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Friday, August 20, 2021

CJNG Destroy Camp Of CU Hitmen & The CU Extorting Families, Michoacán

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Tepalcatepec CJNG Video

A video which allegedly depicts Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) members from the subgroup Grupo Delta, or Los Deltas was uploaded to social media on August 19, 2021. 

The social media account which uploaded it, Elblogdelosguachos, alleges that the video depicts men from Grupo Delta walking through a Carteles Unidos camp they had just destroyed on the banks of Tepalcatepec municipality, Michoacán.

Warning: Video depicts dead bodies and mutilation of said dead bodies.

Video Credit: Elblogdelosguachos

In the video, the hitmen can be seen shouting various insults at a dead Carteles Unidos man who they had allegedly just killed. The deceased appears to be wearing a tactical vest and a hitman stomps on his corpse, then the camera man appears to shoot his dead body. 

The hitmen continue walking through a camp that appears to be located in a remote wooded location, with green tarps slung to provide shade to chairs.  An emplacement constructed out of sandbags is walked into. One of the hitmen can be seen to be crouching down, filling up a bottle and his vest bears the letters DELTA. Then more sandbag walls are walked by, tables with plastic coolers presumably for food are passed. 

Two more dead CU hitmen are seen lying on the ground near two CJNG men, both wearing vests that read DELTA. One of the CJNG men appears to grab a large rock and drop it onto one of the heads of the dead bodies. Then he proceeds to stab the dead man’s skull with some sort of pole or pike. Then he moves onto doing the same to the next dead body. The cameraman says towards the end of the video “for the four letters”, which refers to the four letters of CJNG.

CU Fining Families of Michoacán

Residents of the municipalities of Tepalcatepec, Coalcoman, Los Reyes and Buenavista in the state of Michoacán have reported that they are forced to pay a fee of 300 pesos per house to the organized crime groups that dominate the region. Allegedly if these fines are not paid, the families are threatened with potential "punishments".

According to Proceso, residents reported that those who refuse to participate in the defense of the barricades are forced to pay 300 pesos per week. The barricades in question have been constructed and are manned by Carteles Unidos forces. They presumably have been constructed as part of the larger war between the CU and the CJNG, as the CU fights to maintain control of Tepalcatepec despite more frequently attempted pushes by the CJNG in the last month.

The payment stub reads dated August 13, 2021 for the amount of three hundred pesos, for the concept of "support", "for the people's autodefensa movement".

Three out of the four municipalities listed (which are Tepalcatepec, Coalcoman, Los Reyes and Buenavista) are known to be controlled by Carteles Unidos currently. 

Tepalcatepec is currently thought to be controlled by Cártel del Abuelo (sometimes called Cartel de Tepalcatepec), led by Juan José Farias Álvarez alias “El Abuelo”. 

Los Reyes is thought to be held by the group “Los Reyes” which is led by Alfonso Fernández Magallón, alias “Poncho La Quiringua” and Luis Enrique Barragán Chávez, alias “El R-5”.  

And Buenavista is thought to be held by some combination of various CU forces such as Los Viagras and Los Reyes. All of these groups are part of the larger Carteles Unidos alliance who fights primarily against the CJNG. 

As previously covered on Borderland Beat, Coalcomán  is currently being fought over by the CU and the CJNG the most fiercely. In the last week, the parish priest of Coalcomán  detailed the suffering in Coalcomán that was driving families to flee the area due to the constant violence. 

Video Credit: Elblogdelosguachos


  1. Hey guys, sorry I got to this pay stub story late.

    I have heard that this story was sent in through comments earlier but I had no idea it was. I am not an admin at BB so I do not get to view or approve any submitted comments. I also do not have access to the official BB gmail address either, so if you ever want to see me cover a story, please email me at: .

    If you have previously sent in a story through a comment or to the BB gmail but didn’t see it get covered, please send it to my email. Thanks.

    1. Ahhhhhhhhh your articles are pretty amazing. Don't worry about it lol

      Rubio NYC

    2. Thanks, Rubio. Your comments are always appreciated.

    3. Hey girl you need not appologise to any one you are the hardest working person on board you put more into detail then anyone ever has before and its prbly the reason a lot of us come back back when BB had the forums a lot of questions would be asked over and over about details into the various cartels the who what when whys and you bring all that together in a neat little package and before it was hard to remember all the details and now I actually retain the info to travel down the lines so to speak as far as whose brother is who or what crimes and or atrocities are attributed to which ever did the crime .
      And I am adhd like a mofo !
      But you do a killer job and it shows so here it comes ....Atta Girrllll!
      I rarely give those out any more but you definitely deserve it !

    4. I appreciate that so much, Chin, especially since you mentioned something that's really important to me which is making cartel news approachable. I make all of these maps, profiles, and charts for stories because I want to make the topic easier to learn, understand, remember, and keep up with.

    5. I have to agree with Mr chin. Many things changed. There were people that would disrespect Sol a lot before the site closed . Always writing stupid shit. and Sol is a Fucking machine ( excuse my language ). Also the new people like Hearst, MX, and RED. I think the best thing that happened was this site taking a break. And came back much much MUCH better.

      Rubio NYC

  2. The kid almost at the end, hat backwards with the high pitched squeeky voice has the Grupo Elite preffered camouflage.. its called "Military Python Camo Uniform" on amazon and sold for Airsoft purposes by Airsoft vendors.. Its the same camo they used in the viral caravan video as well as the video of Alleged R2 calling out Marro. Only the shirt is though.. if you notice in a few G.E. videos they wear that python uniform just in different colors.
    Theres a Green Python, Sand/Dessert, that Blue/Black python camo and all black python camo..

    On another note, all cartels Extort businesses and the public. In one way or another they do it directly or other indirectly and instead tax extortion and kidnapping crews operating in their areas. Most times it isnt allowed at all where the actual bosses live or their headquarters state because they need the peoples support to an extent to avoid capture, help protect them or warn them about gov presence.
    One of the most common tactic when entering a new area is "heating up the Plaza" meaning they literally come in cause a bunch of shit. Extort, Kill innocents, attack police and military personnel, kidnap all in the name of their enemies. Done to get the public to switch sides and give up locations people information etc.
    I dont believe that check is legit. Anyone can get a check write some BS on it take a pic and send it to someone for it to go viral. Althought i do believe CU are extorting the locals for help against CJNG i also believe CJNG is doing it but in CU name. Its a win win and a loss for the ppl. They get money to pay sicarios buy weapons ammunition food hygeine etc and they throw dirt on their enemies name.
    All cartels do this. They all do it one way or another and anyone who says otherwise is blind. Places its done the most is where wars are going on because it helps fund the war. Imagine you tax an area of 500 families 50 dollars a family a month and 50 ranches that grow and sell some type of crop 200 dollars a ranch on top of that you tax the 100 businesses said amount a month.. youre talking $$$ now. These are hyst random numbers and in no way are correct or accurate. Just so u have an idea
    I once read a very interesting report on WHY cartels do this and it has to do eith how the govt reacts to a surge in cartel violence. Im trying to find it and when i do you might also find it interesting as to how the govt set protocol to dealing with it.
    Ill email when ifind it

    1. "They get money to pay sicarios buy weapons ammunition food hygeine etc"
      The sad irony in this is that they wouldnt have to do any of this if they just figured out a way to get along and stop killing eachother theres enough money being passed around for everyone to come up and live decent lives but you get two bloated egos together and they just dont give a damn about whats right or wrong thats the insanity of it all in my opinion anytime you got people hunting down someones family members theres something wrong with motherfuckers and its unnecessary especially when children or old people are thrown into the meat grinder for simply just being .
      "No mercy for they are doing
      no thought to even what they have done
      we dont need to feel the sorrow no remorse for the helpless one
      War Without End !!!
      - J Hetfield

    2. Wow Sosa you got inside knowledge at how Cartels work. Thanks for the head up.

  3. They say Carteles Unidos are evil, but look at this video. Cjng enjoying mutilating dead bodies. These subhumans are much worse.

    1. U a dumbo the CU they don’t Recognize that they r a cartel the cjng they do

    2. U a dumbo the CU they don’t Recognize that they r a cartel the cjng they do

  4. CJNG is pretty dumb...who the fuck gives a receipt for extortion. And DELTA group? Them dudes can barely spell

    1. Thats how you know its prbly a fake cause the spelling is correct and its not in a childs handwriting lol . For some reason that shit cracks me up .

  5. Some Cartels are afraid to to fight CJNG, they should act, as to bring cjng down.


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