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Friday, August 6, 2021

Mexico City: Cartel Leader “El Aja” Apprehended, Tried To Topple La Union Tepito

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The capital's police announced the arrest of Martin alias “El Aja” leader of the so-called Cigar Cartel, a criminal group that’s trying to take the place of La Unión de Tepito in the downtown area, according to local authorities.

This criminal organization is also linked to extortion, the collection of floor rights and drug retailing in at least four different neighborhoods.

"El Aja" is pointed out as the main seller of bootleg cigarettes throughout the metropolis.

The arrest was made in the San Juan de Aragón Segunda Sección neighborhood near the Gustavo A. Madero borough; the criminal leader had in his possession several doses of drugs and weapons of various calibers, which were also seized by agents.

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  1. Imagine smoking bootleg cigarettes 😂 cigarettes period gross

    1. Bootleg just means imported tax free, paying tax on cigarettes IS Gross, dumb, and worsest

    2. 11:47 $17 dollar per pack(kanada)
      Knock off via china $4.i still won't do it

  2. Not to worry, once the bribe is paid he will be out in no time, in the meantime, he has hookers and charged up cell phones at his courtesy. Furthermore his weapons are being cleaned and lubricated so they don't jam in a shootout.

  3. Lol aja like when theyre surpising you in spanish if so that has to be one of the best nicknames for cartel scumbags ever.


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