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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Mexican Drug Trafficker Eduardo Arellano Félix alias "El Doctor" Was Released From a U.S. Prison.

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The former head of the Tijuana cartel, Eduardo Arellano Félix, known as "The Doctor", is no longer in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he was released from a federal low-security prison in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Drug trafficker Eduardo Arellano Félix, alias "El Doctor", is released from a U.S. prison.

Mexican drug trafficker Eduardo Arellano Félix, former head of the Tijuana cartel, was released Wednesday from a federal prison in Pennsylvania where he was serving a 15-year sentence on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to use illicit profits in the United States.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) confirmed today to Efe that Arellano Félix, known as "The Doctor," is no longer in their custody.

Although he had been sentenced to 15 years in prison, the 64-year-old Mexican did not complete his sentence as a result of his extensive cooperation with the U.S. authorities, which began in May 2013 when he pleaded guilty.

Part of the agreement with the Government in accepting his guilt included that he be convicted only on two of the seven charges of which he was accused when he was extradited from Mexico in August 2012.

Arellano Felix was in a federal low-security prison in Allentown, Pennsylvania, according to BOP data. The information page about the boss will be updated by the end of the day, the agency explained to Efe.

On Tuesday, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard had anticipated that the drug trafficker would not be deported to Mexico after changing his "status" and possibly becoming a "protected witness."

"The information we have is that his status was changed," the Secretary of Foreign Affairs said at a press conference.

Ebrard detailed that the United States "has no obligation" to explain the reason for a change in the status of a detainee, although it most likely "changed the status of the witness."

"But they did change the status, and it means that he will not be deported to Mexico on Wednesday," he said.

In this regard, Donald Murphy, spokesperson for BOP, told Efe that the Bureau "does not provide additional information about inmates who are not in the custody of the BOP."

The Arellano Félix brothers cartel monopolized drug trafficking routes for more than 20 years through Tijuana, in northwest Mexico.

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  1. I am really not sure about his extensive cooperation or where that has been documented. Not that it's implausible or impossible, just has never been reported, from all I have seen. 8 plus credit for three years in Mexican custody, puts him at 85%.

    1. Where is that crybaby pisaa, that we should pray that they released him, well be happy he is out! Where's the limo.

    2. I'm here and I'm not a cry baby , you never walked in my shoes and won't survive the tijuas life style I been through piensas que TU piensas and I'm happy for you

  2. Animo Sicarios

    "Operation Cepillin" has recieved the green light by los Patrones.
    The two Antrax Special Air Service Operatives are highly trained. They have been watching videos from Bozo and Cepellin to imitate a clown and will appear in the next Arellanos Quincañiera.


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