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Monday, August 30, 2021

León, Guanajuato: Cartel Jalisco Addresses 3 Dismembered Corpses To Manuel Reyna

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

At least three dismembered bodies wrapped in black plastic bags and sacks, were located at the entrance to the municipality of León in the San José del Alto neighborhood.

Around 6:40 in the morning several vehicles passing through Airport Boulevard, on the first return, saw that right in front of a company of vehicles, on the central traffic island of the boulevard, there was a red cooler and several bags from which blood flowed.

After calling 911 Emergency Booth, municipal police and Transit elements came and upon arrival located a cooler and around it several sacks wrapped in black bags.

Criminal investigation agents and police assured that inside the cooler there were three heads and different human remains on the sacks.

Airport Boulevard was closed so that personnel of the Criminal Investigation Agency will begin with the corresponding investigations and the human remains will be taken to the Forensic Medical Service for the corresponding studies.

Narco message reads as follows:

To all the citizens and government personnel for the city of León. You are hereby warned that whoever gives aid to Manuel Reyna also known as ‘El DD’ or ‘La Loca’ will no longer be allowed to steal, extort, or sell drugs. 

This will be how your life ends if you choose to do so. The city of León as well as the state of Guanajuato already has an owner. And that is Mr. Mencho. Our strength lies in our unity. Brace yourselves you fucking faggots because the grand dick has arrived…

Valor por Tamaulipas


  1. "The grand dick has arrived " 😎😅

    1. I'm going to have to use that when I see my girlfriend tonight 😆

    2. Its always better to use both,first and last name when introducing yourself..So dont forget the last name Head.

    3. 2:30 your girl will say:
      "La Mera Verga ya se fuè,
      pero primero se vino".

    4. 8:31 maybe that's how your girl would react but I'm a P.I.M.P don't confuse me for a S.I.M.P 😆

  2. He doesnt say "who ever supports olw boy will not be able to extort steal and sell drugs"
    He says ",who ever supports ole boy by stealing extortinh and selling drugs..."

  3. Does anyone know how the things are in Dolores Hidalgo?? I have many friends from there


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