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Monday, August 2, 2021

La Bartolina Matamoros, Tamaulipas: Delia Quiroa Pleads With The Gulf Cartel

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The Collective Union of Mother’s Seeking Missing Loved Ones of Tamaulipas asked this Friday for "a truce of peace" from the leader of "Los Ciclones", one of the armed wings of the Gulf Cartel.

Activist Delia Quiroa said that the letter, on behalf of the 200 families of disappeared citizens in the state, sent a letter to the leader of the Gulf Cartel due to the lack of results from the authorities who have not delivered the bodies of their relatives.

The Collective Union of Mother’s Seeking Missing Loved Ones added that the objective of reaching a truce with "Los Ciclones" is so that they can access the La Bartolina property, located in Matamoros. The searchers, she added, want the authorities to exhume and identify thousands of human remains in that area in the hope that they will find their loved ones.

Video translation is as follows:

This message goes out to the leader of Los Ciclones of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) that operates in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas

Leader of Los Ciclones of the CDG of Matamoros, on behalf of the 200 families with missing family members, I send this message: “I ask of you, I beg of you and I plead with you to have a truce of peace. This with the aim of one day, if we happen to find our disappeared, be able to die in peace ”.

This communication is being done with the legal objective and the need to access the Bartolina property located in Matamoros, Tamaulipas; to demand that the authorities exhume, identify and hand over the victims found in thousands of remains on that site, of which we have been aware of its existence since the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto.

We want to make it clear that: “We are not looking for the guilty, we are looking for our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and family members”.

As we know and it’s in the public domain that your organization in its beginnings and currently during the pandemic, have carried out humanitarian actions giving support to those most in need in the face of the government's inaction, this is why we appeal to your compassion and good heart as human beings that we are and allow us to go to the Bartolina property in their city to demand that the aforementioned authorities of the three levels of government carry out all the necessary steps to begin, so that they will soon exhume the remains that are found there.

We have decided, in the absence of due diligence and response from all the authorities responsible for searching, locating and identifying our relatives, to request this truce with you, in which you respect our life and free movement, giving us free access to the place where we are likely to maybe find one or more of our relatives. The uncertainty of not finding our loved ones has resulted in endless torture for us, not knowing the fate or whereabouts of our disappeared, which is unbearable.

Just so that you know that we are relatives of disappeared citizens, that we only want to know if our relatives are in the town of La Bartolina, we will tie a white scarf on our left elbow and we will carry white flags as a sign of peace and truce.

If you accept our request, we ask of you to let us know your response in the manner in which you proposed a peace and truce on the border with the placement of a blanket. Or in the best possible way for you.

Sincerely, Union of Colectivos de Madres Buscadoras in Tamaulipas


Frontera Al Rojo Vivo


  1. A humanely thing to do if circumstances would not persecute.
    But isn't this the problem with Mexico with the lack of being persecuted?
    Peace of mind is probably needed but at what cost? The end result will be to find those responsible.
    A tough situation for those love ones.

    1. I think there is an abundance of persecution here in my country and the USA. I don’t think in of our countries have the problem of a lack of persecution. Do you?

  2. If the authority gives a rats azz.
    How is it that the cartel known to kill people at will. We all know the cartel too cares a rats azz.
    What can happen is they say fine, once they are at the site, they get machine gunned, like Hitler's Army did to many Innocents.

  3. We live in a world where innocent and law-abiding citizens have to plead and beg criminals for assistance and permission 😔😢

    1. In Mexico and with Narco President u have to ask the Criminals for permission. They Rule.

    2. Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

  4. Cool now we get to see dismembered bodies with white scarfs tied on the arms

  5. With the cartel and the government working together it seems likely to me that Mrs Quiroa will end up as a missing person herself.

  6. Im sure her butchered body will show up some where with a large blanket that reads : NO ( But thanks for asking)

  7. Crazy used to go to the beach by there all the time and my friends always mentioned that that’s where they do the cooking

  8. I think she is talking to the wind 🌬. Criminals don’t really care about anyone but themselves. It was most likely them the ones who kill them. And by the way. When the criminals give food is not because they really care about the people.

  9. For your info, the people that are killed they usually take them to playa Bagdad and make soup out of them!
    What ever remains in the pot, will be tossed in the sea!!!! How do I know, I live in matamoros!!!

  10. 7:43 this is how I can tell you are one of the kids that play in here reddit boy or plaza sesame street Wich one? So lame !

  11. If Contador had Tamaulipas on lock this would not be a problem.

  12. In other news, Delia Quiroa was found dead today showing signs of torture and killed by gunshot.

  13. This is that rat piece of shit comandante fili place to dump the ppl that he killed and now the name of el contador is being mention with it. This is all thanks to that stupid ass move to go kill innocents in reynosa. What a fucking idiot.

  14. The authority is not catching up with anything .TEMO .G


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