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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Colombia: Lets Pretend We’re All Mexicans Here Today

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

A new video from the underworld has just surfaced online. For this broadcast a Colombian armed criminal cell inspired by the drug trafficking organizations from the Mexican Republic have resorted to mimicking their criminal counterparts. 

The Spanish language when spoken is unique from region to region. As well as country to country. Much in the same way English differs from New Yorkers versus Californians. There are always subtle differences there that distinguishes one from the other. 

Despite the diversity in accents these gentlemen on film. And in agreement have invoked with their tongues the power of the Mexican cartel videos for the upcoming death and destruction within their area of operations. 

Such is the power that the Mexican cartels wield over others. They have influenced outlaws to follow in their footsteps. 

Video translation is as follows:

Good afternoon everyone. This message goes out to everyone from El Banco and (unintelligible). The following directive is being made for everyone who is out there fucking up with the townspeople and innocent civilians. Here goes my little message…uh…uh…I’m going to make it clear for everyone. 

So, that you’re no longer screwing up with the community. Roger that? Good afternoon townspeople of Guachené. This dispatch is directed at the members who make up the criminal gang known as Los Guadaleños and Los Bancos. 

They have been disturbing the peace within the municipality with their armed extortions and hundreds of homicides. It is hereby declared that tranquility will be returned to the urban areas as well as its surroundings.

If you choose to do otherwise. We will in league with others fucking destroy you sons of bitches. It’s in your best interest that this directive be made clear to you asshole sons of bitches. 

We don’t want anymore deaths, much less homicides. Do you understand this? Otherwise, we will kill off every one of you. We already have each of you identified, from the Los Guadal gang to the individuals who make up Los Banco. You’ve all been warned.

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  1. Mexican cartels are brave men are so powerful. They feel good when they can kill and torture women and children

    1. That's CJNG also known as the Baby Killer Cartel.

    2. The Cartel cheerleaders like 10:08 are equal scum! ALL cartels are the same losers and pieces of shit, singling one over the other is pathetic!

    3. 10:51 he/she was not cheerleading just because he mentioned a noticable salvage cartel that does not discriminate, does not mean cheerleading lol.

    4. 10:08 that's because CDS rank is filled with kids playing the sicario role. It's either killed or be killed like soldiers in Afghanistan. Would you let a kid shoot you? Would you not shoot back because he's a kid?
      There's many videos here of kids from sinaloa claiming to be sicarios and the sad part is, they are not playing.

    5. 12:38 shut up with that crap CDS is garbage just like CJNG

    6. 10:08, and 12:38 Is the same person, trying to defend CDS cheering at its finest!

    7. @11:17 your the same 10:51 why you acting like a crybaby?

  2. Thanks again to Mr Sol aka THE MACHINE for this interesting video. A little rehearsal could have helped their video look more threatening. Out of all the countries in South and Central America. Interesting how Colombians have that accent. And speak Spanish very well. I hope this is not something that's going to catch on and make our people ( Hispanics ) look worse than what we already do 😩.
    Sending everyone positive vibes.

    Rubio NYC

  3. Yeah I don't know what that was about. Not all Mexicans speak like this. This is obviously more slang. Most people in South and Central America speak good spanish. My people speak crappy Spanish. It's hard to say it. But it's the truth about us Dominicans ( VERY SAD TRUTH ).

    Rubio NYC

  4. Puta madre mexicans cuss more than anyone carajo, son chingadamente jodidos todos esos pinches cabrones maricones

  5. Why they calling you private Aldo Waldo? Sounds funny.


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