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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: GOPES Elements Kill 2 Armed Criminals

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Armed men aboard a Dodge Ram truck open fire on GOPES elements; private vehicles damaged in the shooting

The body of the second gunman killed was on a townsquare, next to a public transport truck.

Two armed men were killed yesterday when they fired against elements of the Special Operations Group (GOPES), in the Lazaro Cárdenas Extension neighborhood.

The events occurred on Adolfo López Mateos Street and Veracruz Street, where the policemen were patrolling that area.

When they came across the armed criminals who were traveling in a gray Dodge Ram pickup, the occupants of the unit opened fire on the state troopers and fled.

There the shooting began, which lasted a few minutes, as the criminals were immediately subdued.

A few meters from where the shooting began, one of the men was killed on the sidewalk, while the second was killed two blocks away, on a townsquare next to a public transport truck.

The area was cordoned off to prevent the passage of onlookers who came to see what was happening.

During the shooting, two parked vehicles were damaged by gunfire, the door window of a Town Country pickup and the windshield and hood of a Jeep Liberty pickup.

The owners of both units indicated that they will go to the ministerial authorities to claim the damages caused to their respective units.

Experts from the General Unit of Expert Services were in charge of carrying out the corresponding investigations, while personnel from the Forensic Medical Service transferred the bodies to the local amphitheater, where they would continue with the corresponding studies.

The weapons and the vehicle manned by those killed were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

One of the criminals was left dead on the sidewalk on Adolfo López Mateos Street.

The place was cordoned off by the authorities to prevent the passage of onlookers.

Two parked vehicles were hit by bullets.

The Special Operations Group (GOPES) killed two criminals in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood.

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  1. Excellent 👍 work, seems in Mexico the only law enforcement unit taking action is GOPES, but once it gets curupt, more innocent people will die.

    1. Gopes are corrupt. The thing is they chose to side with what they consider the "lesser Evil" but they impose rules on the supported side. Times of operations, avoid dumb decisions and when someone has to drop they will take credit. Notice how they always target a specific cartel. Its not a coincidental.

    2. 10:48 Here I thought they are not Curupt, don't tell me it's true.
      Upset Kathi

    3. Why do you even post dude? Kathi, we all know your a cartel nut hugger. 2 posts ago you were talking about free z40 so he can take control of the zetas now your crying about corruption? You do know how big of a POS z40 was? How many people he killed? What are you like 12 years old? You just get your rocks off by looking at the latest victims of drug violence on this site? Your a straight weirdo dude lmao pick a side you clown lmaoo

  2. Thank u Golpes, kill them all. U r most effective police in All Mexico

  3. I am hoping the government or the Cartels don't disable GOPES, as they are the most effective in combatting criminals.
    Mexican Marina's base playing cards, exercing, watching Novellas, watching old Chavo del Ocho.

    Mexican Army.... enjoying the new barracks, card games, exercises.

    Obradors 350 elite commandos... training and more training, card games, rarely used for action, but were deployed to Sinaloa 2 days later, after failed attempt to take chapito,

    As you can see the military, is used seldom, Obradors cabinet prefers, that the Cartels run free, and get bribes, all the while Innocents are killed along the way.

  4. Yeaah, kill all the scum in remembrance of the innocents they killed here in Reynosa, kill, kill, kill all cartel devils! Thank you, praise be upon you all. "Onward Soldiers . . . ." An eye for an eye; smite the oppressors. Payback time, come on, more good news please. No old Hippie flower child peace-pop passive-aggressive comments allowed, jajaja.

  5. So many murder monkeys in Mexico.

  6. Does Marina topon anymore?


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