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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Los Rusos Expanding In Mexicali, Killing Local Human Smugglers & Drug Dealers

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

According to intelligence from the Security Roundtable, Los Rusos are expanding their territory in Mexicali and cracking down on any independent human smuggler or drug dealers who do not pay their fee.

In the last week the city of Mexicali in Baja California saw a disproportionate increase in murders. In less than seven days a total of 12 armed attacks were documented. These incidents were focused in the northern area of the Mexicali valley and the Lomas Altas subdivision. 

On August 22, 2021, the Director of the Municipal Police Alejandro Lora Torres told the press that the main hypothesis for this uptick in crime is a struggle between groups linked to drug dealing and alleged human smugglers. 

The Bloody Crack Down on Smugglers

Members of the Security Roundtable believe that this sudden increase in attacks is caused by an expansion of the operations of the organization “Los Rusos”, led by Jesus Alexander Sanchez Felix, alias "El Ruso".They believe he is expanding his territory of operations out into specific urban areas of Mexicali where human traffickers and drug dealers have historically been able to work as independent organizations.

The following incidents, all in urban areas of Mexicali city, are believed to be attacks on independent smugglers and drug dealers who did not pay the fee or "align" to Los Rusos. The attacks are thought to be perpetrated by sicarios of Los Rusos. 

Please keep in mind that the Lomas Altas neighborhood specifically is identified by members of State Police (GESI) as a well established haven for independent human smugglers. These smugglers "cross" clients north who are seeking to make a new life in the United States.

DATE: August 13, 2021

LOCATION: On Berreo Avenue and Isona Street, Lomas Altas neighborhood, Mexicali


DESCRIPTION: An unknown armed man entered the home of Carlos Alberto Espinoza Montana, alias "El Muñequito" and shot him to death in the bathroom of his house. The unknown man then fled the area and the gunfire went unreported.

At 2:30am, El Muñequito’s roommate Pedro Daniel arrived home. The roommate said that when he entered the home the bathroom door was open and he discovered El Muñequito lying dead in the shower with a gunshot wound in the forehead. He called police to report his roommate’s murder and investigators processed the scene. They found two 9-millimeter caliber bullet casings in the bathroom.

DATE: August 20, 2021

LOCATION: Near intersection of Ragol Street and Lieza Streets, Lomas Altas neighborhood

CASUALTIES: 1 killed 

DESCRIPTION: Residents of the Ragol street in the Lomas Altas neighborhood reported to the emergency line the sound of gunfire and the presence of an injured woman who was lying on the sidewalk. When paramedics arrived on scene they declared her dead on arrival, at 3:30am in the morning. The deceased was later identified as Norma Elizabeth Salcido Cervantes who was 27 years old.

DATE: August 20, 2021

LOCATION: Near intersection of Loja Street and Illueca Street, Lomas Altas neighborhood, Mexicali

CASUALTIES: 1 killed 

DESCRIPTION: A few hours after the Ragol street shooting, a house was set ablaze on Loja street and firefighters were called to respond to the incident. They successfully put out the fire. A completely charred body was found inside the building.  

The initial investigation into the death began as a negligent incident, but after the forensic report it was established that the cause of death was cranioencephalic traumatism and gunshot wounds. He is believed to be the 30 year old boyfriend of Norma Elizabeth Salcido Cervantes who was gunned down earlier that day and covered above.

DATE: August 22, 2021 

LOCATION: On Cadaqués Street, Valle de Puebla neighborhood

CASUALTIES: 1 killed

DESCRIPTION: An individual was attacked in the middle of the morning, on Cadaqués and Laje streets. The perpetrators drove up to him while they were aboard a cherry colored 2005 Scion vehicle with white mudguards. They shot him multiple times and then drove away quickly after. The victim was injured with a gunshot wound that punctured his skill and ultimately ended his life, and after several days his identity is unknown. Relatives went to the morgue to recognize him as Feliciano Plascencia Contreras.

DATE: August 23, 2021

LOCATION: Azteca Avenue, Lomas Altas neighborhood


DESCRIPTION: 35-year-old José Ángel Zavala was shot as he was leaving his home when he was surprised by two men on a motorcycle. The crime was perpetrated with a revolver type weapon. The victim of this attack, unlike all the prior victims, managed to survive.


In addition to the crack down on traffickers in the urban Mexicali areas, Los Rusos are believed to be involved in the following events in the larger Mexicali valley region:

On August 15, there was an armed attack with assault rifles in Los Algodones, outside a home located on Avenue A, between 7 and 8. Edgar Iván Olegues Varela, 27, and José Luis Haro Sánchez, 30, were killed. Their attackers fled aboard a white vehicle, leaving behind the bodies of both and a large number of .223 caliber casings.

In addition to these incidents, on August 19, 2021, there was the attack against José Plácido García Martínez, "El Chepe" and Jesús Torres Díaz on the highway to Tijuana which left both men dead.

In response, members of the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI) captured 4 Los Rusos members. They were Juan Diego Velázquez Pérez, 50, from Mexicali; Carlos Ernesto Quiñónez Benítez, 49, from Sinaloa; Efrén Aguilar Nande, 40, from Jalisco; and Armando Alonso Beltrán Peralta, 24, also from Sinaloa.

The Lieutenants Leading the Push

This offensive ordered by "El Ruso" is being personally organized and overseen by two of his lieutenants, according to sources from the Security Roundtable. They are Alfonso Peralta / Alfonso Amaya, alias "El P1" or "El Poncho de la Lima". El P1 is believed to be a trusted confidant of El Ruso who often leads armed operations on his behalf.

Alongside El P1 is an operator who has barely gained notoriety on the streets of Mexicali. He has been preliminarily identified as "El 80," who is also part of the armed wing of Los Rusos. According to GESI sources, both "P1" and "El 80" have focused on pressuring traffickers and drug dealers to pay them a fee in exchange for allowing them to work on a regular basis.

The Los Rusos fee being charged to human traffickers and drug dealers has doubled recently. They are now charging from $5,000 to $10,000 per drug crossing, which has had a strong impact on the income of these groups.

El P1 and El 80, together with El Ruso’s right hand man Felipe Eduardo Barajas Lozano alias "El Omega", have been tasked to "align" all the independent groups dedicated to human trafficking and drug dealing in urban sections of Mexicali and northern Mexicali valley. Previously these groups have managed to avoid having to pay a regular fee in order to operate but Ruso is now making it clear they must pay or face the consequences.

This is not the first time El Ruso has expanded his territory through a bloody offensive.

At the beginning of last year, Los Rusos undertook a similar type of expansion push, during which they threatened and murdered several drug dealers operating in the complex identified as "Los Pueblas", located on the east side of the city. During the push last year there were several homicides, but there were also important arrests of Los Rusos members made by GESI. 

The rate of homicides decreased in this area during the last months of 2020 and the first months of 2021, because "Los Rusos" were preoccupied with a confrontation with cells of "Los Garibay" and "Los Salazar" who were trying to extend their operations to this municipality.

Update 11/6/2021: New profile graphic showing El Ruso added.


  1. And the Chapa cheerleaders said Ruso was done jajajajaja

  2. Mayo has own chicali since 05 or 06 they are well established just ask ICNTF. Shit war and shitty drug game, shitty politics too. Chicali is popping BUT ACROSS THE BORDER we are Not doing any better.

  3. Los garibay have been in that area for a long time. They are CHAPULINES to the core.
    They were with CAF, CDS, CJNG and now back to CDS with CHAPITOS. They made too much enemies and won't last.
    So it's MAYO people against CHAPITOS people looks like. Just like in TIJUANA, Sonora, sinaloa and baja California..
    Those clowns can say there is no internal fighting but it's clear as day to anyone with half a brain.. 😆

    1. Listen to the audio of P1 vs Nini if you speak spanish. Towards the end or in part 3 el Nini tells el Plaga that el Mayo Zambada is on their side, he also says el Commanche (another high ranking person of MZ) is with them. El Plaga responds by saying somos Rusos we dont need anybodies support, the problem is with you guys not MZ.What else do you need to hear ? El MZ and IAG are in good terms.In Sonora el Gigo and Caborca Cartel are aligned with La Linea thats why theirs tension with Los Salazar

    2. Guillermov97 stop!!! they are at war Chapitas vs Mayos

  4. It's not even about efficiency it's about who has the most backing and the most cash flow. You can have the greatest shooters and hitters but without cash and support they will eventually fall just like Afghanistan. Rusos faction has deep trenches and knowledge of the area tho definitely not a group to take lightly.

  5. Bazarak Panjshir, was what I used to say to 6 kandak, anyhow as so.ebody that is around the area CDS split faction action has only upped our activity, the problem is we lack man power and budget in order to hold and maintain law and order.Chicali is a power bastion for Mayo he has held it down since he took it from the AFO. We will see who wins either way this side of the border is fucked.

  6. Why would they be killing smugglers and drug dealers? Are they cleaning town, in order to do the same crimes?

    1. Sorry if this was not clear. Its because those that died didn't pay Los Rusos fee in order to be allowed to do "business".

      If Los Rusos kill a few, then it scares other smugglers and dealers into paying the fee.

    2. Ahhhh ok I get it now Hearst, there's a name to it...."Heat up the neighborhood", in order to get the fees coming in.

    3. So by “paying the fee” do they guarantee your load crosses?? What if you get popped??

  7. achingar su madre los salazar 😂

  8. Ivan bit off way more then he can chew with Ruso. Rusos a legit boss with a legit history Ivan is simply a fool aka shit hands.


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