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Monday, August 30, 2021

Durango: More Than 3 Tons Of Drugs Are Incinerated In Different Entities of Durango

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

As well as 50,96 objects of crime, were insured in various operations implemented by the Attorney General's Office of the Republic

The Office of the Prosecutor of the Republic incinerates more than 3 tons of drugs

More than three tons of various drugs, as well as 50,96 objects of crime, all insured in various operations implemented in the different regions of the entity were incinerated by the Attorney General's Office (FGR).

Through a statement, the federal agency announced that what was burned was three tons 415 kilos 579 grams of marijuana, four grams with 520 milligrams of benzofetamine hydrochloride, 71 grams with 100 milligrams of cocaine hydrochloride.

In addition, 34 kilos 205 grams of methamphetamine hydrochloride, one kilo 489 grams 300 milligrams of cocaine and seven grams 280 milligrams of methamphetamine.

At least 3 tons of drugs were incinerated by the Attorney General's Office of the Republic

Also 566 grams with 800 milligrams of poppy plants, one kilo 350 grams with 800 milligrams of marijuana plants, two grams with 700 milligrams of marijuana seeds; also, 80 units of negative substance and a total of 50,096 crime objects such as shoes, cigars, backpacks and radios, among others, were destroyed.

During the incineration process, personnel from the FGR in Durango, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), personnel from the Coordination of Expert Services and elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) were present.

The representative of the internal control body of the FGR attested to the authenticity and weight of the narcotics incinerated and destroyed objects in the facilities of the Military Field, located in the town 5 de Mayo

El Sol de Durango


  1. How come they never have more than a few kilos of coke?? So much is confiscated but you never see it get "disposed of" at these burning rituals.

    1. Is this a trick question?😒

    2. Come is a powder they don't burn it Mijo.

    3. Because it's the one drug they can't just produce and throw away like it's nothing but I'd be willing to bet that some of those kilos they burn probably aren't even above 30% purity

    4. Aint nobody burning no coke thats where the money at

  2. Send it to BB Gmail it's on the website.

  3. Hey guys, I appreciate you directing people to the BB gmail but just for your information, nobody that posts often has access to that gmail account so your stories will likely never get covered if they are sent there.

    Sol Prendido doesn't have access, I don't have access, I don't think Red or Solcalj do either. So please send them to our individual emails, maybe CC us all on the email. Thanks.

  4. I found out when I send mine to the account listed down on the bottom to Gmail Sol and MX receive it, is MX still out there on special classified assignment?
    So Hearst thanks for the heads up, but I don't see your private Gmail account?

  5. I dunno. Sol Prendido just told me he doesn't have access to it a few minutes ago?

  6. Sol is busy churning articles, he will say anything to continue with articles lol.

  7. The Doc really is the best. He really is the printing press. Or what do you guys say? The Machine

  8. Doc, Sol he is ok in my book.
    Say whatever happened to da lady that has donkeys, sheep, goats at her farm, her name is vague at the moment. Her churning machine broke down.

  9. 10:55 you mean Yanqui, ask the Doctor Sol.


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