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Friday, August 6, 2021

Chihuahua: Violence Rebounds; In A Few Hours 9 Are Killed

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In Nuevo Casas Grandes three people were killed in a single event, while in Cuauhtémoc another three bodies were left in the commercial entranceway 

In less than 24 hours, three women were killed in Ciudad Juárez, the last case being the dead body found inside some walls of the Central Zone, near the Women’s Safe Zone, a few meters from the Benito Juárez Monument.

The discovery took place in the building on Bartolomé de las Casas and Vicente Guerrero streets, where authorities arrived to confirm that it was the body of a murdered woman, the Specialized Women's Prosecutor's Office was notified.

The scene was secured by elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, so that ministerial agents could initiate investigations and the collection of evidence.

Hours earlier, on Tuesday night, employees of a Superette store reported the murder of a woman aboard a white Jeep vehicle, which was parked outside that business, in the vicinity of the Torres del Sur neighborhood.

Authorities arrived at the establishment located at Durango and Palacio de Paquimé streets, to confirm that it was a woman shot, whose body was sitting in the drivers seat.

On the morning of the same Tuesday, another woman was murdered along with her son, this time at the hands of her romantic partner, who turned out to be an agent of the Municipal Police, she also died in the emergency room of clinic 6 of the Mexican Social Security Institute, when she shot herself in the head. A few days ago, the Women's Roundtable Network had pointed out the delicate situation in which women live on our border. So far in 2021 there had already been more than 90 femicides.


At about 6 in the morning in the municipality of Nuevo Casas Grandes, the bodies of three dead people were located, who were apparently killed with multiple gunshots and abandoned next to a cardboard message.

It was some neighbors of Juan Escutia and Avenida de la Raza streets, of the Popular Action neighborhood, who took charge of alerting the authorities about the discovery of the three dead bodies. Personnel from the Municipal Police, National Guard and Attorney General's Office came to take charge of the facts.

At the moment, the identity of the men who died in the place has not been disclosed. However, from the data that the cardboard message had, it points to disputes between organized crime groups. However it will be the security agents who will define the motive of the events.

It is worth mentioning that during the weekend José Alfredo Arellano Modesto, 37 years old, Orlando Medrano Alcorta and Joel Chávez Ávalos, who continue with the status of disappeared, were kidnapped. For this reason, the investigating agents seek a link with the recent events.

The bodies were half naked and had several traces of torture. They will be taken by personnel of the Forensic Medical Service, who will determine the official identity of the victims.


The bodies of three men with injuries caused by gunfire were located on Wednesday afternoon at kilometer 7 of the Commercial Thoroughfare.

Investigation personnel of the District Attorney's Office of the western area who went to the place, reported that they had in sight the bodies of three deceased men.

One of the bodies wore blue denim pants and blue shirt; the second wore brown shorts, white t-shirt and white socks and the third wore a gray shirt with blue stripes, blue denim pants and black socks.

The three bodies had their hands tied behind their backs with plastic zip ties. Various .223 and 7.62 x 39 millimeter caliber firearm shells were located at the scene.

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  1. Cartel is very good at killing women and children. They should be proud

  2. Obradors government let homicides happen every day, the citizens stand no chance in during in Mexico, you got the Cartels squeezing them for ransom while kidnapped, extortion money coming in from honest working citizens, the government wants bribes from the cartels on the long run it's the citizens that lose, as they are not allowed to carry weapons.
    A guarantee for homicides to continue everyday.

  3. Yall been sleeping on Ncg. Killings everyday


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