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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Two Men Are Tortured And Shot By Organized Crime

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The area was protected by the officers

The victims were abandoned in two rest areas for big rigs. 

On Sunday morning, two people were seriously assaulted in different areas of the municipality; both had been maimed.

The 911 Emergency System received a report of several people injured by gunfire near the rest areas for trucks that are located at the junction to the ridge. Security elements from different corporations mobilized to the place.

In the first instance they located a man who was sitting tied up, he had gunshot wounds and his fingers had been mutilated.

Just the same, but this time in the community of Órganos they found another man in similar conditions; however, he had his eyes taken out.

The two victims were taken alive to a hospital center to receive the necessary medical care.

In both places of discovery, elements of the Investigative Police remained collecting the evidence.

Express Zacatecas


  1. Wow, eyes taken out? Still alive? I realize I am stating the obvious, but that is brutal. This is the first I have read of such a ' technique'...argh

    1. I also have not yet heard of such a "technique". That said by tomorrow it will be a regular thing done by all cartels. They are running out of atrocities yet to be committed. Smh

  2. 8:51 man will never run out of techniques, in Spain they claim to have liberated Mèxico from the Aztecs, but the Holy Inquisition exacted treasury through torture making their victims surrender and confess to get killed ASAP, today's murdering comes after the Guatemalan Kaibiles unleashed by the School of the Americas in their country became trainers of the mexican GAFES to kill indians under guise of fighting EZLN guerrillas, then you have the starf of Operation Condor and the toppling of Argentinian and Chilean governments and the torturing and murdering of their people by both their melitary.
    Cartels have been developed by mexican police and melitary directed by intelligence apparatchik founded by US CIA too, since they came from the US as Operation 40, there are pictures of Barry Seal and felix ismael rodriguez mendigutia partying in Mèxico with Porter Johnston Goss, Frank Sturgis, William Seymour, directed by E. Howard Huntand David Atlee, other members, Edward Wilson and "Blond Ghoest Ted Shackley, Mr Spook Himself...", their progenitor was the Black Hand, CIA insiders called the team the White Hand...
    Barry and the Boys by Daniel Hopsicker
    also "Welcome to Terrorland, Mohammed Atta & The 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida" by Hopsicker...
    They were associates with Klaus Barbie and his cocaine trafficking operation into the US later taken over by the Jewish mobsters until today, they sell now spy ware like Pegassus to Mèxico and other dictatorships, learned well from the nazis...

  3. Sir, thank you much for your educational response, I'm the initial poster re the eye removal. I just started reading about the Kabiles and one would think now that the FARC have ' laid down their weapons' to become more respectable drug traffickers (sarcasm) and supposedly disbanded...there is an absolute GLUT of willing and ready CIA trained, elite FARC etc in their field of expertise, guerrilla combat and torture tactics. There must be a hundred Linkdin profiles out
    Thank you, MS. H


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