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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Pánuco, Zacatecas: Armed Attack Leaves Policeman and Several Hitmen Dead

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

After the confrontation, four gunmen were arrested, weapons and a vehicle were confiscated, the SSP reported

A policeman and 4 deceased criminals was the tally today after the armed confrontation in the San Antonio del Ciprés community of this municipality, in which four criminals were also arrested, the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) reported.

In response to complaints about the presence of armed groups in San Antonio del Ciprés and in the municipal capital, the Special Police Operations Group of the State of Zacatecas (GOPEZ), carried out deterrence and crime prevention patrols when they were assaulted by members of a criminal gang.

The operational personnel, it was indicated, detected a Grand Cherokee vehicle, from which four people carrying long firearms descended, which was seized.

As a result of this arrest, from inside a home police personnel were assaulted with gunfire, injuring an element of the Special Police Operations Group. Unfortunately, he lost his life while being transferred to medical attention.

By repelling the attack, four of the aggressors were killed and four more subjects were arrested, as well as the securing of weapons, a vehicle and other evidence that will be brought before the Attorney General's Office (FGJEZ), an authority that is prosecuting the scene of the events.

The SSP condemned the cowardly aggression of which the police elements were victims when they were carrying out their work in order to recover the safety of the Zacatecans, and endorsed its commitment to continue working to recover the tranquility of the Zacatecan citizenry.

In addition, he reiterated that he will spare no resources to restore social tranquility and continue the frontal fight against criminal groups.

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  1. Fuckers kill cops every day it seems like. That shit wouldn't stand in America. It would be a short war.

    1. Ikr. You kill a cop in the U.S. and you're done. Death penalty or life w/o parole if you're lucky.

  2. Four less Cjng rats gone forever! this good news for mexico

  3. I think your confusing gunmen with hitmen.

  4. You don't take the plata you get the plomo! It's stupid to try to be an honest cop in Mex.

  5. The police should have killed the remaining 4 criminals, now we all what's going to happen next, once the judge gets the bribe, he will declare insufficient evidence and out free.

    1. So to beat corruption and murderers they should be more corrupt and start murderering people, makes total sense.....


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