because they run into them not because AMLO gave the order to go face them. Look at the difference, these confrontations are mostly cops, operations are being carried out at state level not federal, the military is there as backup but not staging anything significant like the past administrations where the Marines went out and faced the cartels, carried out high level operations and captured cartel bosses, that's unheard of on AMLOS administration.

  4. There is an obvious discrepancy between the official statement which reads “más de 30 camionetas” or more than 30 trucks and what the officer can be heard saying on radio saying, which is “above 50 trucks”. I assume that when articles on the incident said 50 vehicles they were referencing the number from the radio audio clip.

    When I have to choose between reporting the number from the official press release or the number given by an officer in a high stress situation, in the middle of battle, I am going to lend more credence to the press release. However I included both descriptions in the article so readers can make their own informed decision on what they believe.

    I’ll update the wording to be more clear though. Thanks, guys.

  5. @8:05 correct. Too many BB people write here as they know what is happening and they don’t even pay attention to the writing like “ The convoy was discovered while State Police officers…”

    @5:53. If you take effort to read news and speak to common Mexican nationals, the you will learn that Obrador is not putting any challenge to carteles. This is no secret if you open your eyes and ears


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