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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Crazed Dementia Within The Municipal Police Department

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Photos and details emerge about the disastrous tragedy of 2 jealous agents that adds the death of an innocent 11-year-old shot to death in a crazy marital fight.

A deranged pandemic of madness permeates the ranks of Public Security, of which the always sordid Municipal Police of Ciudad Juarez is a part of.

In recent weeks there are almost half a dozen cases in which uniformed personnel are involved in bloody fights, armed shooting attacks, suicides and beastly murders.

The brutal work environment and the pressures to which they are subjected to between thugs and police chiefs, has them on the verge of bursting at any time.

And they are supposed to be the most capable of defending citizens and ensuring the security of the city.

The most frightening case is that of the two active agents that occurred this morning at the couple's house.

More details and the names of the protagonists are now known. Nubia Perez, 27, killed her wife Juana Rivera, 27, and her innocent 11 year old son.

Both were active officers and lived in a lesbian marriage with Juana's child.

The deadly argument was generated by Nubia’s jealousy who decided to end the romance tragically. Without warning she took out her gun and unloaded it against her wife, who died riddled from gunfire at the scene.

The distressed child tried to defend his mom but was also shot to death by Nubia's deadly bullets.

The tragedy worsened this afternoon with the death of little Jesus in the hospital. He had been shot with several high-caliber bullets.

After the double homicide, Nubia wanted to die. She shot herself in the head. She is currently convalescing in critical health inside a sanatorium.

Nubia was an intelligence agent of the police department. Her mission was to operate as a civilian and graphically document riots and street protests.

Those who knew her say that she was beautiful and of spectacular physique. But now, doctors have diagnosed here life expectancy to be in grave danger because of the bullet lodged in her head.

Concerning the case, the Municipal Police has denied information to the press. Initially they tried to make the case look like an ordinary execution of an internal nature, omitting that both were officers of the police department.

With the evidence at hand, they had to acknowledge part of the story by partially accepting that only one of them was a policewoman. They deliberately omitted part of the story.

Following the failed official secrecy, factual information jumped to alternative sources that knew in detail about the bowels of corruption. This is when illegitimate revelations can hit strategic heads.

Something that no public official in his right state of mind wants to experience, a few days after the change of municipal administration

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  1. This world is fucked

    1. For real,anything goes

    2. Always had been. Imagine you could have been at Teutoburg Forest, or Lindisfarne, or you were a knight-errant in the France of Louis the 11th, where the kingdom was locked in a perpetual low level war with Burgundy and the Holy Roman Empire. You would see that brutality and violence has no limits. Far worse than the modern world of today.

  2. Esto no es un juego.

  3. Another day, another unfortunate event.

    As we approach 8 billion people globally I guess it's just to be expected that more of these events will continue to occur when rates for criminal deviancy is reflected as a percentage of overall population.

    One can only hope that things will change someday.

    1. Cant see anything changing,see it getting worse as we are more and more TOLD what we can and cant SAY

    2. Stop hoping. It will not end or change. Human history has always been brutish. If modern day people somehow had video records of how it was like in England during the Viking raids, they would faint from the brutality. Violence and terror will not end. Humans are competitive. If you want peace within your own circle, arm yourself and be prepared for combat.

  4. But, but... She's cuuttteee!!!

    Corey Feldman

  5. Wow, what a sad story....

  6. This is so sad that lesbians are allowed to own firearms . They are already confused and have a huge chip on their shoulders its just a matter of time before they snap . Its sad that somewhere in Juarez a softball ball team is down two players all because America gave them guns .

  7. No father in a childs life..But,thats ok in todays world,they dont matter?They are hugely important in a childs life,especially a boy

  8. Shame a nice piece of ass down the drain

  9. When will kids learn that you do not "try" to protect anyone from somebody with a gun unless you got a gun of your own. Your "trying" is going to end in failure 101% of the time. Run.


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