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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Celaya, Guanajuato: CJNG Dumps Corpses And Messages

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Human remains were scattered in at least two different points in the city during the morning of this Tuesday.

The first report was made on Nicolás Bravo and Hermenegildo Bustos streets in the Central Zone of the municipality.

At that site, neighbors found the dismembered remains of a male person, which they left abandoned, wrapped in a black plastic bag, with a pink cardboard containing a threatening message.

Unofficially, it emerged that it could be the corpse of a young man, apparently a minor, who had previously been kidnapped.

Minutes later, the alerts were turned on by the discovery of a human head in the Santa Bárbara neighborhood.

There, the limb was left inside a bag and hung on a railing.

Although they could be the parts of the same corpse, no authority has expressed any official information in this regard.

A dead adult and a minor injured was the unofficial balance of a gunfire attack registered in a home in the Las Insurgentes neighborhood.

The event took place this Tuesday in a two-story blue house located on Vicenta Espinoza Street, where several armed individuals entered to carry out the attack.

At the site, the man identified as Ricardo “N”, sitting in a dining room chair, was left dead.

At the scene, it was reported that a minor, approximately 7 years old, was injured and was taken to a hospital without any further information reported about her health status.

The area was cordoned off for the intervention of the experts of the Regional Prosecutor's Office and the subsequent recovery of her body for transfer to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) for the following purposes of the investigation of the case.

Attack on a tire shop kills 2

Two people were shot to death inside a tire shop and the assassins burned part of the business and fled. Neighbors heard the attack, when they left they saw the tragedy and called 911 for help from the Emergency System.

The events occurred around 1:45 in the afternoon in the tire shop located on Miguel Hidalgo street, almost on the corner of Salvador Ortega in the Mexico neighborhood.

In the place, a phosphorescent cardboard with a message from a criminal group was found.

Municipal Police officers intervened and searched the bloody bodies and the burned business, for which the support of firefighters and paramedics was requested.

Outside the business, a man with gunshot wounds to the head was thrown. He was evaluated as no longer being alive.

After the flames were put out, another man was also found dead inside the premises, the street was cordoned off and he was immediately reported to the Public Ministry.

In a preliminary report, it is known that the deceased were father and son, however, it will be the State Attorney General's Office that corroborates the relationship of the deceased.

The witnesses only saw that the killers fled in a Honda car.

Narco message reads as follows:

We’ve left Wualo’s son here for you. Along with those faggots who kill innocent civilians. You sons of fucking bitches need to stop killing innocent civilians. 

This will happen to everyone who continues selling blue crystal meth, kidnapping, and extorting. The city of Celaya and the state of Guanajuato already has an owner. And it belongs to Lord Mencho. Sincerely, Grupo Elite. CJNG

Warning: Graphic Pictures 

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  1. CJNG manage by terror and nobody belief that CJNG do not make the peoples pay piso or take people for money

  2. Carretera indonable. Esque no saben en donde llega el viaje del mero sur. Apenas pueden puntar el pais de donde bienen. No ayan las riyas de los estados. Las Quatro es un vato. Letrero.


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