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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Cieneguilla, Zacatecas: Authorities Search For Contraband Yields Results

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat


In order to maintain control, governance and continue work in the search for better living conditions within the regional center for social reintegration (Cerereso) of Cieneguillas, a review was carried out in module 2 of the processing area.

The procedure was carried out in full compliance with the law with respect for the dignity and human rights of Persons Deprived of their Liberty (PPL) prevails at all times. The objective was to detect the existence of any prohibited object or substance that could endanger the physical integrity of PPLs and prison staff.

The result of this procedure was the securing of 58 black garments, 11 cell phone chargers, a Bluetooth headset, a pair of gloves and six cell phones.

As well as eight doses of marijuana, 16 pipes, a pack of cigarette sheets, 26 knives, a deck, a tattoo machine and two pairs of tactical boots.

The Secretariat of Public Security has established that the reviews will be continuous, random, at different times and in irregular modules, since these procedures aim to improve the conditions of habitability, security and governance within prisons

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  1. No mameeen!
    There are more weapons in one cell of a US prison, I hope they washed the socks full of grifa and the cell phones the cuicos dug out the presos arses.
    Eso si, ora se los van a coger desarmados pa quemarlos con toy comida, carniasada estilo TopoChico

  2. A must have "Prison Apparel" for those doing time. A necessity in maximum security prisons. Medium & low level security housing facilities don't require such.
    A small fraction of what & the multitude of contraband in maximum security prisons is scary.


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