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Friday, July 9, 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Armed Confrontation Followed By An Escape

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Inside the Honda van, State Police secured magazines, accessories and ballistic vests.

Armed criminals traveling in a white Chevrolet Envoy managed to escape from the State Police after an arduous persecution.

It was at 03:40 a.m. yesterday when state agents ran into the unit that was parked by Espuelas Boulevard in the Las Delicias neighborhood.

The occupants, seeing their presence, opened fire on them and fled to Colosio Boulevard.

The agents immediately asked for support from their colleagues indicating their location.

The criminals took the Oriente bypass, then Morelos Boulevard and Justo on the bridge of death. Right when they were about to reach them they disabled the patrol with caltrops.

With a flat tire, the police followed the unit down Álvaro Obregón Street, passed the streets of the Petrolera neighborhood. Once they arrived at the Beaty neighborhood they flattened their tires out again. Finally, the armed men escaped to the Manuel Tarrega colony. The authorities lost sight of them.


This attack against the security forces came after the aggression perpetrated last Thursday, where after being the target of gunfire, elements of the State Police seized a van with an arsenal, which was abandoned by armed criminals in the "El Becerro" dirt road to the west of the city.

That day, the armed individuals who were traveling in two units, a blue Honda, and a compact white vehicle, escaped between the surrounding dirt roads.

Then the unidentified men, left the Honda vehicle, with magazines, accessories and ballistic vests, on a dirt road that leads to the La Blanquita community.

The authorities secured the place and made tours in search of the attackers, but they managed to escape towards an unknown destination.

The police ran the Honda van series in the Plataforma México system and it came back in a report as being stolen.

The authorities requested the intervention of a tow truck to transfer the vehicle and the arsenal to the Integral Justice Center in the Puerta del Sol neighborhood.

That same day, while carrying out security and surveillance, elements of the State Police were shot by unidentified subjects who managed to escape aboard a white van, no officers were reported injured.

The events were recorded around 4:00 p.m. this Friday on Loma Real Street, in the Loma Real neighborhood, to the west of the city.

According to the official report, state elements were making a tour when four men with guns began shooting at them with large caliber weapons while traveling aboard a white Kia vehicle.


In recent days there have been numerous situations in the city where several armed men have been arrested and several units and weapons have been secured.

Last Monday, June 28, an armed criminal cell aboard vehicles launched an armed counterattack in the city of Reynosa and opened fire on elements of the National Guard and the Special Operations Group (Gopes), two days after the coup struck by elite state police that dismantled the criminal structure operating in the municipality of Río Bravo.

The first confrontation occurred that day at 10:00 a.m. in the Corrales community, north of the Las Nopaleras neighborhood, in the vicinity of the Reynosa-Pharr international bridge.

After the events, the attackers managed to escape running into the hills. They abandoned two long weapons that were secured by the military. Authorities deployed a strong operation by air in a helicopter and by land with at least a dozen patrols. In addition to other units of the State Police that joined the support.

In the afternoon of the same day, a chase between agents of the Special Operations Group (GOPES) and armed individuals on board vehicles took place. The authorities a seized car and at least three alleged criminals were arrested.

The events occurred around 5:20 p.m., when agents detected suspicious vehicles in the Rio Bravo-Reynosa bypass, heading west.

After the weekend's aggression, state authorities secured the vehicle with an arsenal on the El Becerro dirt road.

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  1. Should have shot them on the spot, since they fired first.

  2. Almo do you have a pulse are you conscious are you aware of your surroundings at all

    1. I am a pulse, Me and my brother are here to collect bribes while I am in office. I care less about my citizens.

    2. Yes, get rich

  3. Contador y El negrito are going for Reynosa
    F Los metros

    1. No pueden lol

    2. Matamoros cdg is bale to enter reynosa and massacre innocents. If the reynosa faction was strong that wldnt happened.

  4. Reynosa aka Ponchallanta capital of the world. Gets em every time lol.cops should know by now they gonna throw em.wait for the ponchas,..wait for the ponchos..There they go!!..

    1. I’ve gotten a flat tire in Reynosa and can relate. 😂

    2. There are tires that won't go flat, but since getting reinforced with National Guard, tamaulipas state polizetas GOPES and cuicos have captured a whole log TV a weapons and vehicles but did not capture or kill anybody, before the cooperation they would murder every innocent in the vehicle, including kidnapped victims, sometimes after dressing them like mercenary soldiers of fortune before ordering them to run for their lives, 100% became dead enemy combatants "fallen in war"

  5. Stupid ass criminals shooting at authorities for no reason to only to run ot get arrested or killed.

    1. 6:49 these attacks look staged, the cuicos will not kill the attackers becaus they must have something on them, remember they are cabeza de cagadas de vacas state police sicarios.


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