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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Unsuccessful Search! Recapture Operations Are Useless

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

On Wednesday afternoon, blockades were registered on the Ribereña highway, supposedly "owned" by the criminal "rescued" on Tuesday night.

As of press time and more than 24 hours after the rescue of José Alfredo Hernandez Campos alias "Calamardo", or "Metro 27", alleged leader of a criminal organization with operation in the Coastal region, the state authorities didn’t report whether they obtained results of operations for a probable recapture.

During the night of Tuesday and early morning police corporations carried out tours and operations in the city of Reynosa and the Ribereña region, with the aim of locating the alleged criminal leader, without obtaining positive results.

But in the morning everything returned to back to normal; the authorities were no where around, everything was observed in apparent calm.

But around 3:20 p.m. yesterday, blockades were registered with tires burning and trucks, on the Dos Estados and Ribereña highways, near Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, in addition to near the town of Venice.

National Guard personnel came to the area to take an account and removed the blockades. They reopened the traffic circulation of the Dos Estados and Ribereña highways.

On Tuesday, one gunman was killed and two more were arrested in a series of persecutions and shootings.

The authorities searched for the fugitive by air and land.

Yesterday afternoon, blockades were reported on the Dos Estados and Ribereña highways.

The facts

It was around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday when armed men were reported to have arrived at the FGJT building in several units, such as a white van, a red vehicle and a car.

The rescue was around 7:00 p.m., in the offices of the Prosecutor's Office, located on the streets of Saltillo and Zacatecas, in Colonia Rodríguez.

The gunmen descended from the units, they fired shots in the air to intimidate the authorities and witnesses.

The criminals were described wearing dark clothes, but other witnesses said it was military-type uniforms and tactical equipment.

After the gunfire, the armed men entered the building and in a matter of minutes left in the company of a criminal leader, they boarded the white van and fled followed by the other vehicles in which the gunmen were traveling.

The violent event generated a huge mobilization of ministerial police, agents of the Special Operations Group (GOPES), the National Guard and the Mexican Army. Even the participation of a helicopter that from the sky participated in the search.

During the escape of the "Calamardo" and / or "Metro 27" they were joined by a gray van, a white one and witnesses pointed out that there was also an ambulance. Although they didn’t describe if it was only passing through the place or was really part of the armed criminal cell.

The search for the gunmen provoked a persecution and shooting, which culminated in the parking lot of a convenience store in the streets of Querétaro and Campeche, in the Los Muros neighborhood.

In the parking lot there were two vans, one gray and one red, both with open doors and bullet impacts.

A witness related that the red van arrived in the parking lot already with the glass of the co-pilot's door broken by bullet impacts.

Men, allegedly armed, came descended from the units and fled on foot, but one of the criminals died while trying to escape through a path located next to the store. Two gunmen, one in military-type clothes and with an allegedly false Sedena identification, were arrested by the authorities.

Weapons, radio communication equipment and tactical equipment were secured in the units and persecutions were also recorded in sectors such as Loma Real, Bugambilia, Jarachina Norte, Anzaldúas liberation.

On the Ribereña highway, a road block occurred near Argüelles Estación, but it was removed by police authorities.

The "capo" was rescued on Tuesday from the FGJT facilities.

Official information:

Three detainees and one killed. The Attorney General's Office of the State of Tamaulipas (FGJT) reported that around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday. 

Subjects with high-powered weapons and commando-type clothing released from the facilities of this institution the person identified as José Alfredo "N" alias "Calamardo", alleged leader of a criminal organization with radio communications in the coastal region, who was arrested early Monday by members of the Special Operations Group (GOPES) of the State Secretariat of Public Security. 

He was going to be formally processed in the next few hours and presented to the judicial authority for a hearing.

Immediately after the aforementioned action, elements of the various public security corporations, both state and federal, began a search operation in various points in Reynosa in order to locate those responsible along with the vehicles involved.

As a result of the above, in two different events, a vehicle was located whose crew members assaulted GOPES elements, they repelled the aggression, killing one person and arresting another who carried an identification, allegedly, of the Secretariat of National Defense. 

Boh subjects had camouflaged clothes, tactical equipment and high-caliber weapons. Subsequently, another of the participating cars was located, obtaining the arrest of two people.

The seized objects and the detainees were made available to the Ministerial Authority.

Someone on Twitter released these photographs.

El Mañana


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