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Monday, July 12, 2021

Puebla, PUE: “The Queen of The South" Sentenced for Missing and Beheaded Youth

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The woman will serve a 19-year prison sentence for the crime of forced disappearance

Liliana N., whose real name is Liliana Hernández Carlos

Liliana Hernandez Carlos, alias "La Reina del Sur", was sentenced to 19 years in prison and required to pay a payment of more than 297 thousand pesos as a fine and reparation for moral damage. She was found criminally responsible for the crime of forced disappearance committed against a 22-year-old young man who three years ago appeared beheaded in the San Bartolo housing unit, and of crimes against health to the detriment of society.

The Puebla State Attorney General's Office confirmed that on May 24, 2018, the woman, in the complicity of other people, intercepted a young man in the Balcones del Sur neighborhood of the city of Puebla and forced him aboard a Chevrolet Tahoe truck.

On the same day, according to investigations by the ministerial authorities, a part of the victim's body was found in the San Bartolo Housing Unit, the head, while the rest of his body was located in the municipality of Tianguismanalco.

Elements of the State Investigation Agency apprehended Liliana N on May 31, 2018 in the Arboledas de Loma Bella neighborhood. During her arrest, according to the agency, the Prosecutor's Office staff apprehended her with 38 doses of the drug known as cocaine, 32 bags of methamphetamine, 28 wrappers with marijuana and 10 bags of alleged heroin.

The Metropolitan Investigation Prosecutor's Office presented evidence to the judicial authority regarding the commission of the crimes of forced disappearance and against health in the form of possession of narcotics for commercial purposes.

The Trial Court handed down a 19-year sentence against Liliana N, alias "La Reina del Sur", a fine equivalent to 103,292 pesos, and as reparation for moral damage and compensation, a total of 194,392 pesos.

The defendant is already serving her sentence in the women's area of ​​the state prison, where she will remain until paying the years to which she was sentenced for this crime.

It was through social networks that the victim named Alán began to be searched, even in a Facebook post it was noted that the young man, a neighbor of the aforementioned housing unit, left his home on May 24, 2018, around 5 in the afternoon.

However, hours later, his family learned that, in a planter in Plaza de la Higuera de San Bartolo, a black bag with a head had been abandoned, accompanied by an alleged warning message.

Not knowing where the rest of the body could be found, the mourners toured different parts of the capital, even arriving at the 14 Sur sector while making their way towards the Ecological Periférico bypass to ask if the body of the minor who was found there days later had a head. But when they learned that it was someone else, they withdrew from the area.

As the investigations progressed and after going to the morgue, they learned what Alán's final destination was. Now the Queen of the South will serve 19 years in prison because of her actions.

El Sol De Puebla


  1. Hell the youngsters that cheerlead in here are getting beheaded by an evil wicked lady of the South, teens time to carry some blades.

    1. Thanks FOR the HEADS up BRO, I CARRY a GERBER life GOOD brand
      JUST saying.....

    2. 10:31 delete just saying
      You already stating a comment.

  2. The worst thing that could have happened to Mexico,developing their own domestic drug consumption market,we all know the end outcome of cartels and gangs fighting over drug spots and rights to sell,shoulda kept sending it all north,now its to late.But,if it wasn't drugs it would be something else?

  3. Is this the buchona that they made a novela about?

    "Caps Lock Ninos Mom" Kathi

  4. Dang 19 years prison for a aggravated kidnapping and beheading of the victim?! Oh,, let's not forget thefine that sounds hefty until one does the dollar exchange. What a litter box!

  5. This is the queen of the south? lol more like Fiona of the south

  6. Everybody wants to be queen of the

  7. Horriable only 19yrs
    What ever happened to LIFE WITH NO PAROLE ??
    Mexico needs a new Justice system asap


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