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Friday, August 13, 2021

Families Fleeing CJNG vs CU Fighting in Coalcomán, Michoacán

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

The municipality of Coalcomán, Michoacán, has been cut off for a week due to the presence of armed cartel groups in the area. 

Supplies & Communication Cut Off

Roads like the Coalcoman-Tepalcatepec highway are frequently blockaded and destroyed. Allegedly heavy machinery is being used by cartel members to destroy sections of the road in order to prevent vehicles from being able to move into Coalcomán. 

The inhabitants of the area are able to enter Coalcomán through the municipality of Aquila. However, transportation for suppliers are not willing to risk entering Coalcomán after there has been a week of confrontations and the constant danger of blockades and shootings. In particular gasoline, food, medicine, household supplies and cleaning supplies are becoming scarce and not being replenished. 

Some people have dared to travel out by road in order to get food and bring it back to Coalcomán, however residents say that there is not enough food for the entire population. 

"We are practically isolated, there is no telephone or internet signal in the Coalcomán capital city. Sometimes we can connect via wireless, like right now, but the line is saturated. There are many of us who want to communicate with our families outside," said an inhabitant in an interview with Piede Pagina.

The Cartel Landscape

Around a month or two ago the battles were highly focused on Aguililla municipality, which was controlled by the CU and has since been taken by the CJNG. Aguililla was held by multiple CU factions, but in particular there was a strong presence of Los Revueltas and Los Viagras. Since it has been taken by the CJNG, Aguililla is currently believed to be controlled by the faction Special Forces Mencho (Fuerzas Especiales Mencho, FEM) which is led by Miguel Fernández, alias El M2. 

Then following the battles for Aguililla, came the battles for Buenavista, the origin place of the CJNG faction Cinco del Pueblo which was led by Santiago Quintero Magallón, alias El Maguey. Maguey originally started out as a neutral party in the CU vs CJNG war but has since joined the CJNG along with his Cinco del Puebla men. 

Note: Map shows where groups are thought to originate from and may be present in, it does not show who currently controls each area as there is not enough reliable information to determine that presently.

He fights against, among other CU factions, his cousin Alfonso Fernández Magallón, "Poncho La Quiringua". In the last few weeks, Cinco del Pueblo was thought to have taken the town of Buenavista Tomatlan. Then multiple CU factions came together and were able to push him back out of Buenavista Tomatlan. Online discussion has buzzed about if the military was involved in aiding this CU push of El Maguey out of the area for now, though his group is still present in the larger area and he will undoubtedly try to retake Buenavista at some point in the future. 

Tepalcatepec is a regular hot spot of action, with battles of the CJNG trying to push out Juan José  Álvarez Farias, alias El Abuelo leader of Cartel del Abuelo. Every few weeks, a battle seems to occur somewhere in Tepalcatepec. In the last week or two battles have been recorded in Tepalcatepec. 

Now, as previously covered on Borderland Beat, Coalcoman municipality is being described as “the new Aguililla”, meaning it is now the municipality suffering a seemingly full scale war between two heavily armed cartel groups, with its civilians enduring a dramatic change in lifestyle due to the heavy presence of violence in the area. 

Coalcoman is a natural area where M2’s FEM might want to expand into but it is couched on either side by the CU elements of Cartel del Abuelo and Los Tenas, a Templario faction led by Fernando Cruz Mendoza alias “El Tena”.

The Parish's Letter

As briefly covered yesterday, Jorge Luis Martínez Chávez, priest of the Coalcomán parish, from the parish of Santiago Apostle of the Diocese of Apatzingán sent a public letter to the Michoacán Council for Peace and Reconciliation. 

Coalcomán is a town of a little more than 12,000 inhabitants dedicated mainly to agriculture, livestock, forestry and commerce.   They have stolen our peace. Until recently, the town lived in relative tranquility, prosperity was reflected everywhere. Work flowed and we could all move freely.   

The war between the cartels is taking us "between the legs" [fucking us over]; we live in a situation similar to Aguililla, people live in uncertainty because of the violence: burning cars, road blockades, murders everywhere, forced exiles, destruction of the highway to Michoacán, destruction of telephone lines, little access to internet and surrounded by armed people who defend their interests.  

One might think that we are alone, with no one to help us in the hardship we are going through. The incredible thing is that we went to the military barracks and we were told that they needed orders from above. There is a military barracks with hundreds of soldiers "waiting for orders" while we continue to be destroyed.  There is a Michoacán police barracks but, since it is a federal crime... not to mention the municipal police.   

They opened ditches in the highway in several parts between Coalcomán and Tepalcatepec, they ran all their people out of the rancherías (eight in total); there is already one fatality.   Commerce is making the prices of basic products more expensive, since they have to make a longer trip to enter the town, the suppliers allege.   

We have several displaced people in the town, we help them as we can; Coalcomán is a very supportive community.  I ask the authorities to help us. HELP! We do not want to have the fate of Aguililla, although we are on the brink.  

Sincerely Pbro. Jorge Luis Martínez Chávez

In support of Martínez Chávez's letter, the parish priest of Aguililla, offered a public message affirming the suffering going on within Coalcoman.

"They are suffering in the same way as we suffered. Internet cuts, roads, electricity and especially some ranches and communities that are directly in the conflict zone. They are being devastated. People are leaving. They are fleeing this situation of grave danger. ”

He also wrote in support of the letter's request for intervention, saying help "will be needed in all other neighboring municipalities; now it is Coalcomán, surely later it will be Tepalcatepec, Buenavista. This is what is happening to us with this shock wave, like after an explosion, like a wave that is going to spread everywhere."


  1. Here comes secret manager. Saying CJNG isnt advancing.
    What hapoened to CJNG would never enter Aguililla, let alone control it. Oh wait, listen to you and not every other single news outlet just because you say so. Idiot
    Then he comes with the Lies about his dad Mencho.
    First mencho isnt t foo . You must be that sad to go on wikipedia and change it to 5 feet lol
    Second and most importantly which will prove all your opinions to be wrong

    Mencho is 54 yrs old
    Jessica is 34
    Menchito 31

    Mencho was 20 when he had jessica and 23/24 menchito.

    When mencho was 20. EL Cuini was only 9-14 yrs old as his age varies with diff sources.

    Mencho and Rosalinda have been a couple since she was 24 and he was 19 as shes oldee than him. She already had El 03 before mencho with maradona and when Mencho went to SF, not only did both his brothers go with him but also rosalinda and El cuini himself.
    After Mencho went back to Mexico and stayed he "worked" out if TJ and shortly after El Cuini was arrested and fled to mexico after posting bail

    Both men then went to Michoacan for a bit until yes they were run out. They went to Jalisco where Mencho became a cop in his 30s very briefly.
    MENCHO AND ROSALINDA HAVE BEEN TO TOGETHER 3 DECADES. So tell me does marriage magically make him a part of a family he grew up with has multiple children with? Youre so smoked out. You always say he married into power with Rosalinda but hes been with her since teens. And at that time Cuini was only 14 yrs old max. So yeah Cuini was this all powerful narco that Mencho happenedto marry a sister of lmao.
    Its ovvious the LA resident didnt excell in Math.
    Mencho and Los Cyinis grew together. As Los Cuinis grew So did Mencho. Hes always been the muscle while Cuinis been the contact and money man. Cuini supports Mencho in all he does, its ovvious. Mencho isnt out spending his money like u say, if he didnt agree with him its be obvious and cjng would rupture.
    Mencho and Rosalinda married officially later thats all you have correct in that aspect. But youre dead wrong about everything u biased punk
    The only thing u have correct is about that Lacra Maguey. You can tell Maguey is all talk and a lacra. Sooner or later i think CJNG will make an example out of him themselves. He talks way too much. Oh butremeber you said he didnt control buenavista? Well he did, until recently those CU lacras went n took it with Force. Youre a funny biased guy SM

  2. This is a prime example of where the Army is needed, a guy cried in here Almo did do something of new barracks for the Army, but nevertheless he or his Curupt cabinet is not dispatching the Army for this matter, the Human International Rights will be see citizens not able to live blockades.


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