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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Puebla Ranks 9th Place In Police Murders For 2021

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

For this figure, the entity is placed in ninth place nationally

From January to July 23, 2021, Puebla has recorded the murder of 9 police officers while on duty, placing nationally in ninth place with more cases. The above, according to the report of "Assassinated Police" by Causa Común.

The Puebla entity is surpassed by Guanajuato with 36 murders of police officers, followed by the State of Mexico with 28, in third position Chihuahua with 20 cases and in fourth place Veracruz and Zacatecas with 15 murders, respectively.

The last cases were the murders of June 10, when two municipal police in San Felipe Teotlalcingo were notified of a fight in process in they village of San Matías Atzala, however, the elements were shot dead by some of those involved, without arrests for this crime.

The report details that, in the first seven months of this year, 235 police elements have been killed, from state, municipal and investigators of the Prosecutor's Offices. These figures establish that on average 1.15 elements have been killed every day.

During 2020 Puebla was placed a step lower, that is, in tenth place. That year, at least 524 police officers were murdered in the country, 1.42 per day, on average; of them 15 worked in Puebla territory, with the months of January, March and April having the highest number of cases. The first violent death was experienced on January 6 in the municipality of Amozoc.

In 2019, the state of Puebla ranked eighth with 21 police officers 21, preceded by Michoacán with 41, Chihuahua with 32, Jalisco reported 29, Guerrero with 26 and Sonora with 23. The total year throughout the country was at least 446 police officers, 1.16 per day on average.

And in 2018, the first year of the count, the state ranked fifth with 30 violent deaths, surpassed by Guanajuato with 66, State of Mexico registered 47, Guerrero 44 and Chihuahua 31. The national total was at least 452.

Although the recent report reveals that Puebla remains among the 10 entities with the highest cases so far this year, this figure has gone down compared to three previous years

The record of "Casa en Común" was recorded with the newspaper articles from the source.

El Sol de Puebla


  1. Being a cop in Mex is high risk - high reward, so there is no surprise here. I'd say that by looking at the high murder it is possible to estimate how lucrative it really is to be a cop.

  2. Aim for the stars Puebla, you got this!

    1. Is that you kathi? I think so with the weird comments

  3. 9:07 aim the billion dollar lights left behind by pseudo-governor Rafael Moreno Valle "La Princesa de Apisco" to the stars, but a peeping Tom radiotelescope could do better.

  4. 3 years ago, decided to walk 5 miles from north south Pueblo to get the feel of the city. Thanks to the mother/child that patched my jeans/shirt. Passing through avenues, comes the crowded streets complete with the naked, fat prostitute women waiting for a dollar, scams galore, then the square and further south the quiet, tense .. . . take it as you see


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