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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Culiacán, Sinaloa: Videos of Man Beaten and Abducted by Cartel Members

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Multiple videos of the kidnapping of a man in Culiacán, Sinaloa have circulated social media. The kidnapping may not itself be remarkable however it occurred in broad daylight in one of the busiest sections of the city so videos of the event have become a potent symbol of the complete impunity the Sinaloa Cartel has operating within Sinaloa state.

A man in the Tres Ríos neighborhood of Culiacán was allegedly pulled out of the interior of his vehicle, a white Volkswagen Jetta with Sinaloa license plates, during the afternoon of August 5, 2021.

He was pulled out by armed men while the victim was in the parking lot of a shopping plaza that is located on Enrique Sánchez Alonso Boulevard, almost on the corner with Universitarios Avenue. 

The armed men had just emerged from at least one pick up truck when they grabbed him. They were wearing tactical vests, some of which bore the insignia of “MARINA”, mimicking the uniforms of the Marines. They left the victim’s vehicle abandoned in the parking lot, with the driver’s side front door still open. According to El Sol de Sinaloa newspaper, the man managed to get free of the grasp of his attackers and made a run for it, with his attackers giving chase.

Video 1 Source: La Voz del Pueblo

In the first video clip, the man can be seen following his attempt to run away, after his attackers have caught up with him. In the center of the street near the median, in between lanes of traffic, the victim appears to be lying face down. He is possibly trying to make dragging him to the attacker’s vehicle as slow and difficult as possible. 

After a car making a turn passes, one of the attackers standing nearby drags the victim up, pulling him to a kneeling position. The victim stays still though and does not seem to comply with their presumed orders to stand and walk forward so an attacker to the right beats him with an object, trying to get the victim to comply. Some publications have described this object as a board, it could also be butt of the attacker’s firearm. 

Video 2 Source: La Voz del Pueblo

In the second video, the victim has now been transported back to the area of attacker’s black pickup truck. Two attackers can be seen repeatedly hitting the victim who is lying on the ground in front of the bed of the pickup truck. One of the attackers then begins to try to lift the man. 

Another attacker presumably realizes the victim is too heavy for one person to lift so he seems to remove his firearm slung over his shoulder and place it in the truck bed so he can help in lifting the victim. After the man is hoisted into the truck bed, a different attacker removes his buddy’s gun from the truck bed and places it inside the back seat while the others focus on trying to get the back of the pickup truck closed. 

Video 3 Source: La Voz del Pueblo

The third video appears to show the end of the second video from another angle. The attackers can be seen settling into their seats either inside the pickup truck or in the back, guarding over the kidnapped man. The pickup truck is then seen driving away and either something falls or a piece of debris is blown off the right side of the vehicle.

At approximately 3:00 am on the morning of August 6, 2021, a severely injured man was found to have been dumped outside a home in the El Diez area. Neighbors called the emergency line and after police confirmed the report, Red Cross personnel were called to the scene.

The man was transported to the local Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) hospital where shortly after being admitted to the emergency room, he was officially declared dead due to gunshot wounds, multiple blows and fractures. Investigators from the State Attorney General’s Office came to the hospital to confirm his death and examine his features, trying to identify him. According to Noroeste, his body will have a full autopsy performed by forensic services (SEMEFO). 

Police have confirmed that the man found in the El Diez area on August 6, 2021 is the same person who was kidnapped in Tres Ríos the day before. They have identified him as Adolfo ‘N’, depending on the publication reporting, he was either 38 years old (Noroeste), 39 years old (Riodoce), or 51 years old (Debate) at the time of his death. 

Due to the prevalence of the Sinaloa Cartel within Culiacán, many online have pointed to them as being the perpetrators behind this kidnapping and homicide. In particular, Letra Roja has implicated a Los Chapitos aligned group beind behind the murder of Adolfo.

Context view of the shopping plaza with victim's vehicle in view. 


  1. Apparently some criminal organization was behind this brazen attack. Residents protesting the way life is there now, have only themselves to blame. If not for their continued support of political leaders and their alliances with cartels this would not have transpired. The world where the idolized narco culture is rooted is finally becoming transparent.

    1. Don’t blame the residents. They have very limited options. If you fight corruption, you die. If the solution were so simple then this would be fixed. Educate yourself please. It’s all about poverty and the limited option to get out of poverty.

    2. People have been dying for decades now. If not for a cause then what?
      Poverty and illiteracy are not excuses for what's transpiring in Mexico. Corruption exists everywhere. Population numbers clearly outweigh rigged election results.

    3. You are either trolling here, or you sincerely have absolutely no idea what your talking about. Seriously...none, in which case, educate yourself, fool, before you speak such imbecile gibberish.

    4. Out in deez parts about 25 years ago a rich deposit of diamonds was found aaand men dug 'em out of the ground and gave 'em to other men who transported 'em to a place where they were handed over to men who sold 'em to other men

      When diamonds are discovered in Africa men dig 'em out of the ground then a whole heap of men women and children are murdered and maimed in horrible ways aaand the men who are best at murdering sell 'em to other men

      You only get to cash in X amount of chips making excuses for greed cruelty and bloodshed before ya seriosuly have to think "nah no more excuses these people are sick and their society is circling the drain"

      I think Mr Unknown was tryn to say something like that and Mexico is leaning dangerously toward the 'African model'

  2. I'm sure he aged 20 years in that night, thats why nobody knows his age for sure


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