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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí: Authorities Rescue Two Kidnapped Victims

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The State Roundtable for the Construction of Peace, announced that State Police elements in the Ojo de Agua community, Ciudad Valles, had contact with four armed civilians who attacked with gunfire against the elements, an action that was repelled and when investigating a rustic property was raided where one of the aggressors named Juan "N", originally from the state of Veracruz, was arrested.

That person claimed to belong to a criminal group and use this space as a camp for his organization. On the premises, two people who had been kidnapped were located, the following was seized: three firearms, rifle type, .223 caliber; one firearm, 9 mm caliber; one rifle, handgun, .380 caliber; 272 rounds; 26 magazines, 10 ballistic plates; 6 tactical vests; 5 portable radios; 100 "Caltrops", a 2015 Ford vehicle and another 2017 Jeep vehicle, both with theft reports.

For its part, the Investigation Police detained a man because he was in possession of several doses of drug known as crystal meth, in the Valle de la Palma neighborhood in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez. The 43-year-old Edgar "N" was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Unit against Drug retailing to determine his responsibility.

In addition to these actions, 8 people were reported for several crimes and administrative offenses; 4 of them were brought before the Attorney General's Office, 2 presented before the civic judge and 2 more before the control judge to determine responsibilities.

Also, 5 cars and 2 motorcycles with theft reports were located in the four regions of the Potosí entity. On the illegal substances insured, 43 grams of marijuana and 4 wrappers of the drug crystal meth are reported.

The General Directorate of State Public Security (DGSPE), in coordination with federal and municipal authorities, maintains a permanent operation to prevent and avoid looting or acts of vandalism during the health contingency; as of August 25, no incidents are reported.

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