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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Tonalá, Jalisco: State Police Rescue Kidnapped Citizen

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A person who had been kidnapped was released by State Police, who, in turn, detained two alleged criminals in the municipality of Tonalá.

The victim was picked up in the Arroyo de Enmedio neighborhood after resisting the kidnapping and was struck by a bullet in the leg.

The State Police received an alert call and started a chase, the incident was recorded this afternoon.

The victim was I ntended to be transferred to a farm located at the intersections of Carril and Pino streets in the La Jauja neighborhood.

The elements of the Secretariat of Security went into the property, managing to rescue the person. They set up an aid station.

At the site, two people were detained who were turned over to the Public Ministry. A weapon was also seized.

Elements of the Prosecutor's Office went to the site to carry out the corresponding investigations.

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  1. Can't go visit relatives or you get kidnapped, worse yet killed.

  2. Where's the CJNG fangirls?!

    1. You mean the Reddit kids, they will be in here soon, just don't you move that channel.

  3. Hang on just getting my kneepads strapped on.

    1. And dont forget your chinstrap to many people forgetting to strap down their chins . Which often leads to unfortunate circumstances and awkward scenarios .


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