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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Pánuco, Zacatecas: Armed Attack At Private Party Leaves 8 Dead

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The Local Coordination Group (GCL) confirmed that this Saturday an aggression was recorded against people who were living together in the community of Pozo de Gamboa, in Pánuco, where unfortunately eight people lost their lives; two women and six men.

At the scene of the assault, seven people, one woman and six men were killed. Initially the death of the woman was reported, who had been transferred to seek medical attention.

At the time this fact became known, a deployment of authorities from the three levels of government was dispatched - an operation which was still ongoing at the close of the press - in order to locate those responsible.

Likewise, the GCL confirmed that at the moment the Attorney General's Office (FGJE) is carrying out the corresponding investigation to determine a line of investigation that allows to know the conditions under which these events were recorded.

Through a press release, it was reported that since the initial report of this unfortunate aggression was made, security corporations went to the place to attend to the situation that arose in that community.

The text states that at all times there has been an effort to maintain communication and that Governor Alejandro Tello Cristerna instructed not to spare resources to look for those responsible for the aggression and to immediately establish the presence of state and federal corporations.

For his part, FGJEZ personnel carried out the investigation and processing of data to determine the identity of the victims.

Finally, the GCL reiterated its commitment and permanent work to strengthen security in the state and confront criminal groups that have damaged public order and tranquility in Zacatecas.

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  1. Send in Corey Feldman and he will clean up the place, he's sorely needed.

  2. Empresa gang was seen in jail packing drugs and singing a corrido

  3. Dexter has been dispatched: all narcos are on notice.

    Major General Corey Feldman.

    1. Hahaha
      Love it!
      Sicario 006 always on a meth binge

  4. Baby killer cartel killing innocents.

  5. The number of weekly massacres in Mex beats both Iraq and Afghanistan by miiiiiles.

    War on drugs is really stoking a civil war among the poor.

  6. Can have a decent party, as criminals will come to shoot up the place.
    Criminals such cowards shooting defenseless citizens, that had no guns to protect themselves.

  7. Had to be the Baby Killer Cartel aka CJNG, always killing defenseless citizens.

    1. This sounds more like CDSnitches you must be a new reader

    2. 2:28 no that sounds like CJNG actually

    3. 2:28 cheerleader, I am getting tired of you all using the SNITCH CARD everyday, so what they snitched, oh momma he snitched, oh Papa he snitched dios mio!

  8. Corey Fartman 😂😂😂


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