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Friday, July 2, 2021

Tula de Allende, Hidalgo: Pueblos Unidos Video Communique For Citizens

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Through a video of almost 4 minutes in length, hitmen declare war for fuel theft, in Hidalgo.

A group of armed civilians, calling themselves Pueblos Unidos, declared war on alleged fuel thieves.

The latter operate in the communities of the municipalities of Tepetitlán, Champantongo, Tula, Ajacuba and Tezontepec de Aldama.

In addition to other municipalities adjacent to the Miguel Hidalgo Refinery, as well as in the Mezquital Valley such as Ixmiquilpan and Nopala.

They also mention Tlahuelilpan, in which on January 18, 2019, there was an explosion of a clandestine perforated fuel duct.

At least 137 people lost their lives there during the explosion.

"We all have something in common: the loss of a son, a cousin, a brother, a father, a friend because of these fuel thieves," they said on video.

"We don't want war with the population or the authorities," but above all they expressed their total respect for the State Police.

Also for the National Guard, Navy, Mexican Army, Attorney General's Office of the Republic and municipal corporations.

They also denounced the existence of an alleged Ministerial Policemen Cartel; which they assured charges a peso for each liter of gasoline extracted.

This is how on video hitmen declare war for the theft of fuel.

Video translation is as follows:

This is a statement from Pueblos Unidos. Since we all have something in common. We have had a loss of a son, a cousin, a brother, a dad, a friend because of these fuel thieves. In some of the cases we have not even found the bodies.

Because of these individuals who have deceived our entire populations. Citizens of Hidalgo, this is a directive for all the townspeople because of the reproaches that have been spreading around this week. We don’t want war with the townspeople much less with the authorities.

We reiterate all our respect to the Mexican Army, National Guard, Navy, Attorney General's Office, as well as the State and Municipal Police. But less so to the Ministerial Policemen Cartel who charge a peso for every liter of stolen fuel. They like to place their criminal cells to work in and around Tula (Tula de Allende, Hidalgo). 

Since the Ministerial Policemen Cartel supports Carlos Barcenas aka El Pelón or El Charly, and the asshole of El Tartamudo. And that garbage of Los Pipas. His brother Giovani, and the hitmen of Los Poblados. Similarly, the asshole Carlos Barcena supports the candidacy of the current president of the PAN political party.

And his predecessor for deputy who was his brother, the other municipal president. Moreover, we now move along to my compadres. Or as we’re fond of saying: those who serve us no purpose, municipality of Tepetitlán, Hidalgo.

Just the same way, the asshole of his son Daniel aka El Donuts who now calls himself El Cazador. Also the former mayor known as Maestro, Sereno Jiménez Bravo. Who gives them protection and respectively drives them crazy in their departments. Along with his wife, Mrs. Victoria.

They are the ones who have provided equal information, protection and support to the fuel thieves. Itzel Muerca has the support of Ms. Magaly Cerrana. Since she likes to spread her legs for the commander in order to obtain money for Carlos Barcenas.

This is the last straw. You’re all better off running away from here. Because the man hunt against everyone one of you sons of bitches has now begun. 

This goes out to the criminal cell known as Los Rifles who reside in the town of General Pedro María Anaya. 

Felipe Méndez Ramírez aka El Rifles, and his brother Julio Mendez Ramirez aka El Búfalo. Along with his principal hitmen Juan Manuel Garcia Zafras aka El Nariz, Edgar Baltazar aka El Gamafon , Omar Flores aka El Petey, Leonel Flores aka El Charro, Ruben Flores aka El Melonas, Guillermo Jiménez Jiménez aka El Menin, Elena Méndez Ramírez sister of Los Rifles laundered money, who currently lives in Santa Ana Ahuehuepan with all the money that she steals. Along with her accomplices Anaith Corona Diaz, wife of Felipe aka El Rifles. And his sister Magaly Diaz Barcenas, wife of El Nariz. Just the same Brenda Itzel Estrada Flores, wife of El Búfalo.

Be fucking ready. Because you sons of bitches are next. This is for all the innocent civilians that you’ve affected in the community and killed. Be fucking ready. We will meet each other in that upcoming confrontation. 

Just as well we will fight against you. This is the last warning that goes out to all the townspeople, spies, collaborators, snitches, and the gossipy people who like to spread information. Your fucking worlds will go straight to shit. 

The same goes for all the Ministerial Policemen who keep harassing our community. All of the Pueblos Unidos will come to your offices and have you all lynched. If we have to do protest marches or road blockades it will be done. 

On account of how you’ve done things your way we in turn will also do what’s necessary. We will fight. 

We’ve got all the support that’s needed from the communities of Tula de Allende, San Francisco Bojay Colonia, Santa Ana Ahuehuepan, General Pedro María Anaya, La Loma, Tepetitlán, Sayula Pueblo, Chapantongo, Atengo, San Gabriel Azteca, etcetera, etc.  

This is why we are the Pueblos Unidos. Because we can count on the support of these aforementioned towns. 



  1. And that right there ladies and gentlemen concludes part 2 in a video sequence out of the State of Hidalgo.

  2. No heads being chopped off today?
    Great vI will have a peaceful breakfast.

  3. Hidalgo birth place of the great lazca when he was leading the z hidalgo was peaceful just like when he had full control Zacatecas peaceful maybe the big bad zetas were not as bad as the government made out

    1. I met a guy from Veracruz, whenever I mentioned Los Zetas to him, he would get nervous and start looking around to make sure nobody was within earshot. He said talking about them in Veracruz would get you killed. This was about 2011. Zetas are animals.

    2. They start out protecting their villages, then suddenly they are hitmen. Then they have golden weapons. THe next cartel is emerging.

    3. They were worse

    4. Lazcano is hiding in the Sierra of Hidalgo

    5. No they were every bit as bad as they were made out to be, if not worse. Check some of the posts here from 2010-2012 about the Z and the massacres they committed if you need proof.

    6. I always had my doubts el lazca was really dead the whole situation around his death was suspicious

    7. If you have lived during their terror reign in their territory maybe you would not say this. It's maybe you are an supporter. Either way, no they don't seem to be what u said.. as per news and articles they are more than evil.. hell creatures


  4. Having support of community but just 10 in nos.. very poor.. I'm not aware of the many group name they say.. whether they are very small ones ? Or just as big in fuel theft division ? Let's see how they take it forward


  5. Since the forum is no longer available I wanted to post here.

    What did everyone on here think of the new Netflix series Somos about the Zetas massacre? Will BB be posting a article about the series?

    1. No stinken fourm here, but we have comments section.

    2. Too many generic organic intellectuals victims of mierdified genetic factors in the forum,

  6. Yo soy de Tula me dicen tuleño

    1. 10:39 sientece un rato y explique bien que sinte ser de Hidalgo

  7. Nice work sol, gracias

    1. 🐓🥩🥪



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