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Friday, August 13, 2021

CJNG, Who's In Charge Here?

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The head of the Mexican state seems to give a blank check to impunity

The signs of Joe Biden's government seem to be a reflection of the dominant discussions not only in the highest levels of government, but also in certain American academic circles which, as a result of the expansion of transnational organized crime during the last decade, raise the need to resignify its importance and impact on bilateral daily life and for hemispheric security.

While in Mexico and particularly in this administration, the more absent the State is, the more susceptible communities are to depend on criminal organizations, other illegal economies and become its supporters.

There are plenty of examples in recent months, there. This phenomenon is not new in the national x-ray, what amazes has been the rapid and exponential growth of control of entire territories in the face of President López Obrador's foolish strategy of embracing criminals.

The notion of these criminals of promoting support among the masses is associated with the concept of competitive state building, which is translating into a "governmental entity" with a degree of legitimacy and political capital as several documented in this past electoral process.

The cartels are actively challenging the authority of the State and, it must be said, represent a risk to national sovereignty, since they exceed the State's response capacity through violence by challenging its legitimacy, acting as alternative governments, controlling informal economies and infiltrating the police forces or our armed forces.

The passivity of the Fourth Transformation campaign promise boasting photographs of security cabinets causes genuine doubt of the result of its effectiveness: it is very evident that the negotiation with the CJNG - which has not been denied but socialized among senior officials - has empowered its leader who dared to attack the Secretary of Citizen Security of the CDMX, Omar García Harfuch, and now to threaten the media and the journalist of the newspaper Milenio, Azucena Uresti. 

All this should be a turning point in the road map in the national security strategy.

Both events, among a long list of affronts, did not merit a strong condemnation or forceful action by the Executive. The Mexican head of state seems to give a blank check to the impunity of these criminals who confidently defy him and whose violence is already probable.

Wrapped in his morning from where he shoots adjectives and criticisms against the media and his journalists, he has built a very dangerous narrative that will reach him over time. To ignore the signs of growing discomfort, both domestically and within the United States government due to the escalation in criminal belligerence, is to administer a crisis that grows exponentially and will have a dynamic not favorable for the Fourth Transformation campaign pledge.

The frequent visits of senior officials of the Joe Biden government and the relaunch with pressure of a strategy against cartels and containing out-of-control migratory flows are not accidental.

However, 2024 is still far away, the Executive sows every day in the only field that interests it: the electoral one.

For the same reason, he should be aware that a transexenal continuation of his policy of hugs, his negotiations with criminal organizations that carry out acts of domestic terrorism, the active demobilization of our armed forces and the serious omissions in migration matters, have been terrible letters of introduction of the vaunted transformation that yes, according to certain figures who will shout "exaggerated" of the CONEVAL (National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy) has managed to transform the poor ... into being exceedingly poorer. Such a particular tragedy.


The third out-of-control rally between the lawsuit over the color of the epidemiological traffic light. Followed by a slow and centralized vaccination program, that is currently without sufficient evidence along with a school cycle in suspense. Worse, and absurd. 

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  1. Who the fuck you calling poorer? It is this criticism we must be in charge of. That when they say it, it is not animo. Animo jente. Ondeh se paro AMLO? De retrato se eso el Presidente con la banda. Hay que pasar les la trajedia a ken lo piensa. Es la riquesa que aprobechamos. No a momento pa la pobresa.

    1. 8:55 poorest,that's can HARDLY afford STIPEND for girlie candy

  2. BuT hEs SuIng AmErIcAn gUn mAnUfaCTuRes

    1. Pinchi Edgar Alvarado
      You starting to type like the Reddit kids, Your bored that you have to play with lower case and caps. Wash the dishes.

  3. Just a matter of time before the Mexican government topples. It's citizens can't rely on government for security nor economic incentives.
    Cartels run Mexico not those elected leaders.

    1. DECLARE A TERRORIST GRUPPE,BE DRONES TO SNAP NECKS it so OBVIOUS governance is care taking cartel VISION.time for MexicanZ to start PonchoSPRING

  4. Entertaining opinion based article with no stats or numbers to back it up.

    1. Sorry you were not satisfied, we will gladly refund your subscription.

  5. Cartels have been in charge of Mexico for decades. To ask such a question pertaining who is in charge here shouldn't surprise anyone. Mexico's politicos have enriched themselves from illicit activities from bribes & criminal associations.
    The lack of apprehensions towards drug lords is a norm unfortunately in Mexico.
    Poor citizens who have neither peace and support from government whatsoever.


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