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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Peñasco, San Luis Potosí: Human Organs And Fetuses Found

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Mysterious findings were made in the community of Peñasco.

In black bags they found cans, in which human organs were apparently found, as well as fetuses.

Elements of the Expert Services went to the crime scene and collected the findings. 

Obviously there is no official information about it.

Agencia de Noticia SLP


  1. For those that don't believe, organ body parts trafficking is happening.

  2. Damn... human organS and baby sacrifices to Satan... Life is rough in Mexico.

  3. I remember when the gulf cartel kicked the michoacanos from tamaulipas it was because they dealt human organs. To kill innocents to get their organs is a fucked up business.

  4. Whoa i thought you guys were joking when you said this happened in other threads.

  5. Gringas going to SLP for abortions made illegal in the US.

  6. Fetus's??? Well that's new. Guess we will be seeing this on a daily basis pretty soon. Disgusting!!


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