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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Executed Lawyer Was Beaten To Death

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Despite the payment of the ransom, the criminals didn’t release him; he was found with multiple traces of torture on a dirt road near El Pasito Avenue, in the Moderno neighborhood

The authorities investigate the murder of Adrian (N) to try to identify those responsible.

Ministerial authorities are investigating the murder of the lawyer who was kidnapped and killed by unidentified criminals.

Adrian (N), had been kidnapped last weekend after having gone out to a meal. His kidnappers demanded a sum of money from the family in exchange for his release.

Despite the payment of the ransom, the criminals didn’t release the lawyer. Last Monday morning his body was found with multiple traces of torture on a dirt road near El Pasito Avenue, in the Modern neighborhood.

Adrian, dedicated to civil and labor cases, had years litigating in the city. The authorities will have to investigate whether the tragedy is unrelated in any of the cases that he was or had worked on.

In the case, the Attorney General's Office of Tamaulipas (FGJT) initiated several lines of investigation and seeks evidence that identifies those responsible.

For his part, the autopsy of law revealed that the lawyer was beaten to death and his body, which was bound hand and feet, also covered his face with a rag, was thrown into the area where he was located.

It was learned that Adrian had just been killed. It’s likely that his body was thrown away on Sunday night or early Monday morning by the kidnappers.

The body was handed over to his relatives by the ministerial authorities to be buried.

The lawyer's body was located in the Modern neighborhood and the authorities revealed that Adrian was beaten to death.

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  1. Easy to kill someone in Mexico,
    lawless country favors the criminals than the victims.

  2. They didn't have to kill the guy ransom was paid much less torture him: no honor among thieves.

    1. Yeah, those that did this are pos. You take the random and not only do you still kill the guy, you beat him to death. It's easy to beat up on someone when they're tied hand and feet. Give people a heads up one on one...But these mf's won't do that. Most of them don't have it in them.

  3. If a police tortured a criminal like this, I'm sure (in)human rights council will make mass protest and condemn it. Since the victim is not a criminal they will be silent and pretend nothing occurred. At least one should be honest in the business they are in.


  4. And baleless ICC and UN criticize Philippine President Duterte for stopping phillipine becoming a narco state. Useless UN and ICC yapping their mouth about philippine and nothing to say about lawless Mexico.

  5. He often took on cases for little or nomoney to help the little guy fight the big guy. In the end one of the big guys had him killed.

  6. Guess he lied to his customer,


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