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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Decapitated Head of Cartel Boss El 14 Found, Third Cartel Boss Killed in 1 Month in Quintana Roo

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

On July 29, 2021, the decapitated head of cartel boss "El 14" was found inside the refrigerator of a house under construction in Alfredo V. Bonfil neighborhood of Cancun, Quintana Roo. El 14 is the third cartel boss killed in Quintana Roo in the month of July, as "Don King" was found executed July 7 and "El 12" was found executed on July 22. 

Execution of El 14

On July 28, 2021, it was reported to law enforcement authorities through a call to 911 that in front of the ejidal house (community house) there were human remains found inside black bags and at least one decapitated human head. They reported that alongside the remains a narcomanta (narco message sign) was placed as well. Police traveled to the reported location which was almost in the middle of the main square of the Alfredo V. Bonfil neighborhood. However upon their arrival, no human remains were located. 

Allegedly the photo circulated on social media which showed the remains in the main square.

This call however appears to have not been a false report as later online, as photos of the bodies and heads were shared on social media. This may imply that the bodies were removed and relocated after they were reported to police but before the police's arrival on scene. The motives behind the potential relocation of human remains is unclear. 

At around 4:15 p.m. on the following day, July 29, 2021, the emergency services number received a report that in a two-story house located at the end of Vicente Guerrero street, two human heads had been found. 

Photo of unfinished home where remains were located.

Police were dispatched to check on the reported location which was a house under construction in an unpopulated area of ​​the Alfredo V. Bonfil neighborhood of Cancun in Quintana Roo.  The Municipal Police officers searched the unfinished home and they located two heads inside a refrigerator on the first floor. The police cordoned off the area and requested the presence of experts from the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) of Quintana Roo. Later, one of the heads was identified as belonging to a cartel boss who went by the alias “El 14”.

El 14 is the third Quintana Roo cartel boss who has been assassinated during the month of July. The first boss was Don King, then later “El 12” was executed. The identities of all three have been unreleased by the State Attorney General's Office, which is currently led by Oscar Montes de Oca Rosales.

Execution of Don King

A large white Toyota Hilux pickup truck was found abandoned at the Buenavista junction on Federal Highway 307, in the municipality of Bacalar, Quintana Roo. Members of the National Guard were called to the scene to investigate. According to the official government report, the pickip truck had bullet holes located on the dashboard, trunk and hood however none of the bullet holes showed signs of blood. 

Photos of bullet holes seen on the white Toyota Hilux.

When the police ran the vehicle's serial number through the database system, it was discovered that the vehicle was registered to known cartel member Sergio Dumith 'P.N.', alias “Don King”.  Investigators later came to believe that this was the location where Don King was forced to stop his vehicle and he was then abducted by rival cartel members. 

On July 4, 2021, Don King’s dead body was found 10 kilometers away from the town of Tulum. His body was wrapped in a blue tarp, with a narcomanta wrapped around him as well. The narcomanta had threats addressed to four other people. It read as follows:

We’re coming for you bitches. 

The same will happen to you: 12, 20, Lencho, Evaristo Gomes. 

We’re coming for you. Come out to the fight. 

Sergio Dumith 'P.N.', alias “Don King” lived in Carlos A. Madrazo area. He was originally from Sinaloa. He was infamous at the time of his death for having been caught on video kidnapping a water seller in September 2020.  

Don King is alleged to be the man on the left pointing.

On September 24, 2020, three men were seen kidnapping Ruben, who worked as a water vendor in the rural community of Allende, in the municipality of Bacalar. The three men allegedly approached Ruben while they were dressed in black, carrying long weapons and wearing caps with National Guard insignia. They pretended to be federal agents. The men forced Ruben into the back of a white GMC Sierra pickup truck. Two of the men are seen in the back holding Ruben and a third one drove the vehicle. The vehicle driver is believed to be Don King. 

In response, authorities launched a series of operations that same day searching for Ruben. During an operation, in the vicinity of the town of Sacxán, the police observed a gray Grand Cherokee-type SUV that made evasive maneuvers when police vehicles began to follow it. The vehicle later stopped in the sugar cane fields and the men on board fled into the fields, evading arrest.

Inside the vehicle, police found: one AK style firearm, two AR-15 style firearms, one 9mm firearm, one FN “Five-seveN” semi-automatic pistol, which appears to be converted to fully automatic.

They also found three vests (two with ballistic plates) , along with one helmet, various tactical clothing items and baseball caps with the insignia "GN", meant to mimic the National Guard. Hours later, Ruben, the victim of the kidnapping, returned home and said that he had been left in the town of Nachicocom when his kidnappers noticed the police searching for him.

Execution of El 12

At approximately 6:00 am on Thursday morning, the emergency services number received a report of the discovery of a corpse. The body was reportedly was wrapped inside a tarp and had been found at a public transportation bus stop in the town of Francisco Villa. This bus stop is located on the federal highway that leads to the state of Campeche, 60 kilometers from Chetumal.

The Rural State Police officers traveled to the reported location and upon arrival they were able to confirm the veracity of the report. They cordoned off the area and requested investigators from the state attorney general's office travel to the scene so they could process the evidence. 

On the tarp wrapped body, a yellow narcomanta was stabbed into to the torso area. It was reported that the executed could be Carlos Omar T. J., 28 years of age, originally from the state of Durango. 

Carlos Omar T. J., alias "El 12" or "El Chore" is the presumed leader of the Alfredo V. Bonfil plaza in Quintana Roo. He is presumed to be the "12" who was threatened in the narcomanta left on the body of Don King.

Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

Photo alleged to depict El 12 after the tarp was unwrapped.

Uncensored photo of remains related to El 14 left in the main square before being relocated.

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Don King Sources: Noticaribe, Reporteros de Banqueta, El Quintanaroo, La Denuncia Online, Poresto

El 12 Sources: Quinto Poder QRP, La Palabra del Caribe


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