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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Notable Figures: CJNG in Michoacán

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

This is part of a series of articles on Michoacan contemporary cartel operators that have had relevance within the last five years. Other parts of the series include Cárteles Unidos Part I and Part II, with Part III coming next.

The list of Michoacán CJNG groups derives from the article The Security Strategy in Michoacán, published by Nexos and written by Eduardo Guerrero, a partner at Lantia Intelligence. In the article he details that Lantia Intelligence registered five groups with ties to the CJNG in Michoacán as of the first quarter of 2021, which are:

1) Las Fuerzas Especiales Mencho

2) Los Guerreros

3) Cinco del Pueblo

4) Los Cuinis

5) Grupo Élite

Los Cuinis have already been discussed extensively on Borderland Beat in Redlogarythm’s multipart series on the CJNG’s finances Part I and Part II

For the the purpose of Notable Figures, we will instead swap out Los Cuinis for "Grupo X", which we know is a CJNG group active in Michoacán based on the convoy of Grupo X vehicles seized in May 2021 in Ojo de Agua de Bucio, Zinapécuaro. 

In regards to Grupo Élite, it appears to function more like a "war force". They appear to be a collection of hitmen groups which are sent to locations where more CJNG hitmen are needed due to a territorial conflicts. As evidence for this Grupo Élite can be seen operating in multiple locations, across multiple states within the same week. So for current purposes, they will be covered later. 


1. SUBGROUP: Las Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (FEM)

LOCATIONS: Aguililla

DESCRIPTION: Las Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (FEM) is a CJNG subgroup who are primarily based out of Aguililla municipality in Michoacan. They are led by Miguel Fernández, alias “El M2”. The group name allegedly derived from a joke made on radio communications.  

In July 2021, photojournalism agency Cuartoscuro published photos depicting some members of FEM and some members of Los Deltas along with various firearms and vehicles with specialized armoring. (Source) The two organizations of FEM and Deltas are said to work closely together. See Los Deltas section for discussion of "Comandante Delta 1".

POSITION: Leader of Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (FEM)


NAME: Miguel Fernández


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: El M2 is the leader of Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (F.E.M.), a group based out of Aguililla area in Michoacan. M2 is believed to have grown up in the town of La Peña in La Huacana municipality, Michoacan. M2 is generally believed to have been a cartel leader prior to choosing to align and receive support from the CJNG. He is often described as an “old friend” of CJNG leader, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes alias “El Mencho”. 

Because M2 is the most well known CJNG figure operating in Michoacan, he is often misattributed as being involved in events perpetrated by other CJNG Michoacan groups (such as Cinco del Puebla). He has also been the subject of multiple fake stories. He reportedly left the CJNG in January 2020, died in February 2021, however neither of these claims ended up being true. 

M2 has been implicated in the October 14, 2019 attack on a convoy of the Michoacán State Police in El Aguaje, Aguililla which killed 14 police officers. According to El Universal, grenade launchers, AK-47, AR-15 and Barrett .50 caliber assault rifles, were used by the CJNG in the attack and some of the dead officers were set on fire after their death along with their patrol cars. There are recordings in which a voice alleged to be El M2 can be heard giving orders during this attack. (Source)

In 2020, El Universal reported that M2 had been almost captured or killed by security forces at least three times, such as the July 20 2020 attempt,  however he managed to succeed in escaping each time. (Source)


POSITION: Second in Command - Former 
ALIAS: El Venado (The Deer)
NAME: Armando Cevallos (or Ceballos) Mendoza
STATUS: Inactive
PROFILE: El Venado was reportedly a lieutenant working under El M2 and acted as his second in commend within in FEM. (Source) In January 2020m the CU reportedly put a one million dollar bounty on the head of El Venado if he is captured “alive or wounded”. (Source

El Venado reportedly died in confrontations between FEM forces and CU forces in February 2021. (Source, Source) News website Contramuro has alleged that the CJNG hitmen seen being tortured and executed following this battle is El Venado. 


POSITION: Manager of Halcon Payroll, Hitman 

ALIAS: La Catrina 

NAME: María Guadalupe López Esquivel

OTHER ALIASES: Dame of Death 

STATUS: Inactive, killed January 2020 

PROFILE: La Catrina was believed to have been a part of El M2’s group. La Catrina was born in Buenavista on March 30 and raised in Tepalcatepec by her cattle rancher father and mother. In 2017, she reportedly left Tepalcatepec at the age of 18 years old and moved in to live with an unknown member of the CJNG in Aguililla municipality. At some point after, she joined the CJNG herself and acquired her alias “La Catrina”. (Source)  


La Catrina refers to a folk character that sprung up from a print of a skeletal female figure wearing a wide brim hat made by Jose Guadalupe Posada, who is considered to be the father of Mexican printmaking. The figure La Catrina is sometimes called “Grande dame of death”. This term was also later associated with La Catrina. (Source, Source) According to documents found in seized vehicles, La Catrina was in charge of dividing and distributing up to 4,000 peso payroll each week to halcons, or look outs employed by the CJNG in addition to her working as a basic hitman. (Source

She was named as directly responsible for the October 2019 attack that killed 14 police officers by the Tepalcatepec Municipal police which allege she was working directly under El M2. On January 10 2020, there was a shootout between security forces and a CJNG group led by El M2 in La Bocanada, Tepalcatepec which led to the arrest of 8 cartel members and caused an injury that would kill La Catrina a few hours later when she was 21 years old. (Source)


2. SUBGROUP: Los Guerreros

LOCATIONS: Tanhuato, Yurécuaro, La Piedad, Ecuandureo

DESCRIPTION: The Guerrero family has been operating in the state of Michoacán for more than 30 years. In the early days the Guerrero family was known for cattle rustling. Their criminal endeavors expanded and they are now believed to be involved in extortion, kidnapping, murder, gasoline pipeline theft and drug trafficking. Previously they had to fight off attempted incursions by the Sinaloa Cartel into their territory.

Their leader was Javier Guerrero Martinez, who was a close personal friend of CJNG leader El Mencho. Through their friendship and collaboration, the Guerreros influence is believed to have expanded to the municipalities of Tanhuato and Yurécuaro, in Michoacán state in 2015. The two leaders worked closely together to prevent the Caballeros Templarios cartel from expanding on the borders of Jalisco and Michoacán, especially in the municipalities of Ecuandureo and Tanhuato. All three of Guerrero Martinez’s sons have Mencho as a godfather.  

Tanhuato is actually where Javier Guerrero Martinez met his end, while fighting with Caballeros Templarios in December 2011. After his death, Javier Guerrero Martinez's three sons and his brother Heraclio Guerrero Martínez took over leadership of Los Guerreros. After the arrest of his two brothers and his uncles, leadership of Los Guerreros fell to Adrian Alonso Guerrero Covarrubias in 2015. (Source

POSITION: Leader of Los Guerreros- Former 

ALIAS: El Ocho

NAME: Adrián Alonso Guerrero Covarrubias


STATUS: Inactive, in federal custody as of June 14 2021

PROFILE: He is the son of Javier Guerrero Martinez and the godson of El Mencho. He is the brother of Leonardo Guerrero Covarrubias and Javier Guerrero Covarrubias alias "El Javi". He is presumed to have taken over leading Los Guerreros following the arrest of his two brothers and uncle. In April 2019 he was arrested and subsequently sent to a federal prison in the state of Durango. On June 10 2021, a federal judge ordered the release of El Ocho based on an appeal filed by his lawyers. He was immediately arrested by the FGR upon release from prison and a battle between arraigo orders and amparo orders followed. (Source)

POSITION: Leader of Los Guerreros

ALIAS: Lalo Pelos 

NAME: Eduardo Bautista Hernández


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: Lalo Pelos is believed to be the new boss of Los Guerreros according to social media users. (Source) Few details are known about Lalo Pelos. 



3. SUBGROUP: Cinco del Pueblo 

LOCATIONS: Parts of Buenavista

DESCRIPTION: In September 2018, the governor of Michoacán Silvano Aureoles Conejo reportedly said that Cinco del Pueblo men had been captured. Vanguardia reports he said “There is also in Buenavista, you may have seen it in some videos, some who call themselves 'Los Cinco del Pueblo'. Which by the way we have already arrested all five of them. They were together, those from [Buenavista Tomatlan], from the municipal capital against the others, the famous Viagras." 

In 2018, according to social media users Cinco del Pueblo men were reportedly part of a video in which the CU’s Los Viagras were threatened. (Source

In May 2021, allegedly Cinco del Pueblo members captured five CU women who were sent to spy on their activities. (Source

On June 25, 2021, Cinco del Pueblo sent out a video message asking for support from the townspeople of La Ruana and threatening Alfonso Fernández Magallón alias "Poncho La Quiringua" and Nicolás Sierra Santana alias “El Gordo”, from Carteles Unidos groups Los Reyes and Los Viagras respectively.

POSITION: Leader of Cinco del Pueblo

ALIAS: El Maguey

NAME: Santiago Quintero Magallón


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: El Maguey is the leader of the CJNG group Cinco del Pueblo. He originates from the Buenavista area. He reportedly began as a neutral party in the conflict between the CJNG and the CU but he has since chosen to align with the CJNG. He is the cousin of Carteles Unidos - Los Reyes leader, Alfonso Fernández Magallón alias "Poncho La Quiringua".

In early July, Cinco del Pueblo is thought to have captured Buenavista from CU forces. On July 11 2021, the alleged kidnapping of El Kiro occurred and Carteles Unidos members publicly accused El Maguey of being involved in the kidnapping. (Source, Source

On July 14, 2021, Buenavista was believed to have been retaken by Carteles Unidos forces who were, according to Piede Pagina, reportedly escorted by Michoacan Police and members of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE). Images of a blue house that showed signs of heavy damage were widely circulated on social media. This blue house was rumored to belong to El Maguey’s family. (Source, Source

Cinco del Pueblo forces, along with other CJNG groups are believed to have moved into the Uruapan and Zamora areas, from which they launched a series of attacks on the CU Buenavista forces. (Source

On July 22, 2021, Carteles Unidos offered a one million dollar reward for the head of El Maguey. (Source, Source, Source) On August 12 2021, members of a Cartel del Abuelo’s group led by Edgar Valeriano Orozco Cabadas “El Kamoni”, or also known as “El 50” appeared on video challenging El Maguey to “come out and fight”. (Source, Source) There is a photo alleged to show El Maguey more recently, however it is unconfirmed if this photo does depict him.


4. SUBGROUP: Grupo X


LOCATIONS: Zitácuaro, Zinapécuaro, and Hidalgo

DESCRIPTION: Grupo X is a CJNG group that is believed to be operating around the Zitácuaro, Zinapécuaro, and Hidalgo general area. Not to be confused with the separate entity also called “Grupo X” which is a musical group with songs dedicated to CJNG leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, “El Mencho”. (Source, Source

In January 2021, Grupo X appeared on video with a message directed to the people of Hidalgo city, in Hidalgo municipality, Michoacan. In it they describe Lalo Manteca’s group and the Los Correa organization as extortionists of the people and threaten them. Grupo X then warns people to not support those two groups or else they will be held accountable along with them. (Source, Source

On February 11, 2021, Grupo X created a message for the people of Zitácuaro. The message was denouncing Onecimo Carmona Alfredo Chavez, Maximo Morales, Baldemar Carmona for allegedly taking on the guise of being an “auto defensa” group while hiding members of Lalo Mantecas and Comandante Jabali’s group within their organization. (Source

On May 11, 2021, a group of 7 empty pickup trucks, all marked with the insignia for Grupo X was discovered by law enforcement/military members in Zinapécuaro, Michoacan. (Source, Source)

On July 15, 2021, narcomantas signed by Grupo X were left in Zitacuaro, Michoacan. (Source, Source, Source)

Grupo X is a CJNG group with few details available on members of its leadership. No members from Grupo X were able to be identified. 


5. SUBGROUP: Cártel Zicuirán Nueva Generación


LOCATIONS: La Huacana, Zicuirán, Tumbiscatío, Las Cruces, Arteaga and Nueva Italia

DESCRIPTION: In May 2020, Cártel Zicuirán allegedly announced on video their alliance (or franchisement) with the CJNG. (Source) Cártel Zicuirán had previously been acknowledged as an organization by the State Attorney General’s office in 2019, in relation to the extortion of avocado producers. (Source

They revealed they had renamed themselves to Cártel Zicuirán Nueva Generación (CZNG) and addressed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. "We give a respectful warning to the armed forces, especially the Mexican Army, to refrain from invading La Huacana and our area, which has boundaries established by our boys… We have made an effort to close and shield La Huacana, Zicuirán, Tumbiscatío, Las Cruces, Arteaga and Nueva Italia.” (Source, Source, Source

La Silla Rota reports that intelligence sources in the Tierre Caliente area say that some preliminary data identified some members of the CZNG as formerly belonging to the criminal cell of Sergio Gilberto Gómez Romero "El Chanda." El Chanda is the former leader of the Knights Templar cartel, who was arrested in 2017 in Nueva Italia.  The reports warn that some of the people who have mobilized in the town of Zicuirán are originally from the Antúnez tenancy, municipality of Parácuaro.

Also in May 2020, Reforma reported that 120 families were evicted from their homes in Parácuaro municipality, Michoacan by armed men in trucks labeled “CZNG” for Cártel Zicuirán Nueva Generación. (Source- No paywall) 

A International Crisis Group analyst Falko Ernest theorized that this announcement video was ruse and actually a Carteles Unidos ploy to “heat up the plaza”, with the intention of triggering a government response in the area that would benefit them. (SourceThis may mean the true name of the CJNG group operating in the area is still Cártel Zicuirán and CZNG moniker is irrelevant. Regardless of the organization’s true name, this section will deal with the CJNG operators thought to be operating in the larger La Huacana area working under El Migueladas.

POSITION: Leader of CJNG in La Huacana area

ALIAS: El Migueladas

NAME: Miguel Ángel Gallegos Godoy

OTHER ALIASES: El Señor de Zicuirán

STATUS: Active

PROFILE: Migueladas was born in Copales in La Huacana municipality, Michoacan. Excelsior alleges that Migueladas and the mayor of La Huacana at the time, Salomón Fernando Rosales Reyes reportedly colluded together during his term between 2008- 2011. (Source)

According to an intelligence report that Proceso consulted, Migueladas was allegedly considered "the true head of the organization" of the Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios, CT) and even Nazario Moreno González alias "El Chayo" was considered lower rank than Migueladas.  The report detailed that the structure had three “rings” and each of them in turn had a criminal substructure beneath them. The first was headed by Servando Gómez, alias “La Tuta”. The second was directed by Enrique Plancarte Solís. The third ring was led by Ignacio Andrade Rentería, El Cenizo. (Source)  

Migueladas was reportedly a friend of Knights Templar member Enrique Plancarte Solís but at the end of 2012 there was a break between Migueladas and Plancarte. Excelsior alleges the break was due to the Templars “did not respect El Migueladas' properties of lemons and avocados”, possibly alluding to extortion of farms in his home municipality. Migueladas alleges owns about two thousand hectares of Persian lemon plantations. (Source)

This split with Plancarte Solís led to Migueladas leaving the Knights Templars and along with José Manuel Mireles Valverde (known more often as “Dr. Mireles”), a group wasd created in order to fight against the Templars. (Source, Source) In 2014, there was a falling out between Migueladas and Dr. Mireles which led to violence between those loyal to either man. Migueladas reportedly had previously tried to remove Mireles from leadership. (Source

In 2015, the Intelligence Center of El Paso, Texas (EPIC) linked Migueladas’ current alignment with the CJNG. This is, in part, because the group known as “Los H3” had recently been formed and sponsored by the CJNG. Los H3 included members of the supposed “autodefensa” groups in the area, former Knights Templar members, and cells of the CJNG, according to Excelsior

Some of the Los H3 leaders were identified as Migueladas in La Huacana, as well as Luis Antonio Torres González alias “El Americano” and José Alvarado Robledo alias “El Burrillo” from Buenavista Tomatlán. In 2015, Migueladas was considered the main exporter of meth in the Zicuirán region, municipalities of La Huacana. (Source) Los H3 had since dissolved but Migueladas is currently believed to be leading a CJNG aligned group in the larger La Huacana area and his group was accused of being behind the detention of 14 members of the Army in 2019. (Source)

In 2019, El Universal wrote of Migueladas: “The most recent intelligence work indicates that seven local deputies answer to Migueladas, that he has the mayors of several municipalities in his pocket, and that his people are in the state attorney general's office as well as in the Public Security Secretariat.”


POSITION: Main Operator - Former (Source

ALIAS: El Inge

NAME: Ulises Sánchez Garibay


STATUS: Inactive, arrested July 2018

PROFILE: El Universal alleges El Migueladas has been able to avoid attention and capture for so long due to Migueladas using El Inge to represent him and his interest for face to face meetings. It further describes Inge as Migueladas' “main operator”. (Source

On June 26, 2018, El Inge and his men created a road blockade in La Huacana, Michoacán. Social Media users published a video of General Ricardo Trevilla Trejo, then commander of the 43rd Military Zone, speaking with El Inge. The video was captioned to indicate the General was colluding with El Inge and his cartel men. The Army (SEDENA) released a statement clarifying that a man who identified himself as “diplomatic coordinator of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights,” but was actually El Inge had approached the general. “General Trevilla Trejo spoke in the presence of all the representatives of the various authorities who were in the place, to indicate the crimes committed by people who oppose the authority by preventing the free movement of communication routes.” (Source, Source

After an attack on elements of the Michoacán Police in the municipality of Múgica, on July 25, 2018 an arrest warrant for El Inge was successfully executed by members of the State Attorney General’s Office, with the support of SEDENA soldiers. He was detained as part of the larger “Operation Tierra Caliente Cleaning”. (Source)  


POSITION: Second-in-Command

ALIAS: El Pancho Tovar (Source

NAME: Francisco Tovar Pantoja


STATUS: Unknown

PROFILE: In 2014, he was identified by social media users as the right hand man of El Migueladas. (Source, Source) He was again identified as an important operator for El Migueladas by social media users in September 2018. (Source

In 2019, Milenio newspaper reported a “Francisco Tavares” as a confidant of El Migueladas. Acustik Noticias (citing Grupo Formula and Vanguardia articles which are now unavailable) describes a “Francisco Tavares” as one of the most loyal bosses of El Migueladas. This may or may not refer to the same person as “Francisco Tovar Pantoja”, the veracity of either name is unclear at this time.  


POSITION: Lieutenant (Source

ALIAS: El Gaudi

NAME: Gaudencio Lozano Barriga 



PROFILE: El Gaudi is described by Milenio newspaper as being closely linked to “Migueladas”. In 2014, El Guadi was identified by social media users as being a hitman working under Migueladas under Los H3. (Source) In 2019, El Gaudi was described as being a lieutenant working under El Migueladas and “in the first circle of the capo”. (Source)  Articles citing Vanguardia and Grupo Formula describe him as both a lieutenant and a personal bodyguard for Miguelads. (Source

In 2018, El Gaudi and El Chano Peña were accused on social media of looting and burning the gasoline and Abarrote pipes that are destined for Churumuco and Poturo. They are also described as Migueladas’ two “operating arms” in the Churumuco and Poturo area. (Source

On May 26 2019, El Gaudi was seen on video among the cartel members who detained 14 members of the Army in La Huacana and demanded they hand over their weapons and vehicle.  High-ranking Army commanders stated that El Gaudi fled the La Huacana region hours after the detaining of the soldiers. (Source)


POSITION: Lieutenant
ALIAS: El Chano Peña

NAME: Feliciano Ledezma Ramírez


STATUS: Unknown

PROFILE: Chano Peña may come from a criminal family as on April 4, 2016, his brother Raúl Ledezma Ramírez was arrested by state police along with two other gunmen while in possession of six firearms, over a thousand bullets, 10 cell phones and tactical vests in Parácuaro. (Source

On May 18, 2017 journalist Salvador Adamem who was director of local channel 6TV was abducted in Nueva Italia and his charred remains were later located On June 14, 2017. Adame had apparently received angry and insulting phone messages from El Chano Peña. (Source, Source

Quadartin alleges the murder was done on the order of Migueladas. Ignacio Rentería Andrade “El Cenizo” and Daniel Rubio Ruiz “El Cabezas” were arrested on June 21, 2017.  The two suspects said that the order to murder Adame and burn his body came from Chano Peña whose motives were “personal.” (Source

In 2018, El Gaudi and El Chano Peña were accused on social media of looting and burning the gasoline and Abarrote pipes that are destined for Churumuco and Poturo. They are also described as Migueladas’ two “operating arms” in the Churumuco and Poturo area. (Source)


POSITION: Plaza Boss of Huetamo - Former

ALIAS: El Güero 

NAME: Unknown


STATUS: Inactive, killed October 2019

PROFILE: He was described as the leader of the CJNG in Huetamo municipality. He was one of the most wanted criminal targets in 2019. (Source, Source, Source

In October 2019, he along with two of his bodyguards were shot down on the Huetamo-Churumuco highway when they refused to stop for a search by members of the police and military. (Source, Source, Source)


POSITION: Gunman (Source

ALIAS: El Bulma 

NAME: Bulmaro Arzate Fierro 



PROFILE: El Bulma is described by Milenio newspaper as being closely linked to “Migueladas”. He is described simply as a gunman in publications. (Source

On May 26 2019, El Bulma was seen on video among the cartel members who detained 14 members of the Army in La Huacana and demanded they hand over their weapons and vehicle.  High-ranking Army commanders stated that El Bulma, like El Gaudi, fled the La Huacana region hours after the detaining of the soldiers. (Source


ALIAS: La Mary 

NAME: Maricruz Ramírez 


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: El Mary is described by Milenio newspaper as being closely linked to “Migueladas”. 

On May 26 2019, El Mary was seen on video among the cartel members who detained 14 members of the Army in La Huacana and demanded they hand over their weapons and vehicle.  They write “La Mary and her daughter ‘Deisy’ are close to Francisco Tavares, Gallegos' right hand man.” (Source)  


6. SUBGROUP:  Los Deltas

OTHER NAMES: Grupo Delta

LOCATIONS: Aguililla

DESCRIPTION: Los Deltas is a group that was allegedly led by José Guadalupe Rodríguez Castillo, alias “El 15” in the larger Aguililla area of Michoacan. Reportedly El M2 and Burro Gris were under his command and together they launched an attack that killed 14 police officers in October 2019. (Source)  El Pedrín reportedly led a subgroup of hitmen within Los Deltas. 

In 2021, a CJNG lieutenant who confusingly chooses to go by the alias of “Comandante Delta 1” was a spokesperson in communications for El M2’s Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (F.E.M.), not Los Deltas. In May 2021, Comandante Delta 1 issued a message to the citizens of Michoacan telling them not to believe what the CU says about them and telling security forces not to get involved in the fight. (Source

In July 2021, a man seen wearing a vest marked “DELTA” posed in front of an armored vehicle with the FEM insignia for the photojournalism agency Cuartoscuro

It is unclear if following the fall of El 15, Los Deltas either simply works closely with Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (FEM) or got absorbed by FEM and now acts as a subgroup. It is also possible FEM adopted a new lieutenant whose alias is Comandante Delta 1 with no relation to Los Deltas.

POSITION: Plaza Boss of El Aguaje (among other plazas) - Former
ALIAS: El 15
NAME: José Guadalupe Rodríguez Castillo

STATUS: Inactive, killed in August 2020

PROFILE: El 15 was the head of the CJNG plaza in Guzmán city, Tecalitlán, Tuxpan, Pihuamo, Jilotlán, all in Jalisco state. Vanguardia alleges that he was also the head of the plaza of El Aguaje in the municipality of Aguililla, Michoacan.  

El 15 was allegedly responsible for the disappearance of three Italian citizens that occurred in January 2018 in the municipality of Tecalitlán. The Prosecutor's Office of Jalisco has indicated that the the Attorney General's Office (FGE) has various pieces of  evidence that demonstrate El 15’s participation in the crime such as recordings of phone calls and fingerprint evidence found within a van. At the end of July 2018, El 15 was arrested in Zapopan for their disappearance but he was only brought to trial for firearm possession charges. (Source

In October 2019, the “Community Police of Tepalcatepec” (Cartel del Abuelo) accused El 15 of being behind the CJNG attack on five police vehicles in Aguililla that killed 14 officers. They allege M2’s group and Los Deltas both reported to El 15 and the attack was carried out on his order. (Source, Source, Source

On August 28  2020, alleged members of El 15’s group came down from the mountains to the town of Pihuamo and ordered an ambulance which was at a gas station to transfer an injured person for them. El 15 was then transferred into the ambulance and as the ambulance traveled to Guzmán city, it was guarded by two vehicles with armed men. At the hospital, El 15 reportedly died from wounds to the abdomen caused by a grenade explosion that occurred in a confrontation. The armed men who were escorting El15 then removed the body from the hospital and transferred it to a farm in the center of the municipality of Tuxpan, where the death certificate was issued on August 30, 2020. (Source, Source, Source

POSITION: Right Hand of El 15 - Former

ALIAS: El Chirrin 

NAME: Cándido Pérez García (Source)


STATUS: Unknown

PROFILE: El Chirrin was a member of the Knights Templar.  He was reportedly the right hand man of Francisco Galeana, alias El Pantera, who Aristegui Noticias describes as one of the main leaders of the Knights Templar at the time. Chirrin was reportedly in charge of extortion in the towns of Jicalan, Jucutacato, Cusato and Carácuaro. He was arrested in 2014 in Uruapan, Michoacán. (Source)

In 2019, Cartel del Abuelo accused El Chirrin of being the current right hand man of El 15 within CJNG Los Deltas. Along with these allegations, photos alleged to show him were shared. Vanguardia reported on these allegations in an October 2019 story

POSITION: Operator of Los Deltas 

Chief of Plaza del Aguaje Michoacan

ALIAS: El Burro Gris (The Gray Donkey)

NAME: [Unknown First Name] Urbino Morales


STATUS: Unknown

PROFILE: It is believed that he had previously served in the Armed Forces prior to joining any cartel group. (Source, Source)  In 2019, Cartel del Abuelo described him as the chief of the Aguaje plaza in Aguililla. They also said he was a senior chief working under M2 and that Negrito is good friends with El RR, who is part of El Mencho’s inner circle. (Source


POSITION: Lieutenant - Former

ALIAS: El Payaso (The Clown)

NAME: Fabián Urbino Morales


STATUS: Inactive

PROFILE: El Payaso is the brother of Burro Gris and was a lieutenant working under him in Los Deltas. It is believed that he got his nickname “El Payaso” which means “The Clown” because he had previously made a living being employed by a circus. (Source, Source, Source

El Payaso was one of the ten CJNG hitmen arrested for his alleged involvement in the October 2019 Aguililla ambush on police. (Source

Of note, previous Borderland Beat reporting did not name but did described Fabián Urbino Morales, El Payaso, the Aguililla CJNG commander when identifying the perpetrator of a face flaying video. However this prior identification is false and the perpetrator was the man shown in the photo of the story: Ivan Zigala, also alias “El Payaso” and also from the CJNG however Zigala operates on their behalf in Cotija, not Aguililla municipality. (Source, Source


POSITION: Lieutenant of Los Deltas

ALIAS: El Negrito

NAME: Unknown


STATUS: Unknown

PROFILE: Both El Universal and La Silla Rota describe El Negrito as the overall leader of Los Deltas. However Vanguardia described El Negrito’s role as being a lieutenant of Los Deltas. He has been seen in videos published by the CJNG. (Source


POSITION: Lieutenant

ALIAS: La Coya

NAME: Unknown


STATUS: Unknown

PROFILE: He led a group of Aguililla CJNG hitmen within Los Deltas. He reportedly had residences in Jilotlan and Tecalitlan, in Jalisco state. El Tombo, another Aguililla group leader, allegedly worked under La Coya. (Source, Source)


POSITION: Group Leader under La Coya

ALIAS: El Tombo

NAME: Unknown


STATUS: Unknown

PROFILE: He reportedly led a group of hitmen in Aguililla and reported to La Coya according to accusations by Cartel del Abuelo in the wake of the October 2019 police ambush. (Source, Source)


7. SUBGROUP: Gente del Señor del Valle 

LOCATIONS: Nocupétaro, Carácuaro, Huetamo, San Lucas

DESCRIPTION: The official name of the group is unclear. They have referred to themselves as “Gente del Señor del Valle” or the people of  Señor del Valle, which is just another nickname for Chito Cano, the leader of the group. As that is the only name we have so far, it will be used until more details emerge. (Source, Source

According to information from the intelligence areas of the Federal and State governments, the Señor del Valle Cartel is a group of gunmen that for months has settled in the Huetamo Valley region, which includes that municipality and those of… Cáracuaro, Nocupétaro, San Lucas and Tuzantla, as well as several more from the neighboring State of Mexico and Guerrero. (Source

By as early as March 2020, Chito Camo was recognized being the leader of a CJNG group operating on the border of Guerrero, state of Mexico and Michoacán. Sometime in May 2020, there was a large battle between La Familia Michaocana and the Chito Cano group of the CJNG. Following the battle, both sides interrogated, tortured and killed the captives they took from the other side. Videos of these acts were then circulated on social media on May 20, 2020. El Universal claims one of the men dismembered on video was a nephew of Lalo Mantecas. 

El Universal reports that in response to the dismembering of his nephew, people from La Familia Michoacana chased down a group of CJNG members in Caracuaro, Michoacán, killing them and leaving their bodies in the bed of a pickup truck which was found on May 23, 2020. 

There was then an announcement of a truce between the CJNG and LFM groups operating near Taxco, Guerrero on May 29, 2020. However the truce ended within less than a day when LFM members began threatening the CJNG and showing off weapons they were preparing to use against them. The CJNG responded in kind with a narcomanta threatening LFM placed on May 30, 2020. 

Recently it was believed that the LFM group led by José Pineda González, alias “El JP”,  had an alliance with the CJNG Chito Cano group however tensions seem to be rising quickly. On July 15, 2021, the CJNG accused Lalo Mantecas of having an alliance with Los Correa in flyers they distributed. They also asserted that they will not be leaving the area and telling locals not to pay the LFM protection fee.

POSITION: Leader of Gente del Señor del Valle

ALIAS: Chito Cano

NAME: Alejandro Carranza Ramírez

OTHER ALIASES: Señor del Valle 

STATUS: Active, as of August 4, 2021(Source)

PROFILE: Chito Cano is the leader of a CJNG group that operates on the border area of ​​the three states of the State of Mexico, Michoacán and Guerrero. 

Chito Cano’s primary rival is the La Familia Michoacana group led by Medardo Hernández Vera, alias "El Mantecas”, "Lalo Mantecas" or “El 100", whose base of operations is Tiquicheo, Tuzantlam, Susupuato and Zitacauro. Lalo Mantecas is believed to report to Johnny Hurtado Olascoaga, alias “El Pez”, and his brother, Jose Alfredo Hurtado, alias “La Fresa”, leaders of one the of the major LFM groups. (Source)


  1. Astonishing report again Hearst!! These kind of articles are incredibly useful. Besides, the level of detail is impressive. Good work compa!

  2. PART 1

    Hearst there is alot wrong with this.

    Okay so first M2 is the commander of FEM and the reason he is considered an old friend of Mencho is due to his uncles relationship with Mencho
    EL Animal Fernandez, commonly mistaken as a CDS operator was really a long time Cuini/MV ally (Mv is Mencho). But at the time of his arrest milenio was allied under nacho in jalisco and sought refuge with Chapos ppl in Sinaloa when ran out of Mich so thats where the confusion begins. M2 did time in the states for drug sales and upon deportation went back amd got involved in the "big league" around 2010 after the fall of his uncle..
    El animal is also mistaken to be a BLO operator when cds was the complete federation but thats wrong.matter of fact BLO killed bis son when El Guacho mistook hi son for IAG

  3. PART 2

    El Venado was not under M2 but worked along side him. He commanded not FEM but a big section of their grupo de choque of Grupo Elites. Ill explain why they are now called FEM n not Elites in a few when i speak about Delta .
    He did not die in that Black raptor like many say. M2 would often ride in different vehicles to throw the CU sicarios off (they see his truck and go after it full force to in terms cut the head off the snake to disrupt his team) but he seems to be a step ahead and rides in different vehicles to throw them off. So far seems to have worked. One thing is for certain he always rides in a blindada and its alway the better of them. Last thing he wants is forvit to break down or poorly made where bullets penetrate faster. These trucks and any trucks are not bulletproof rsther bullet resistant eventually bullets sneak through. Especially these homemade ones. Cjng has to an extent made similar ones to the armed forces of mexico and thats because they have a workshop in the outskirts of la milpilla jalisco (teocuitatlan de Corona municipio) where an engineer who was a mex army engineer builds the Grupo Elites and FEM FEM monstruos BUT the good ones. The ones that came out in that viral carvan video and the ones that are painted in their camo. Ill shoe you the comparison of work in private if youd like.the mad max looking trucks are made quickly and not as efficiently in a borser town near tepeque.
    Ok so back to Venado.. after releasig that video calling out Marro and the viral carvan video with all the blindadas saying pura gente del mencho. The Elites released a video of them driving on a road heading into/towards Tepeque. (That time they lost that first grupo elite ford excursion with the double turrets being towed eith Tepeque sign/letters behind it which Abuelos ppl later used until G.E. managed to burn it kill a few guys and pulled them out all charred.)
    Well in taht video guy is gilming from inside out looking fown the roas u can see the other G.E trucks and he pans the camera into the vehicle and u see its painted that Army green and they are all wearing the same Grupo elite unifroms from the viral video and they are shotuing ou RR El 3 Mencho and GRupo Elite. He then shwos the driver and yells "Animo Venado!" And real broefly if have high resolution you can see Venado driving throwig up 2 fimgers saying peace. He is driving a pretty well made truck and not the mad max looking ones. Its also nicley painted from the inside and the welding is on point. well so now how El Venado died.
    He did die the day M2 lost that raptor but NOT in that raptor. After they attacked that ranch and took it from the CU guys (as seen on the areal drone footage) CU sent a small team of military and in turn a boludo was sent in after the military was ambushed and out numbered by M2 ppl in all monstruos. El Venado was in the Famous Hummer H2 modified to resemble a Real Military HMMWV (Humvee) from Viral G.E. video. That was HIS and M2 Hummer. After they lost that H2 hummer M2 was sent Two dodge trucks roaming M2 areas. The one towing the CU truck in aguajeca while back that is now crashed from the front. And another almoat identical only has more windows and slightly taller that isnt used as much and im guessing is a back up
    El Venado died running from the boludo after it fucked up the hummer. (Pictures of it with tires popped andhood propped open to givr extra protection on the front windows.

  4. Part 3

    El Maguey lost most of his men when CU went into Buenavista. His men flipped on him.
    In my opinion Maguey is all talk and although he talks a good one i manager to talk to one of his sicario and he sais Maguey was laways late on payments, Maguey began using alot of meth and heroin especialy before "battle" for courage and strength. He was always sending groups of his men out to extort peopel and commit crimes in CU name. Calentando la Plaza and to make the public believe CU was doing it in Buenavista. They both exrort businwss in all of michoacan and blame one another. Its a known common tactic when trting to tske over a location. This is also how Maguey paid his men because he would pocket and bloe all of the Money Mencho sent for la quincena. I myself am convinced CJNG will kill or semd Maguey to his own death on purpose. He talks like a lacra and he talks way too much with little results.almosyt 4 or 5 times a week he
    Called Sargy sith his side of a story.
    Mow he is seeking refuge with Grupo X. GRUPO X leader is actually quite known but under a differemt name. Señor X is orignally a Templario. He disappeared for a while couple years and noe hes back as a CJNG ally. Hes rewlly famous Templario but i wont burn his name
    Mencho recently went into Michoacan to visit Aguililla and even that guy who calls sargy the other day who allegedly flipped on Maguey mentions it in his call. He says el patron fue a vacationes a michoacan and that naguey used that as an excuse to not fight like "i csnt go fight i wish i could but im watching the boss".. it was when Mencho allegedly visited Aguililla main plaza and had Chirrios ppl hung. Again im saying allegedly but that guy who called sargy now adds to it and confirms Mencho did visit his native land. Dont let Srcret Manager convince otherwise.

  5. PART 4

    Okay now about Los Deltas. What they are doing in michoacan and The leader.
    The commander of Los Deltas is Maximo Delta and he is the equivalent of what R2 is to Grupo Elite. He was arrested june 2020 but since had a quite release. He co created los Deltas eith support of El Montana Menchos brother and El 03. Originally a godson of Mencho co commanded los Deltas along side maximo Delta until the Godsons arrest and is still operating with support of both El 03 and Montana but with taking a "back seat" after his arrest. Maximo delta is above M2 in terms of Rank. Noe there is commander who goes by Delta 1 who is the one you pictured but he is only the commander of that small group who let themseleves be pictured and videotaped on the road by the news crew they ran into.
    RR was first sent into Michoacan to attempt to eliminate Abuelo and Co but was unsuccessful multiple times and lost many man and many of the trucks with little to no results.
    He was pulled out of that region (sent to assist and lead in M2s region initially) and in his place they sent Maximo Delta. Hes been a bit more successful and thats why they hardly claim Grupo Elite in the videos coming out of michoacan snd adopted the name FEM. If Elites do go into michoacan its in and out and its only part of their grupo de choque. Recently there was rumors that R2 was going to be sent to assist Maguey in 2 major upcoming battles/incursions. He was to asisst Maguey and then leave magjey a few men to support in holding the new territory and leaving but before that happned the Buenavista incident that same call where Mencho was said to have been on vacation in Aguililla area he mentions that R2 was suppose to come eith his Elites and attack certain points with his GDC.
    R2 leads not only the Elites in general but within the Elites there is a Grupo de Choque which they call ",La Barredora" that is Commanded by RR himself and are suppose to be the Elites of Elites Within Grupo Elites. This group is the ones who come out in the viralcaravan video with all armamento and blindadas. Same group sent to nacaulpan after Nestor alias El 20. Same group eent to kidnap those Police in GTO in blue helmets saying ELITE in that convoy of all CLONED TRUCKS. Same ones who lost that ford excursion in Tepeque. The ones in the Tan/Samd uniforms from when they first declared war on Abuelo and the same ones who kidnapped El Michoacano in GTO and That Grupo Sombras Jefe El Tony sent to support Marro.

    Oh and El chano peña is the CJNG commander who was interviewed by Aljazeeri on the clandestine runway a few months back

    1. Honestly, thank you. I have a deep respect for the fact that you put in so much time and effort to go through and write out this in depth a response.

      It would be wrong for me to just take your word for these things, I hope you understand that I have an obligation to try find reputable sourcing. But I will go through sentence by sentence and try to find supporting evidence for what you have told me.

      In fact, could you email me at so if I have any questions about a claim, you could clarify your thoughts?

    2. I some sources as well as articles sites etc i was going post them but i got caught up in something . Later today i will no problem

  6. Most of the localized cartels are friends of silvano aureoles, the plasa attackers are rivals that helped them only to be betrayed when alfredo castillo chose the winners that took over the CT businesses, all done with blessings of EPN who also chose Castillo to pick the winners and PRD Agobernor silvano aurioles, chief of the state police, michuaka narcos (allied with military) also murdered about 30 Policia Federal Officers abandoned to their luck by their military escorts, but Pellejos Vallejo had left the lieutenant governor in his place, a family related to la Pita Tuta, remember that colombian giniral Oscar Naranjas came to michuakan to help organize the "autodefensas" used to topple the CT that must have been the FECAL ERA cartel of choice, they used to support Cocoa, the congressman sister of FECAL, helped by Michuaka Martha sahagun de FOX to get to power.
    Powerful politrickos behind cartels are more of a problem than cartels themselves...


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